Marriott vs Sheraton: Difference and Comparison

Some people enjoy budget travelling while some people enjoy their luxurious stays. Those who love to stay and enjoy a delightful experience at luxurious hotels must have known about the world’s largest hotel chain Marriott.

Marriott not only offers a great and memorable stay but also owns a significant number of hotel brands under them.

Sheraton is one of the hotel brands which is part of Marriot International. Though Sheraton is a part of Marriot, they have certain differences in their deals and stays.

Key Takeaways

  1. Marriott International encompasses a larger hotel portfolio, while Sheraton operates as a single brand under Marriott’s ownership.
  2. Marriott hotels offer various brands catering to different travel needs, whereas Sheraton primarily targets business travelers and upscale clientele.
  3. Marriott Bonvoy is the loyalty program for all Marriott brands, including Sheraton, enabling members to earn and redeem points across both brands.

Difference Between Marriott and Sheraton

Marriott is one of the flagship brands of Marriott International, with a focus on providing upscale accommodations and amenities for both leisure and business travellers. Sheraton is also an upscale hotel brand owned by Marriott International, focusing on providing premium accommodations and amenities for business and leisure travellers.


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Marriott vs Sheraton

Headquartered in Bethesda, USA, Marriott is a chain of hotel brands that own hotels at exotic locations and has more than 32 hotel brands under them.

Marriott offers various high saving-deals and discounts for their guests. They have several features such as smoking rooms, pet-friendly, no cancellation fees, free wifi, more payment options, etc.

Sheraton is headquartered in White Plains, USA, and is a part of Marriot International. It has certain features, the same as Marriott. They have many discounts on small things such as spas and breakfasts.

They have limited free wifi, have penalty charges for some kinds of cancellations, are a bit cheaper than Marriott, and limited smoking rooms.

Comparison Table for Marriott vs Sheraton

Parameters of ComparisonMarriottSheraton
DefinitionMarriott is the largest and luxurious hotel chain in the world.Sheraton is also a hotel brand that is a part of Marriott international.
FeaturesMarriott comes with various types of luxurious stays, smoking rooms, available wifi, pet-friendly, has more payment options, and no cancellation fees before 48 hrs stay.Sheraton also has fewer features than Marriott, such as fewer payment options, cancellation charges, limited free wifi, etc.
HeadquarterIt is headquartered in Bethesda, USA.It is headquartered in White Plains, USA.
PriceThe rates of Marriott are comparatively higher.The rates of Sheraton are comparatively cheaper than at Marriott.
DealsMarriot has many deals and bigger discounts which are offered for the big item deals.Sheraton offers various deals like 10-20% discounts on early bird bookings, breakfast deals, spa discounts, etc.

What is Marriott?

Marriott is a chain of hotels that owns many hotel brands and some most aspirational hotels at exotic locations in the world. Its global portfolio, which owns top brands such as Ritz Carlton and St. Regis etc., says it all.

The one who loves travel with all the luxury and 5-star stays, Marriot is their first choice.

Marriot has many features, such as they are pet-friendly, having smoke rooms, have free wifi for their guests. There is an executive lounge in some hotels, which is available for only Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Premier rewards members.

Marriot also has a lot more payment options and great and high-saving deals. The bigger discounts are applicable for bigger deals.

On top of that, Marriott has free cancellation charges before 48 hours of stay. They are headquartered in Bethesda, USA, and have 30 brands acquired under them. They are located in different locations around the globe, such as Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle -East, South America, etc.

Marriott’s Impact on the Hospitality Industry

Innovation and Technology

Marriott International embraces innovation and technology to enhance guest experiences and improve operational efficiency. They offer mobile check-in and keyless entry, virtual reality tours, and IoT-enabled smart rooms. Personalized recommendations based on guest data, sustainability initiatives, and robotics automation are also part of their technology adoption.

In-room technology includes high-speed internet, smart TVs, and connectivity solutions. Marriott collaborates with startups through programs like Marriott TestBED to drive innovation in the industry. These efforts ensure Marriott remains competitive and provides guests with convenient, personalized experiences.


Marriott International prioritizes sustainability by implementing initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. They focus on energy and water conservation, waste management, and responsible sourcing. Through sustainable design and construction practices, they aim to minimize their footprint. Marriott engages in community initiatives like tree planting and beach cleanups, promoting environmental awareness.

They train employees on conservation and encourage their participation in sustainability efforts. Transparent reporting on their sustainability progress ensures accountability. By prioritizing responsible practices, Marriott aims to minimize its environmental footprint, contribute to local communities, and inspire positive change in the hospitality industry.

Community Engagement

Marriott International actively engages with communities by implementing corporate social responsibility programs and encouraging employee volunteerism. They support local economies by partnering with local businesses and promoting education and youth empowerment initiatives. Marriott also assists during natural disasters and crises, contributing to community resilience.

They collaborate with charitable organizations and foundations, making financial contributions and donations. By focusing on community engagement, Marriott strives to be a responsible corporate citizen and positively impact the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the communities where its properties are located.


What is Sheraton?

Sheraton is a hotel brand that is part of Marriott. They are headquartered in White Plains, USA. They are available in all the locations, the same as Marriott.

They also offer various deals and discounts when it comes to the stays, like a discount on breakfast, spa, etc. They have fewer payment options when compared to Marriott.

Other features like smoking rooms, limited free wifi, pet friendly, and loyalty programs are all offered in Sheraton. When it comes to cancellation charges, Sheraton is a bit different than Marriot, and one has to pay the penalty when cancelling the pre-paid room bookings.

