Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Whenever you go on an adventure or a business trip, the primary thing that you consider before going is accommodation. When it comes to accommodation, hotels and motels are the terms you must be highly familiar with.


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Both of these are pretty different terms that one should know before considering accommodation.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hotels are larger establishments with more amenities and services than motels.
  2. Motels are typically smaller and simpler accommodations often located near highways or major roads.
  3. Hotels are usually more expensive than motels and offer more luxurious accommodations and amenities.

Hotel vs Motel

The difference between a hotel and a motel is that the hotel provides you with paid accommodation services along with other amenities on a short-term basis. However, a motel provides a short- and long-term customer lodging facility, but with fewer comforts and access to the main road.

Hotel vs Motel

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A hotel can have a single room or multiple rooms. The exit door of the rooms opens into the corridor of the building.

They are usually more priced than motels. The price of the rooms mainly depends on the comfort level and amenities offered by the hotel.

However, motels, on the other hand, have a building with single or double storage. The rooms in a motel are usually connected to each other.

They are generally lower priced than a hotel due to a lack of amenities.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHotelMotel
DefinitionA hotel provides the guests with a short-term accommodation with a lot of other amenities considering the comfort of the customer.A motel is meant to provide lodging services, which could either be short-term or long-term, but with less comfort with access to the road network.
StructureA hotel might be single or multi-storage with a lot of rooms in it. The opening of the room is generally connected to the alley of the building.A motel is a single or double storage building in which the rooms are generally interconnected to each other.
CostThe expenses of living in a hotel are pretty high. This is because of all the services provided to the guests here.The expenses are pretty low in comparison to that of a hotel. The lack of comfort is what reduces the cost of a room in a motel.
Established AtIt could be situated anywhere inside a city. They are usually found in high numbers around tourist places.It is mainly found on the highways as it maximum targets guests who are travelling somewhere via road.
AmenitiesSeveral amenities, including Wi-Fi services, breakfast, water geysers, etc., are provided here.Very little to no exceptional amenities other than accommodation are provided.


What is Hotel?

A hotel is an establishment that provides people with accommodation services and other services that elevate one’s comfort level. The accommodation services provided here are more expensive than that of a motel.

A hotel also offers various services to its guests other than the staying facility. Some of these services include internet facilities, restaurants, massage parlours, swimming pools, etc.

Having these facilities is the reason why a hotel charges its customers more.

There are many hotels out there which are equipped with conference rooms. This is what makes them perfect for a business person to arrange their meetings there.

A good hotel always makes sure to provide its guests with the best service possible.

One should always choose a hotel based on the rating its previous customers have given to it. The rating defines the quality and comfort of rooms and the amenities provided.

A hotel also provides top-notch room service to its guests.

You can call the room service anytime for any kind of discomfort you are having or for anything you would like to have at any given time.


What is Motel?

A motel provides people with short-term and long-term lodging services while ensuring its guest’s access to the main road. It generally offers less comfort than a hotel does.

Considering the fact a motel is relatively cheap and has access to the road network, many bikers prefer to stay in it.

A motel might be single or double storage, which has rooms connected to each other. It does not provide all the amenities like that of a hotel but does provide morning breakfast, coffee, tea, etc.

The facility of room service may or may not be available in a motel. It depends from place to place.

Nowadays, the internet has become reasonably necessary and so common that almost every motel does provide it.

Along with all these, there is a high chance of having a pool in there, too. People stay in a motel as they want a place in which they can stay and wash.

The need for luxury is not a necessary factor here.

However, there are some motels which do provide their guests with luxurious rooms and other services.


Main Differences Between Hotels and Motels

  1. A hotel is known to provide short-term lodging services to its guests, along with various other amenities that elevate comfort.
    However, a motel is responsible for providing short-term as well as long-term accommodation facilities to its guests along with access to the main road.
  2. A hotel is more expensive than a motel as it provides a lot of luxurious facilities. On the other hand, a motel is much cheaper as all it offers is a staying facility.
  3. Apart from accommodation, a hotel offers its guests amenities like a swimming pool, spa, clubs, etc. However, a motel generally does not have these facilities present.           
  4. A hotel can be situated mainly at places which are of tourists interest whereas, a motel is usually found by the side of highways.
  5. A hotel can be a single or multi-storage building. However, a motel is usually a single or double storage building.
Difference Between Hotel and Motel
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