Instagram Reels Download: How To Download Instagram Reels Video Online on Android Mobile, iPhone PC

Reels is a tool on Instagram that allows users to produce short movies with dubbed dialogues and tunes like TikTok. Instagram Reels video can only be seen online, much like ordinary videos and images. There are ways, however, to download and store Instagram Reels films on your device offline locally. You know it doesn’t matter if you have tried to download Instagram Reels on a PC or Mac. You can’t do it via the Instagram app or website directly (you can save the Reels videos for later use via the app though). Then lets take a look at how Instagram Reels videos may be downloaded offline.

Instagram Reels, what is it?

The latest addition to the extensive list of Instagram characteristics is Instagram Reels. With this you may utilise the social networking site to submit a 15-second video clip. Do not mistake IGTV with Instagram Reels. IGTV videos are usually long-term videos which last for most accounts for as long as 10 minutes and for larger accounts for up to one hour. The videos of Instagram Reels usually finish in 15 seconds.

Once you go, the features are the same as TikTok, when you produce a video based on popular music, add a variety of filters and effects and share it with friends, explore feeds and share your stories. In the application, the firm included a dedicated Reels tab for that .

Instagram Reels: How to save

Follow these instructions, here is how you may store Instagram Reels in the app.

  1. To open the Reels video you wish to download > touch Search > Open the Instagram.
  2. You may also visit a profile of a person > go to the new Reels page, which will appear next to the IGTV tab > choose a video of the Reels you want to download and view.
  3. Hit the three-dot icon > press Save after you load the video.
  4. Go home to Instagram to view a stored video on the Reels > press the symbol for the Instagram profile > Tap Settings > go to Account > go to Saved. To access the saved Reels video
  5. Within the All Posts folder, you will discover your recently saved videos.

Instagram Reels: How to download on Android

The second approach is for individuals who wish to keep these short films on their device locally and using an Android phone. How to do that here.

  1. Go to Google Play for Instagram – Repost Instagram and get Video Downloader.
  2. Open it and set it up after the programme is installed.
  3. Go return to Instagram and choose the Reels video you want to download and open after the application is set up.
  4. Hit the 3-dot icon now and press Copy Link.
  5. Open the freshly downloaded Instagram Video Downloader and automatically paste the URL you just copied.
  6. Now you go to the gallery of your phone and discover the movie of Reels. You may then edit it using third-party applications or even share it with others.

Instagram Reels: How to download on iPhone

Then, if you are using your iPhone, there is an app that allows you store Instagram Reels. Those steps follow. Follow.

  1. Go to Instagram App Store and download InSaver.
  2. Open it and set it up after the programme is installed.
  3. Go return to Instagram and choose the Reels video you want to download and open after the application is set up.
  4. Hit the 3-dot icon now and press Copy Link.
  5. Open the InSaver for the Instagram app recently downloaded and you immediately paste the link you’ve copied.
  6. To save the short video to the Photo app, touch Watch it! > tap Options > tap Share > tap Save video.

Instagram Reels: How to download via screen recording

Finally, the last option we provide allows you to store Instagram Reels  via screen recording. If you don’t want to download a third party app onto your computer, you can use this technique. Those steps follow. Follow.

  1. Make sure you add screen recording to the Control Center on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Check Center > Customizing Controls. Add Screen Collection now.
  2. Open the Reels video you want to download on Instagram.
  3. Turn the control centre up from the bottom of the screen. Tap Start recording to begin video recording, Play your video to Instagram. Stop recording once finished by taping the top of the red bar > Stop. The video will be saved in the Photos app automatically.
  4. You can use the built in screen recorder (if the phone has the Android device) or a third party screen-recording application if you use an Android phone.
  5. Go to Google Play and install Mobizen Screens Recorder if you have a screen recorder for your phone. Open the app and configure it once installed.
  6. Just go to Instagrams > Play the video you want to save > click the screen recording icon to start screen recording by pressing the camera button.
  7. After the recording has been stopped, touch the stop button. Your video recorded on your screen is stored in your gallery automatically.

 Download Reels Using Stories

This is a handy trick, so you can download reels without relying on other services on Instagram. You only have to share the bucket of your narrative without posting it and get the storey. Mind blows, okay?

The steps are detailed here.

  1. Open the Reel to be downloaded in the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the Send/Share icon and click the Add Roll option to your narrative.
  3. Opening the Story Preview screen. Now zoom the video to the entire screen using your fingertips. If you don’t do this, your reel isn’t in full screen and your download video shows the reel logo and username. Tap the Download icon above after zooming in.

This is it. This is it. The downloaded reel will be shown with its sound on your Camera Roll (iPhone) and Gallery (Android).