One can get executive lounges, 5-star luxury, loyalty programs, and many more offers.

Dining at Sheraton

Restaurants and Bars

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, part of the Marriott International portfolio, offer various dining options within their properties. Guests can enjoy all-day dining in restaurants with a diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring local and international cuisine. Speciality restaurants provide unique culinary experiences, focusing on specific cuisines such as Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, or seafood.

Lounge bars offer a relaxed atmosphere for socializing and enjoying cocktails, wines, and spirits, while poolside bars provide a refreshing setting for drinks and light snacks by the pool. Sheraton hotels also offer in-room dining services, allowing guests to enjoy meals and beverages in the comfort and privacy of their rooms. Each Sheraton property may have its selection of restaurants and bars, so it is advisable to check the dining options available at the specific hotel of interest.

Room Service

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, part of the Marriott International portfolio, offer convenient room service for guests seeking in-room dining experiences. With a dedicated menu, guests can choose from various breakfast, appetizer, main course, dessert, and beverage options. Ordering can be done via the in-room telephone or the hotel’s mobile app or website.

The room service hours may vary by property, so confirming the specific operating hours with the hotel is advisable. Once an order is placed, the room service team delivers the requested items directly to the guest’s room, ensuring a seamless in-room dining experience. Sheraton hotels also strive to accommodate special dietary preferences or restrictions. For precise details about room service offerings and procedures at a particular Sheraton hotel, it is recommended to contact the hotel directly or consult their official website.

Meetings and Events at Sheraton

Meeting Spaces

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts offer versatile and well-equipped meeting spaces to accommodate a range of events. Meeting rooms come in various sizes, from intimate spaces to expansive ballrooms, with flexible room setup options. These spaces have modern audiovisual technology to support presentations and interactive sessions. High-speed internet connectivity is available, and on-site catering services provide a range of dining options.

Sheraton’s experienced event planning teams can assist with organizing and coordinating events, ensuring smooth logistics and customized experiences. Business centre facilities are often available for additional business support. It is advisable to contact the specific Sheraton hotel of interest to obtain precise details about their meeting space offerings, capacity, audiovisual equipment, and other amenities, as these may vary between properties.

Wedding Venues

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts provide exquisite and customizable wedding venues for couples to create their dream weddings. These venues include spacious ballrooms, banquet halls, and picturesque outdoor spaces like gardens or terraces. Sheraton offers comprehensive wedding packages that encompass event planning, catering, decor, and audiovisual equipment. Their dedicated wedding specialists collaborate closely with couples to tailor every detail to their unique vision.

Culinary excellence is showcased through various cuisine options, accommodating special dietary needs and cultural preferences. Sheraton hotels also provide comfortable accommodations for wedding guests, with the option of room blocks and special rates. Additional services like spa facilities, rehearsal dinner spaces, and post-wedding brunches enhance the overall experience. Couples are encouraged to contact specific Sheraton hotels to explore their wedding venue options and discuss personalized requirements.

Event Planning Services

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts provide comprehensive event planning services to ensure successful and memorable events. Their dedicated event planners work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences. They assist in selecting the ideal event space within the hotel and coordinate room setup, audiovisual requirements, and technology support. Sheraton’s event planners curate customized menus, considering dietary preferences and cultural considerations, and manage logistics and vendor coordination.

They create detailed timelines, manage budgets, and provide on-site support during the event. Sheraton event planners act as central contact points, overseeing setup, addressing last-minute changes, and ensuring a smooth experience for clients and attendees. It’s advisable to contact the specific Sheraton hotel of interest to gather precise information about their event planning services, as offerings may vary between properties.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Marriott vs Sheraton

Is Sheraton a Marriott brand?

Yes, Sheraton is a brand that belongs to the Marriott International portfolio. Marriott acquired Sheraton in 2016 as part of its Starwood Hotels & Resorts merger.

Who is the owner of Marriott?

Marriott International is a publicly traded company, meaning its shareholders own it. The company’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The largest shareholders include institutional investors and individual shareholders who own shares of Marriott’s stock.

What is Marriott best known for?

Marriott is best known for its extensive presence in the global hospitality industry. The company operates a diverse range of hotels and resorts under various brands, offering quality accommodations and exceptional service. Marriott is renowned for its commitment to guest satisfaction and for creating memorable travel experiences worldwide.

What are the values of Marriott?

Marriott International follows a set of core values that guide its operations. These values include putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity, serving the world, and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Marriott strongly emphasises taking care of its associates, guests, and communities while upholding high ethical standards and contributing to social and environmental sustainability.

Main Differences Between Marriott and Sheraton

  1. Marriot is the largest hotel chain in the world that provides luxurious 5 star stays, whereas Sheraton is a hotel brand that is a part of Marriot International.
  2. Marriot has relatively higher prices, whereas Sheraton is available at cheaper rates as compared to Marriot.
  3. Marriot has more features offered for Customers for their delightful stays, whereas some features are very limited in Sheraton.
  4. Marriot is headquartered in Bethesda, USA, whereas Sheraton is headquartered in White Plains, USA.
  5. Marriott has bigger discounts applicable for bigger item deals, whereas Sheraton comparatively offers 10-20% discounts on deals such as Breakfast, spa, early-bird bookings, etc.
  6. Marriot has no cancellation charges if it is done before 48 hours of stay, whereas Callencellation charges are applicable in many places of Sheraton.
Difference Between Marriott and Sheraton

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