Difference Between MVP and MVC (With Table)

Building android apps is not an easy task. Anyone can create an app, but running it efficiently and smoothly required lots of effort, and we have to use the correct programming language for that. Model View Presenter and Model View Controller are two such software architecture techniques that are used in creating android apps. They use different programming languages to build those android apps. 


The difference between MVP and MVC is that MVP is used for building android apps, and MVC is used for creating web frameworks. Most users prefer MVP as it is the latest version available in the software architecture, and the programming language used is java which is very familiar to many people. They consider MVC as the old one, and it is used only depending upon the type of project. 

MVP is a topic that comes under the software architecture model. It is used for handling the project with the help of a view, model, and presenter. It is mainly written with the help of programming languages like Java and Kotlin. It is used in developing android apps. To use the MVP method in building android apps, you have to follow certain steps to create. 

MVC is a technique used for developing web frameworks with the help of a programming language called asp.net. They work together with the sections divided further like model, view, and controller. They use buttons to send the command from one place to another. The MVC pattern is mainly used for controlling the front area. It is not used by many people nowadays as the MVP comes as a most modified version. 

Comparison Table Between MVP and MVC

Parámetros de comparaciónMVPMVC
ExpansiónModel View PresenterModel View Controller
Unit Testing SupportMás altoMás bajo
Lenguaje de programaciónJava and KotlinAsp.net
VentajasIt can adapt itself to the type of android application developed.It runs very fast while developing web applications.
DesventajasThe UI updates are not good.It can’t be used for small applications.

What is MVP?

Model View Presenter is used in computer science. It falls under the category of architecture. It has several models which are used for storing the data. This kind of software is implemented using two languages called Java and Kotlin. It has three sections called View, Presenter, and Model. These are linked to one another. The work of the model in this architecture is used to act as an interface between the data. 

As you can see, the work of the view can be identified with the help of the name itself. It is used to view the program and its functions. It can be viewed any number of times. There is no limit to that. The work of the presenter is to act as an intermediate. It is also responsible for retrieving the works in the project. The work of the presenter is very much higher when compared with view and model. It is one of the advanced techniques used in MVC. 

The interactions in the projects are passed only through the help of the presenter. They play a main role in the project. The work of the controller is to view the complicated tasks. They used to change the view whenever if the software team asks them to change. Once they make the necessary changes, they see the data once again and will send it to the view part.

¿Qué es MVC?

Model View Controller is a technique used in software architecture that is further divided into three different components like Model, view, and controller. It is used in creating frameworks for web development. The main work of the model is to respond to the queries of the logical data. It is used for manipulating the information of the database. Once they achieve that, they will retrieve it and send it to the customer.

The work of the view is to handle all the tasks that come under UI. UI is nothing but the user interface that is to handles the components such as dropping the text boxes and all. The final result is what will be submitted to the user. The controller is the interface that is used between model and view. This takes care of all the components that come between them. Like Presenter in the MVP here controller handles all the important tasks. 

The controller work does not only come between the model and view. It is even used to handle the customer data, and also the viewing part will be done here. The programming language which is used in MVC is asp.net. It supports web frameworks and is very popular. It has many features, and it can be downloaded with the help of a visual studio. The latest version of this is available as well. 

Main Differences Between MVP and MVC

  1. The programming language that is used to develop Model View Presenter is Java and Kotlin. On the other hand, the programming language that is used to develop Model View Controller is asp.net.
  2. The work of the Model View Presenter is to build android apps. But the work of Model View Controller is to build Web frameworks.
  3. The view that is used in MVP is UI so that they are tightly attached to the software. But the view in the MVC is loosely attached to the software.
  4. MVP is the present version, and it is also called the modified version of MVC. MVC is considered the old version of software architecture.
  5. MVP is used to handle multiple views at the same time. MVC is used to handle only the front controller.


Both MVP and MVC are in use in technology nowadays. It has a wide variety of features. Nowadays, everything is based on apps and websites. Developing them is not an easy task, and at the same time, we have to maintain them as well. It uses a common programming language which is Java. Java is still ruling the world and will do so in the future as well. 

Depending upon the type of project, users will adapt themselves to either of the software architecture technique mentioned above. It depends upon the project length and the money required to build them. Both are open source and can be downloadable, and the latest versions are available as well. 


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