Download Your Instagram Reels With Sound

You may download your own published reels through audio on your phone using the following technique. But what about bobbins to be released yet? Even if Instagram provides the unpublished Reels Download option, it does not preserve audio. You need to use the Stories and Close Friends list to preserve your own Instagram Reel without uploading with music in the Gallery.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create and add anyone near the list of close friends. Please be aware that you can use this approach to see your reel. The existing members will see the roll if you already have a list of Close Friends. If you’re all right, then follow the instructions below.
  2. Create the Instagram Reel video, add effects and everything you would like to include. To proceed to the Share screen, tap Preview or Share.
  3. Tap the Stories tab on the Share screen. Tap Close Friends on the Share button. That’s the narrative for your close amis that your Reel publishes.

Note: This method only worked on Android for me. I didn’t see the Story option on the Share screen on iPhone. If you see it, it will work on iPhone as well.

Go to the home screen of Instagram and hit Your story. You’re going to perceive the reel as a tale. To save a video from the menu tap the three-dot icon. You may download your reel to your phone with music. Remove the Instagram Story, at last.

Best 6 Instagram Reels Downloaders for Android and iPhone

It might be a hard effort to find the ideal Instagram reels downloader. Therefore, we have listed some of the best applications to easily download Instagram reels to your Android or iPhone.

1. Barosave (OS = Android)

Barosave is a software intended to download Instagram reels for cellphones on Android. You may store Instagram reels and other videos or images infinitely with Barosave. You may download it free of charge. In addition, Barosave’s basic layout and an uncomplicated option for reposting it on Instagram is easy to use.

  1. Open the downloadable reel.
  2. Tap Copy Link or Share To and click the 3 dots in the top-right corner of the reel.
  3. Click Copy Link to: To save Instagram reels, open Barosave, add a copied connection to your phone, then press Download.
  4. Share To – Click on Barosave from the several applications available. Instagram will download video to your smartphone instantaneously.

2. The official Instagram app( OS =  Android and iPhone)

Fortunately, Instagram bobbles may just as simply be downloaded from the app. A simple and hassle-free option to save videos for further viewing or sharing is the built-in Instagram roll downloader.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap or open a user profile in the Search button.
  2. Click the video to save on the Reels tab.
  3. To download an Instagram reel video, tap on the three points at the bottom and select Save.
  4. Tap your profile and click on the menu button to view the downloaded bucket. Tap Saved, then. Tap. Here are preserved all the videos downloaded.

3. Insaver for Instagram(OS = Android and iPhone)

InSaver is a quick and safe downloader of Instagram reels. It enables users to store Instagram media of all types and to save them on the phone gallery. Instagram reels may be downloaded or saved and administered in the InSaver library. All of the videos stored can be removed or removed one by one.

  1. Open InSaver and click in the top-left corner of the Instagram symbol.
  2. You want to scroll to locate the Instagram reel.
  3. Tap on Copy Link by clicking three dots.
  4. In the InSaver app, the reel is now visible. To load Instagram reels on your smartphone, click on the down arrow ice to store them locally.

4. AhaSave Video Downloader(OS = Android)

AhaSave is one of the finest downloaders for Instagram reels. It enables Instagram reels and IGTV to be downloaded by batch. You may silence the soundtrack, view it in landscape mode or share it with any platform after you download Instagram reels.

  1. Click the Instagram symbol to open AhaSave.
  2. Find the roll on Instagram and click on the three points. You may download it.
  3. Click Copy Link or share to. Now you may choose.
  4. Clicking on- Link to copy: Click the link to save Instagram reels and press the Download button.
  5. To: Share In the app share, select AhaSave. The video is stored to your phone automatically.

5. Eros Story Saver for Instagram (OS = Android)

Eros Story Saver is a free Instagram bobble downloader. It enables users to download and manage innumerable reels in the built-in library via a simple interface. You may either repost the saved videos or photos on Instagram or quickly share them on other networks. This Instagram one-click downloader is fast and secure.

  1. To open the application, open storey saver and hit the Instagram symbol.
  2. To Copy the link Paste the link in the Story Saver URL box and press Download, select an Instagram roll and click the three dots.

6. ETM Video Downloader for Instagram(OS = Android)

It allows you to load Instagram reels and store them locally. Instagram reels may be downloaded and viewed offline. This downloader is available for Instagram in several languages.

  1. Click on the Instagram button to open the ETM video downloader.
  2. On the Instagram bucket click three points and tap Copy Link or Share To.
  3. Click Copy Link to: Save Instagram reels by clicking the link and tap Download.
  4. To: Share In the application, select the ETM downloader. The Reel  is downloaded automatically.


Finally, you know all about Instagram reels now. The trick is to build Instagram moving reels. And you may effortlessly save your favourite films later utilising an Instagram reels downloader. Also, after saving Instagram reels on your phone locally, they may be shared across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

So download and offline watch Instagram reels. Download without any limit as many reels as you like. You may also modify and share the downloaded reels to enhance your profiles.

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