Difference Between Zune HD and iPod Touch

The media and entertainment market has been ruled by Apple Inc. for a really long time, yet stands tall and strong; Microsoft Zune entered the terrain with some pretty strong


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specifications to rival the apple’s poster boy aka the fan-favorite media munching device the iPod.

So, how strong of a competitor does the Zune HD stack up to be in front of the iPod touch?

Let’s find out in this detailed comparison article which manages to highlight the differences between both the devices and highlights their individual USPs.

Zune HD vs iPod Touch

The difference between Zune HD and iPod touch is that Zune is a multimedia OLED display device manufactured by Microsoft for a target consumer sector who wants a sturdy yet compact device for media consumption along with music, whereas the iPod touch is aimed at Apple ecosystem owners who are into music, movies, and gaming as well. Both serve similar purposes but still differ a lot from each other, both being good devices for multimedia consumption.

Zune HD vs iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a range of iOS-based portable devices featuring a retina display and touch interface created and sold by Apple Inc.

It is sometimes used as a media player and a portable gaming gadget, just like other iPod generations, but it can also be used as a digital portable camera with flash.

Additional features include an internet browser, texting, and video call features, and a vast collection of IOS-friendly applications that can be directly installed from the Appstore. 

The ipod has a striking resemblance to the iPhone, but it only links to the Internet through Wi-Fi 3.0 and 4.5 and does not use mobile service data, making it a “non-smartphone”.

From 2007 to 2015, more than 500 million iPod Touch units had been sold, according to May 2015.

On the other hand stands the microsoft media munching beast, Zune HD. The Zune HD is Microsoft’s inaugural handheld media-centric device featuring an OLED touch screen and an HD radio tuner.

The OLED display being the main highlight of this device, it is backed by a sturdy CPU; the NVIDIA tegra (which is also used in Nintendo switch).

Zune also boasts a matte black business design that has thin bezels and comes with an initial storage option of 16 gigs.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZune HDiPod Touch
ManufacturerZune HD is a multimedia compact portable device manufactured by Microsoft. It was launched on September 15, 2009. iPod touch is a flagship IOS multimedia device launched by Apple Inc. on September 7 2008 (Gen 1).
Screen Type and Aspect RatioOLED screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and multi-touch support.Retina display (Gen 4 onwards) and the iPod touch 4th gen has an aspect ratio of 3:2.
CPUNvidia TegraSamsung ARM (gen 1 to 4)
Apple a5 (gen 5)
Variants and Price$219 for 16GB 
$289 for 32GB
$199 for 8GB
$299 for 32GB
$399 for 64GB
VerdictZune HD is a great device specific for media consuming users and has a sturdy build although it lacks texting and camera functionality.The iPod touch is practically an iPhone without a cell network and calling feature. It is a great entertainment device and is strong enough to be a capable gaming device too. 

What is Zune HD?

Microsoft introduced the Zune HD, a handheld media player in the Zune product category, on Sept 15, 2009. It competed directly with Apple’s iPod touch line of handheld devices.

It was primarily available in various sizes of 16 and 32 Gigs. On Apr 9, 2010, a 64 GB variant was published.

It has Wi-Fi for syncing, connectivity to the Zune Store, and Web surfing, as well as a tactile interface for navigating.

The Zune HD seems to have a 16/32GB capability, whereas the iPod Touch has an 8/16/32GB capacity. OLED panels are a fairly new concept in the PMP industry, but they provide several advantages over standard LCD screens.

And for its small form, OLED does not require illumination to work, giving the PMP a long-lasting battery and better picture resolution.

Amongst the most appealing features of the Zune is its WiFi capability, which permits people to exchange tunes with many other Zune consumers.

The music remained reprint with DRM on the original Zune and the Zune Store (equivalent to the AppStore).

Microsoft is now delivering DRM-free music that may be copied an unlimited number of times by Zune customers. Music transferred to the Zune using this function, meanwhile, can only be played three times.

What is iPod Touch?

The very first iPod touch was introduced by Apple in 2007. The iPod touch became a successful handheld music player ever since its debut.

Its iPod siblings focus on voice/video playback, which is ideal if that’s all you require.

The iPod touch goes much further, with dual cameras along with a flash, wireless connectivity, built-in e-mail and Internet surfing programs, and the ability to load many of the App Store’s 1000s of games.

Apple’s ten-million-song collection The iTunes store has more than twice as many libraries as Microsoft’s 4.2 million.

The most major drawback of Apple’s iTunes is that customers are required to purchase every piece of music for a dollar or two, whereas Microsoft enables users to download and retain 10 songs each month for a $15 monthly membership.

Despite a few loopholes like poor battery life and crazy high-priced music, the iPod touch still manages to beat every single media entertainment device out there because of its fluidic experience in browsing, features, and gaming as well.

The a5 chip and the Samsung ARM delivers a solid punch in its dual-core multitasking performance. Plus the front-facing and rear cams make the iPod touch a formidable opponent of the budding Zune HD.

Main Differences between Zune HD and iPod Touch

  1. Zune HD is manufactured by Microsoft whereas the iPod touch is manufactured by Apple Inc.
  2. Zune HD comes with a base model of 16GB priced at $219 whereas the iPod touch comes with a base model of 8gigs priced at $199.
  3. The Zune HD was launched in 2009 whereas the first-gen iPod touch was launched back in 2007.
  4. Microsoft’s Zune HD is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processor whereas Apple managed to equip the iPod touch 4th gen with Samsung’s ARM CPU.
  5. Zune HD is not equipped with a camera but the iPod touch boasts a dual-camera setup (one front and one rear with flash).
Difference Between Zune HD and iPod Touch



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