What are Overlapping Social Differences? | Definition, Working, Pros and Cons

In this world, everyone has an individual identity and opinion. For a while, some of these identities and opinions converge with others and diverge with others. In a society when we see a divergence of identity and multiple social issues one group of people it is called “overlapping social differences”. In short, overlapping social differences amplify when social differences in the public overlie the other differences.


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This difference can occur from religion, race, language, or cultural issues. Overlapping Social Differences can be observed in almost all nations. Let’s learn how Overlapping Social Differences work and what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

How does it work?

Overlapping social differences occur when in society, any certain group of people identifies themselves with multiple social-economic issues. For example, in the USA there is a racial difference present between different ethnic groups of people. These groups are Hispanic, African, Indian, and Chinese. Out of these groups of people, the Hispanic groups of people are rich and well educated. On the other hand, African groups of people are poor and less educated.

Poverty is already a social difference for the African group of people. This social difference is overlapped with the issue of less education. Here poverty and less education are two different social issues that overlap each other. In a study, it has been found that African groups of people do financially well when they get a good education. Hence, it can be said that good education will diminish the overlapping social difference in the African American community.

Overlapping social differences are not only specific to America. This issue can be spotted in every country. Most of the time underprivileged minorities suffer from this issue. Identifying overlapping social differences helps the government form the right policies for the underprivileged class of people. Overlapping social differences create a divide in society and push it toward conflict.

Advantages of overlapping social differences

Overlapping social differences help the government understand the root causes of any deprived community. It helps the government recognize why any specific community is not doing well on different social metrics. Thus, the government can make better policies for these specific groups of people and bring them forward on social progress. Not only the government but also various NGOs and different social agencies study overlapping social differences. It helps them improve various services like administration, education, and health for the people.

Disadvantages of overlapping social differences

Overlapping social differences is a menace for society. With these differences, one group might think the government and society overlook them. It increases the sense of subjugation in the deprived community and pushes them behind in social progress. If not addressed overlapping social differences in time then it may increase a divide in the society. In the future, this divide may turn into classes and civil war and rip the country apart. Overlapping social differences are not a new phenomenon in society. In every era, one group or another faced this problem and it was the prime reason behind many wars.


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