Difference Between Twitter and Instagram (With Table)

Social media is the platform which allows us to form a relationship between customers and brand. It allows the business to productively bag the discrete groups so that it is easy to view the association of their problems with the product or service. Some of the widely known platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap chat, Tumblr and Pinterest, etc. These social media sites offer considerable opportunities to link and engage with a network, furnish brand recognition, and manage traffic.

Back then, Twitter had an assertive power in the outright social network. Promoters rushed forward to this fast-tracked platform solely to get their business out to the billions of people universally. Though Twitter is still favored by many, the network is not as superior as it was once. One of the many reasons can be Instagram, which is the 2nd most popular social media application.  Its perks of photo and video editing are the striking aspects for their wide range of marketability.

Both of them aid a similar demographic and audience, but these two have outright different outlooks in the business plan. Both of them have notable features that have made their applications a sky-scraping reach. Though Twitter was launched earlier than Instagram, both of them played a crucial role in the field of social networking platforms to attain their positions. They are widely popular among the age-group of 18-29 years for a longer period of time.

Twitter vs Instagram

The difference between Twitter and Instagram is that Twitter is a substantial tool to curate and deliver the content, as well as occupy and connect with the viewers, while Instagram is a place to bring out the indigenous content and set up the brand.

Comparison Table Between Twitter and Instagram:

Parameter PerbandinganIndonesiaInstagram
Designed forPromoting an event or positioning yourself as a “Thought leader” in order to create awareness.Client engagement and visual fascination – unfolding of Brand Community.
Pointers usedGetting the content in a short and crisp form – by using “Tweet” messages in the sentences.Getting the content right and using hash-tags
Widely used inPC, Laptops, MobileSeluler
Popular amongJournalists, Politicians, Celebrities, Businesses in tech-sector, News outlets.Youngsters, Celebrities
JenisContent distribution toolInteractive community
Based on EngagementA post is packed with many outside links to blogs, write-ups, videos, and other contents – becomes very noisy – leads to distraction.No clickable links in captions or ads to the exterior environment – the consumer is focused only on the content.
Based on Business developmentBuilds a session outside of the social network – important for marketers.Engages only on specific content.
Customer-to-Business interactionAllows companies to directly interact with the customers.The conversation revolves only around the content and the posts rather than the customer’s needs and queries.
Content majors inNews, Live updates of happenings in and around the worldOwn stories, Brand business

Apa itu Twitter?

Twitter is basically a content distribution tool. No such original contents are given out on Twitter, but the network chiefly consists of people dishing out links or live updates. The merit of Twitter is based on the content people discover on other sites. It’s all about adhering to what’s going in the current trend to keep us updated. Twitter provides a route for users to go along with the real-time news line and demands advertisers for the stimulation of targeted messages. Twitter gives us the quickest strategy to spread information on a social networking platform.

The main key functionality of Twitter is for Business–Customer Communication. In fact, having a dedicated Twitter account is has strictly become a norm for businesses to expand their supporter. Twitter is all about conversations, which is the sole reason for many brands using it as a Customer Service Tool. Consumers have got the habit of using it for customer support, feedback, and query clearance. People can voice out their thoughts about companies on Twitter, positive or negative, not in an offensive way.

Apa itu Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where one can create, edit, share, and upload photos and short videos through the application. Its motive is to engage you inside the application for a longer period of time which the impetus of this application. This exceptional quality of the application is the main reason for its growth.

Other interesting attributes of Instagram are:

  1. The captions that the users can write-up in each of their posts according to their moods.
  2. The hashtags and Geotags are based on their location which makes their posts within easy reach to other users of this application.
  3. The users can comment, share, bookmark, and like others’ posts.
  4. The users can send exclusive messages to their friends right away using this application.

Instagram is also for building up new businesses. This application can offer companies many opportunities to begin a free business account to stimulate their brand and products. The company can highlight the content that the users share using short keys which is easy to search for.


Twitter and Instagram are both social media applications that are widely used around the world to connect with people, market the business, etc. Among the two, Instagram pivots on the uniqueness of the qualities of the brand, convey a story with a caption and photograph, run some fascinating and engaging competitions, join forces with influencers. On the flip-side, Twitter is a place where everyone goes if they need to know the breaking news and live news updates. Both of them serve their own grounds in different forms. Both of these applications differ in various demeanors, but the premier intention of both lies in ‘connecting people’.


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