What is Craft? | Definition, Working, Pros and Cons

Craft is a specific skill that anyone learns to do a specific task. This task can be a profession or a hobby. The term “Craft” originated in the middle age when people hone their skills for any specific small industry. In modern times the term “Craftsman” is often used synonymously with artisans.


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Nowadays the craftsmanship is only limited to the handicraft industry. Here people use their years of knowledge and skills to produce small handicraft items. It takes someone years of practice to become a skilled craftsman. Let’s learn how craftwork and what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

How does it work?

Craft is an activity that turns natural materials like wood, glass, metal, textile, etc into utilitarian or functional products. Customized glass, woodwork, metal fabrication, and designed on fabrics are some common forms of crafts we see around us. Crafts nowadays are categorized into two types; these are handicrafts and studio-crafts. Most handicraft items are produced in a small cluster for the general public, while the studio-crafts are produced in a studio for specific customers.

Craft is associated with skill and knowledge. For this reason, the craftsman has to spend lots of time to develop his skill and knowledge. Even though in modern times anyone can become a craftsman, but in earlier times most secrets of the craft remain in the family and passed down from one generation to another. The journey of a craftsman begins as an apprentice under a master craftsman, where under his guidance he learns the skill of a craftsman.

Even though quality craftsmanship can produce some of the most beautiful items in the world, but it takes time. As a result, mass production is not possible with quality craftsmanship. Hence, most crafts items are expensive these days.

Advantages of Craft

The primary advantage of craft is unique design production. It is much easier to modify or produce new designs through craftsmanship. For this reason, many craft items are used during the prototype stage of production. Crafts also support the local economy and produce many jobs on a local scale. Craftsmanship also supports century-old traditions and preserves them with the work.

Crafting also takes lots of patients and improves the mental health of a craftsman. For this reason, many people think it is a type of meditation. Many people also do craft as a hobby and spend their time in a constructive way.

Disadvantages of Craft

Craftsmanship takes lots of skill and knowledge. For this reason, it takes a person lot of time to become a quality craftsman. Unfortunately, most people don’t have this much patience and they quit before becoming a quality craftsman. Another problem associated with craft is production volume and cost. Mass production of any product is not possible through craft.

Production of any item through quality craftsmanship takes lots of time and increase its production cost. As a result, the prices of the produced items become high. Hence, before mass production, most industries often use craftsmanship at the prototype stage only.


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