Zoom vs Skype: Difference and Comparison

Online meeting apps are a must for working from remote locations. These apps help people from different countries to communicate and collaborate at any time of the day. The two famous apps are Zoom and Skype.

Key Takeaways

  1. Zoom and Skype are video conferencing platforms allowing users to communicate in real time over the internet.
  2. Zoom is known for its easy-to-use interface and high-quality video and audio, while Skype is popular for its instant messaging and screen-sharing features.
  3. Zoom is more suitable for large-scale webinars, while Skype is better for one-on-one conversations and smaller group meetings.

Zoom vs Skype

The difference between Zoom and Skype is the number of participants it allows. The Zoom basic plan (free) allows a video conferencing of 100 participants simultaneously, while Skype’s basic program allows only 50 participants. Zoom and Skype have been the leading platforms that will enable attractive conferencing services and tools.

Zoom vs Skype

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonZoomSkype
Basic free plan participant limitZoom allows 100 participants (up to 49 visible at one time) per free subscription for a session of 40 minutes.Skype allows 50 participants per session; it offers 250 participants for a business plan membership.
Platform SupportZoom supports a variety of platforms and devices such as Windows, Mac OS, IOS, iPhone/ iPad, Android, Linux, Web-basedSkype supports platforms and devices such as Windows, Mac OS, IOS, iPhone/ iPad, Android, Web-based
Web FeaturesReal-time and private chats, Recording & playback, screen sharing, and presentation tools, 1GB cloud storageReal-time and private chats, file sharing, video messages, 50GB mailbox, 1TB cloud storage
SupportOnline supportOn-demand support
Supported IntegrationGoogle Drive, Pardot, Dropbox, Eloqua, HubSpot, Infusionsoft Agile CRM, Slack, Microsoft Systems, Grasshopper 
Popular customersDelta, Match.com, Sonos, Pandora, Slack, GoDaddy VerbalizeIt, Advansys, AIRDEX, Diverse Learners
RecordingsZoom provides 1 GB of cloud space for recordingsSkype stores Recordings for up to 30 days
Special featuresCustom virtual background, end-to-end encryption.Blur my background, React emojis.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that provides various features depending on the type of plan.

With Zoom, one can host meetings and arrange split-viewer sessions for clients or employees, all with full control of the host’s panel.


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Zoom also comes with innovative options that allow the viewers to interact with the host or fellow participants via the RAISE HAND feature or drop a message in the chatbox for the host to answer later, allowing less distraction during meetings.

The video conferences/meetings can be recorded, shared, and played back later for future reference. A potent and useful tool for small/mid-scale businesses, it allows more features like prolonged meeting time and participant space with paid plans.

Employers looking for 1-1 direct meetings with their employees will be satisfied as they can have unlimited sessions with Zoom.


What is Skype?

Skype is an innovative tool for video conferencing, file sharing, IM, online presentations, voice calls, and more.

Skype offers advanced features varying from free to paid plans depending on the user’s needs. We use these plans to add participant limits, share host privileges, and control meetings.

Skype has been on the air for a long time, giving it an air of trustworthiness and popularity.

As the only video conferencing provider before other soft-wares, Skype has led its customers and competitors. Skype has been up for a long to, so most users already know how to use it.


Main Differences Between Zoom and Skype

  1. Skype is considered more secure than Zoom, as there have been reports of so-called Zoom bombings where a breach of a meeting occurred via an invite link.
  2. Skype is considered more user-friendly as it has been in the market for a long time, and the developers are trying daily to make it more comfortable for users.
  3. Zoom offers interactive paid packages at low prices, whereas to use premium services from Skype, the amount varies from requirement to requirement.
  4. Zoom offers innovative tools ranging from screen sharing to presentation tools, techniques, and tutorials.
  5. Zoom provides Online support, whereas Skype uses on-demand support.
  6. Skype provides more cloud storage and mailbox space than Zoom, which gives Skype a hassle-free and comprehensive file-sharing service. 
  7. Skype’s free plan is widely prevalent among freelancers.
  8. With Zoom, you only need to join in with an email id, and guests need not create an account. With Skype, an account is a must to use.
  9. Skype is better for teams looking for holistic business solutions, and Zoom is better for frequent video conferencing and meetings.
  10. Skype provides better video and audio quality than Zoom, but Skype has some hiccups. The sessions are reported to freeze up sometimes. With Zoom, you will have to increase the video quality rate manually. It doesn’t do it alone, whereas Skype adjusts the video quality independently.
  11. Zoom can break out rooms and allow you to see more than four people simultaneously.
  12. Zoom is an attractive feature added to Outlook that allows you to add meeting schedules to your calendars.
  13. Unlimited 1-1 meetings can be hosted on Zoom.
  14. Skype has launched Skype Meet for users to eliminate the need to download an app, and users can now attend a Skype meeting by clicking on a link and logging in as a guest.
Difference Between Zoom and Skype
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