Différence entre Louis Vuitton et Louboutin (avec table)

Louis Vuitton contre Louboutin

Fashion is an unstoppable phenomenon, it caters to the needs of the billions of consumers consciously and subconsciously.

It not only provides variety but also builds the identity of people it’s associated with. The standard de vie and the stature in society can be judged through clothes, accessories.

Different brands emerged over the years to feed the never-ending demands of variety, comfort, and quality. Every individual prefers one or the other brand that they relate to and associate themselves with.

Many international brands work preferably with garments, but few brands have created a niche in their handbags and shoe range. The two most known and exquisite amongst them are Louis Vuitton and Louboutin.

Both the brands emerged from France and by large focuses on catering the women through their chic and sleek designs. They both created their niche market and one brand cannot be preferred over the other because both are unique and serve a different purpose.

le difference between Louis Vuitton and Louboutin is in the range of products they produce and are especially known for. Louis Vuitton is the oldest in the race of producing high-end bags, Louboutin came much later and produces elegant high heel shoes like no other brand, both have created a pedestal and different identity.


Comparison Table Between Louis Vuitton and Louboutin

Paramètre de comparaisonLouis VuittonLouboutin
LaunchedThe namesake brand was founded by a French designer in the year 1854.The brand was launched in the year 1991 and was founded by Christian Louboutin.
Des produitsThe products are leather-based including bags, shoes, watches, and other accessories but the identité de marque is solely based on its bags.Manufactures other luxury items but the brand image is synonymous with its high heel shoes.
StoresA total of 4,915 stores worldwide.Around 150 department stories are currently present in about 35 nations.
SignatureThe brand is famous for its "LV" monogram in any of its products, the LV prints are also a symbol of status.The brand's identity is with its red-soled shoes.
EmployeesThe number of employees in the year 2019 were 147,715, the number keeps on increasing each year.The employees are over 500.


Qu'est-ce que Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton (LV) is a French fashion house and a century-old luxury brand founded by Louis Vuitton in the year 1854 in Paris. The first store was launched in London, on Oxford Street.

The company managed to name the world’s most valuable brand for 6 consecutive years. Being the world’s leading fashion houses the brand is famous for its luxury trunks, leather bags, shoes, sunglasses, and many other accessories.

The brand designed and made carrying capacity easier, with the innovation in lightweight trunks and bags.

The incorporation of leather in every design started only after 1945. Each year Louis Vuitton produces a range of bags, The marque déposée of using one piece of leather makes it different than other brands producing the same product.

The brand tied up with various department stores to feature their piece for sale, and currently, the brand has reached a massive 4915 stores of its own.

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Collaboration with pop culture celebrities and other cult brands like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Tommy Hilfiger, and Supreme created the reliability of the clients.

Louis Vuitton scaled

Qu'est-ce que Louboutin?

LouboutinisaFrench fashion house founded by Christian Louboutin in 1991. The brand is highly influenced by Egypt and the Pharaohs.

The designers’ journey to create the iconic brand started with sketching shoes in his teens and the fascination with the high stilettos started after visiting a Museum. Louboutin opened a shoe salon.

Louboutin was the most searched brand when it came to shoes and managed to top the annual Luxury Brand Status Index for three years. The celebrity clients followed with the massive success with the likes of Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera.

For three consecutive years, Louboutin was declared the most prestigious Women’s shoe brand.

Louboutin brought classic stilettos back in fashion. He designed heels higher than 4 inches, which often reaches 4.72 inches. The motto of the brand is to cater to the women and make them look gorgeous.

The iconic red-soled shoes, popularly known as “Sammy red-soled shoes” that he created in 1993 became a hit and constituted in forming the brand identity.

There are over 150 stores in about 35 countries, the recognition of the brand is building faster.


Différences principales entre Louis Vuitton et Louboutin

  • The main difference between Louis Vuitton and Louboutin is in their bags and shoes. The former produces many products but the brand identity is in their luxurious bags, the latter too produces bags but the brand is largely known for the high heel shoes.
  • Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 by the namesake French designer while Louboutin came much later in the year 1991, Christian Louboutin was the founder.
  • The brand identity of Louis Vuitton is in their “LV” monogram that is used in all the products and trims, Louboutin too became synonymous with the red-soled shoes that many others tried to copy.
  • Louis Vuitton has over 4,915 stores worldwide whereas Louboutin comparatively new has around 150 stores in 35 countries.
  • Louis Vuitton has more than a lakh employees, the 2019 tally estimated around 1.5 lakh employees, Louboutin has over 150 employees.



The market is too big with millions of consumers looking for products and clothing that speaks to them a sense of difference and identity. Many brands around the world have worked and created their niche over the years.

The brand identity is created with a style statement that the two luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Louboutin have realized and imbibed.

Louis Vuitton has been successful for more than a century now to cater to the women, with their leather bags perfectly stitched. Louboutin too came much later to the race, formed a niche with complete focus in perfecting the shoes