Xbox vs PSP: Difference and Comparison

PlayStation Portable console allows the user to have a comprehensive on-the-go gaming experience.


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However, an Xbox can only be used in the comfort of one’s home as it needs to be connected to a visual device.

This seminal difference comes to be fleshed out between the two in terms of the specific design elements of each device. As a portable gaming console, the PSP is much lighter and sleeker than the Xbox.

Key Takeaways

  1. Xbox is a gaming console created by Microsoft, while PSP is a portable gaming console created by Sony.
  2. Xbox requires a TV or monitor to play, while PSP has a built-in screen.
  3. Xbox is known for its graphics and processing power, while PSP is known for its portability and versatility.

Xbox vs PSP

The difference between Xbox and PSP is that while Xbox is a home gaming console, PSP is a portable one. Microsoft released Xbox as a home console that would have to be connected to a stationary device to provide an unparalleled gaming experience to the user. Contrarily, Sony ideated the PSP as a handheld console. It was created and marketed as the most powerful portable gaming console.

Xbox vs PSP

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXboxPSP
PortabilityThe Xbox is not a portable gaming console.PlayStation Portable or PSP is a portable gaming console.
Manufacturing BrandMicrosoft manufactures Xbox.Sony manufactures PSP.
Processor SpeedAn Xbox has a faster processor than a PSP.A PSP has a slower processor than an Xbox.
Weight  An Xbox is thicker and heavier than a PSP.A PSP is much sleeker and lighter than an Xbox as its light weight is important in making the device portable.
Kind of ConsoleXbox was created as a home gaming console.PSP was created as a handheld gaming console.
PriceAn Xbox is more expensive than a PSP.A PSP is more cost-effective than an Xbox.
Hard Drive4GB hard drive.No hard drive.
Year of ReleaseMicrosoft released the first Xbox gaming console in 2001.Sony released the first PSP gaming console in 2004.

What is an Xbox?

Xbox is a home gaming console released by Microsoft in 2001. It was the first of the many variants launched under the Xbox label over the years.

One of the most notable distinctions of this gaming console was its in-built hard drive. Xbox was the first video gaming console to include a hard drive. This eradicated the need for memory cards.

Xbox also featured broadband connectivity ports to connect it to the internet.

With an extremely powerful processor and 64MB memory storage space, this gaming console was a significant threat to the other consoles available.

However, the lack of design sophistication and the heavy build of the console was its conspicuous drawbacks.

Subsequently, over the years, Microsoft has launched several improved versions of the original Xbox, including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox S and X Seri.

What is a PSP?

PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is a handheld gaming console launched by Sony in 2004. It was created as the most powerful and distinguished portable gaming console.

The PSP was the first gaming console to use an optical disc as a primary storage medium.

The sleek and compact design of the console was a major attraction for most video game enthusiasts. The PSP featured some of the most advanced graphics in the video gaming arena.

This set it a class apart from its market competitors. The PSP could also be used as a portable media player, equipped with certain video playback features.

Moreover, the device was created to make it easily compatible with any computer’s USB interface. The PSP design aimed to simplify connecting it to the internet.

Over the last decade, Sony has released several new and improved successors to the classic PSP, including the PlayStation Vita.


Main Differences Between Xbox and PSP

  1. The main difference between PSP and Xbox is that a PSP is portable, while an Xbox is mostly immobile. An Xbox is not a portable gaming console; it must be connected to a visual screen to operate. However, a PSP is a fan favourite because of its portability feature.
  2. The brand producing each video game console is different. PSP, or PlayStation Portable, was created by Sony, while XBOX is a video gaming console owned and operated by Microsoft.
  3. Xbox has a better CPU speed than PSP. Xbox processors can complete more cycles per minute than PSP processors.
  4. PSP is a handheld console, while Xbox is a home console.
  5. The first PSP was launched in 2004, while Microsoft unveiled Xbox in 2001.
  6. Xbox has a more powerful RAM of 251 MB, while PSP has a decent RAM of 64 MB.
  7. The two gaming consoles also differ in the thickness of their built, affecting the console’s compactness. Microsoft Xbox is a thicker console measuring 265mm X 324mm. At the same time, PSP is a thinner and sleeker model measuring merely 19mm X 169mm.
  8. Weight is an important entity when selecting an appropriate gaming console. A PSP is much lighter than an Xbox.
  9. Xbox has a 4GB hard disk that is absent from a PSP.
  10. The price of a PSP is lower than that of an Xbox.
Difference Between Xbox and PSP
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