What is Area? | Definition and Origin

It is defined as space which is occupied by any of the flat shape or by any of the surface of an object. The region of a figure is the number of unit squares that cover the outside of a figure. The area is estimated in square units, for example, square centimetres, square feet, square inches, and so on.


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Here are some of the squares with their areas, with unit squares of the side, only 1 cm each. These are measured in cm squares.

Here the are of all the shapes can be measured in meter squares and as well as in square inches.


The word ‘area’ was originated from the Latin word ‘area’. It means a vacant piece of ground level. Afterwards the origin of these words fled further to an irregular derivation of an area as a specific measure of the room contained inside a set of boundaries’.

We frequently discover the area of the room floor to decide the size of the carpet to be purchased. Covering the floor with tiles, covering the divider with paint or backdrop or building a pool are different models, where in the area is figured.

All of the simple and common shapes and also the polygons have their own formulas for calculating their areas. Here are all the formulas of 2-D shapes.

Not all the figures in real life are exact a square, a rectangle or a triangle. So, when we have to find the area of a figure which have more than one shape, then we have to sum up all the areas of all the shapes which are making the figure.

There is also a term in Area, ‘Surface Area’

It is the area of the outside surface of any solid or a 3-D shape is known as Surface Area. For example, a Prism of a rectangular shape has 6 rectangular bases and lateral faces. In this way, the total surface area is the amount of the areas of all the 6 square shapes.

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