Diferencia entre EliteBook y ProBook (con mesa)

EliteBook and ProBook are brands of premium business-class notebooks crafted by the trailblazing modern tech company, Hewlett Packard (HP). Both the brands were specially designed keeping corporate clients and business owners in mind.

EliteBook vs ProBook

The difference between EliteBook and ProBook is that HP EliteBook is priced at a higher cost than HP ProBook. The price point of EliteBook however, can be justified with its elegant state-of-the-art features, strong computing power, and military level testing.

The ProBook series fits just below the higher-end EliteBook series. The 11th generation EliteBook devices are engineered for the high-performance needs of large enterprises and businesses. Meanwhile, the ProBook is a mainstream commercial PC engineered for small and medium-sized business enterprises.

EliteBook devices are built with a sweet brushed anodized aluminum exterior and magnesium alloy chassis. This ensures toughness and durability even in extreme environments. On the contrary, ProBook devices are built with lightweight and flexible bodies which are work-ready. This allows users to carry the machine anywhere without hassle.


Comparison Table Between EliteBook and ProBook

Parámetros de comparaciónEliteBookProBook
Target CustomersPremium high-performance notebooks engineered for large businesses and enterprise executivesMainstream commercial notebooks designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise executives
HardwareSweet brushed anodized aluminum exterior with magnesium alloy framework for excellent performance under extreme conditionsLightweight and flexible work-ready body made with plastic and an aluminum chassis
Management, Support, and SecurityEnterprise Managed IT (higher manageability, support, and security)Managed IT (moderate manageability, support, and security in comparison with EliteBook)
Durability TestingMIL-STD tested (military-grade testing for ruggedness, durability, and reliability)HP total test process (standard testing by HP for commercial products)
CostoHigher price point than ProBook devicesLower price point than EliteBook devices


What is EliteBook?

HP EliteBook is a brand with 11 generations of high-performance business-class notebooks crafted and developed by Hewlett Packard (HP). In August 2008, HP set new standards for performance, manageability, and design with the introduction of the EliteBook series of laptops and mobile stations.

The mobile stations were however rebranded in 2013 and introduced as HP ZBook. Meanwhile, the EliteBook series became popular among its target audience, which was large enterprises.

EliteBooks come with military-grade testing and Enterprise Managed IT for maximum manageability, support and security. The body of EliteBook has a sweet brushed anodized aluminum exterior with magnesium alloy chassis.

The latest EliteBook devices were announced by HP in May 2020. These include 4 different series namely – EliteBook 805 series G7, EliteBook 800 series G7, EliteBook 1030 series G7 and EliteBook 1040 series G7.

The machines of these series feature Intel Comet lago and AMD Zen 2 Renoir processors. New features include a 5G WWAN. EliteBooks compete against computer line ups such as Lenovo’s ThinkPad, Dell’s Latitude and Precision, Acer’s TravelMate, and Toshiba Protégé.

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What is ProBook?

HP ProBook is a brand of mainstream commercial notebooks designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. ProBooks were introduced in August 2009 with the forerunner being S-series, followed by B-series and M-series. These devices were the first to offer the latest processor technologies like AMD solutions and Intel.

At present time, ProBooks stand just below EliteBooks in terms of performance, reliability, manageability, security, and support. The body of ProBook is lightweight and flexible, making it the perfect companion for coffee shops and the best for on-the-move usage. Recently, HP gave an aluminum chassis to ProBooks, making the devices stronger and more durable.

ProBooks are moderately priced and can be sought as inexpensive alternatives to EliteBooks. The latest versions of ProBook are two 7th generation models – ProBook 445 G7 and ProBook 455 G7. These devices generally tend to run on Windows 10 pro. This means that users can enjoy additional security features and management tools as well.

Some of the competitors that stand at par with ProBook are Dell XPS 13, Asus ZenBook 14, Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and Asus ZenBook Flip 14.

Encontramos las mejores ofertas en Amazon para ti

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Principales diferencias entre EliteBook and ProBook

  • EliteBooks were engineered for large businesses and enterprise executives while ProBooks we crafted especially for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The price point of EliteBooks is comparatively higher than that of ProBooks.
  • EliteBooks are MIL-STD tested while ProBooks are put through HP Total Test Process.
  • EliteBooks have sweet brushed anodized aluminum exteriors with magnesium alloy chassis. ProBooks have aluminum chassis while the rest of the body is made with plastic.
  • EliteBooks have Enterprise Managed IT (high level) while ProBooks have Managed IT (lower level) for manageability, support, and security.
  • EliteBooks tend to have a greater number of PCIe slots and external ports than ProBooks.
  • The competitors of EliteBook are Lenovo’s ThinkPad, Dell’s Latitude and Precision, Acer’s TravelMate, and Toshiba Protégé while ProBook competes with Dell XPS 13, Asus ZenBook 14, Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and Asus ZenBook Flip 14.



ProBook is a budget-friendly and convenient computadora portátil for corporate clients and SMB-enterprises. It can be looked at as the less costly alternative to EliteBook. But, EliteBook offers way more features and specifications than the latter.

The strength and durability of ProBooks however, should not be underestimated. These devices have the perfect combination of design, durability, and performance for a small or medium-sized business owner. Users can carry the device conveniently and thus work from remote locations by dint of ProBooks lightweight body.

For work that involves extreme environments, EliteBook is the better choice. Its ruggedness and strength are perfect to withstand harsh conditions.

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