The History and Facts of Colors of Christmas – Xmas Traditions

Decorating a home for Christmas feels great. For the love and honor of the Christmas season, you definitely want to attain a perfect look for your home when it comes to pairing the Christmas colors.

The many colors to choose from makes it even more exciting and these decorations help keep the event memorable in every aspect.

The festive season is a joyful time to come together with family and friends.

It is a time to have fun, spice up your Christmas decorations and bring a little heaven into your home. The color mixes just make it so mesmerizing.


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There are colors associated with Christmas that not only decorate but also carry a symbolic meaning.

The colors commonly used to decorate homes and business premises include:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Gold
  4. White
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Pink

Here are more details about the colors associated with Christmas and their significance:


Red is a stunning color and it makes the whole decoration sparkle. Apart from this, it carries important symbolism.

Red not only represents the blood of Jesus but also his teachings on compassion among people, through love in the same way he showed love by willingly to die on the cross.

Red Color of Christmas

Due to its association with Christmas, people place holly berries around the Christmas tree to symbolize his bloodshed upon crucifixion.

The robes that the bishops wore were also red and therefore Santa’s garments are red.

Again, red was back used in Roman celebrations in honor of god Saturn. 


The green color holds a deeper meaning of why it’s used in Christmas decorations. Green represents growth, harmony, and it also symbolizes resurrection.

Amazingly, the holly bushes and fir trees can endure the bitter cold winter to maintain their green leaves without shedding them off throughout winter.

Since these exceptional trees can thrive in the brittle desolation of winter to maintain life, the color green is associated with life.

From a Christian point of view, green signifies eternal life.


There are several reasons gold is associated with Christmas. One is that during the birth of Jesus, the wise men brought gold as one gift.

Gold is also the color used to display the star followed by the wise men.

It is also the color of light and the sun, which are both vital in the dark winter.

Gold Color of Christmas 1

Both gold and red are the colors of fire that we need to keep up warm. Gold also signifies the giving nature of God and the gift of eternal life.

The Almighty chose Mary, a peasant, poor woman to be the mother of Jesus. Jesus’ parents were willing to face all odds, just to save Jesus.


White is a color that signifies purity, cleanliness and symbolizes the brightness of the day. In western culture, white is usually associated with peace and purity.

Jesus is sinless, pure and spotless, like the white color. Christians, therefore, are supposed to live up to the purity of God because he is also pure.

For Christmas decorations, white can be used to represent new beginnings. White is also used in church altar decorations as the color of Christmas.

White is also the color of snow, which is abundant during the winter. In addition, in earlier times, people used white paper wafers to adorn the paradise trees.

The wafers symbolized the bread which believers consumed in remembrance of Christ who died for them.


The blue color in the spiritual world signifies the healing power of God.  It is considered to represent stability, faith, and intelligence.

It is also believed to bring peace and to keep evil spirits away. It is associated with Christmas because of Mary.

She played the important role of bringing the savior to the world.

The royal families and the rich in medieval times wore blue garments because they regarded the blue color as being more expressive than the gold color.


The purple color is regarded as the primary color of Advent because it symbolizes repentance and fasting. Many churches use a purple cloth to cover the altar during Advent.

It is perfect for Christmas decorations because it’s not only beautiful but also pairs well with the rest of the Christmas colors.

The color is associated with imagination and spirituality it also helps those who desire spiritual fulfillment.

During Advent, the three purple candles used signify it’s a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice.


Pink is a representation of care, love, and compassion. The color is also used during Advent (the season when Christians prepare spiritually for the coming of Jesus at Christmas).

The pink candle is lit as a symbol of joy.

Enjoy the festive season and lighten up the holiday spirit with the different colors of Christmas.

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  1. Traditionally, Christmas is associated with different colors. Some of these colors include green, red, gold, white, and blue (purple and pink are also added).
  2. Centuries before now, colors were used to commemorate holidays. Ancient Romans would weave wreaths, and evergreens were exchanged as a sign of Goodluck.
  3. The figures/things associated with Christmas also had theme colors, hence they make up the Christmas colors.
  4. Red is revered as the color of blood. Green earth’s color and white is the color of snow. Gold is the color of the sun.
  5. These colors are mean and represent different things. White: purity and peace. Gold: one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus; royalty and warmth. Green: harmony and resurrection.


We associate colors green, red and gold with Christmas.

Green plants have been used for thousands of years to light up dark homes in the winter.

The color of the holly berries is red, representing Jesus’ blood, and is also the color of the Bishops robes worn by St. Nicholas and then becoming the color of Santa’s clothes.

Gold represents the sun and light as well as being one of the gifts for Baby Jesus.

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