Windows 11 ISO File Download 32 64 Bit Insider Preview, Release Date, System Requirements

This post provides data for downloading and installing Windows 11 ISO File 32/64 Bit, Leak News, Functions, Release Date, System Requirements, Setup Size. All Tech-enthusiast have gone insane for all the details they can get about Windows 11 because of the Windows 11 Iso download file leak.

Latest About Windows 11

The event was scheduled for 11 am by Microsoft on June 24 to announce the introduction of Microsoft Windows 11. However, the WIN 11 Lite version included all the functionality and technical information disclosed before. Windows 10 was published by Microsoft on 29 July 2015. As a result, since then, Microsoft has been reluctant to release new Microsoft Windows versions. A free upgradation to Microsoft Windows 11 is offered for Microsoft Windows 10 users who fulfill minimal PC requirements. The transition from Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 to Microsoft Windows 11 is still pending to be formally confirmed.

Joining the Microsoft Windows Insider Program is the quickest method to get Microsoft Windows 11. However, if you don’t already have a valid Microsoft Windows license, you will not be able to use this function to acquire the updated Microsoft Windows 11. That’s where our tutorial on how to obtain Microsoft Windows 11 ISO files comes in handy.

Download 32 64 from Microsoft Windows 11 ISO File

There are now rumors that the meeting scheduled for June 24, 2021, will be canceled. This will prepare users to use the upcoming Microsoft Windows version. After the introduction of Microsoft Windows 11, the upgrade would be available on the Microsoft official website. Users can obtain the ISO file from the website free of charge. However, you must pay to use the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Therefore, it is advisable to upgrade your Operating system when the Microsoft Windows 11 ISO file is available. All Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 users may anticipate upgrading to their computers when Microsoft Windows 11 is started. The new update may then be installed on the current version via upgrades.

Size of Microsoft Windows 11 Setup

In the case of Microsoft Windows 11, the setup file (ISO File) is 4.54 GB. Since there are no various features available in the leaked version, the ultimate file size is estimated to be between 4.5 and 6 GB.

News of  Microsoft Windows 11 leak

Many features from Microsoft Windows 10x have been taken over to Microsoft Windows 11. This concept was stopped, but if released earlier, customers may have received a new generation of features. Users want to know more about the needs of Microsoft Windows 10 installation now because most of the features are comparable. Microsoft Windows 11 has been built to be used concurrently on two devices. Many add-on features have made Microsoft Windows 11 For PC the greatest and most sophisticated Microsoft Corporation product to date.

Microsoft Microsoft Windows 11 has been released and is available for free download and upgrade to  Microsoft Windows 10, 7, and 8 users. The new Microsoft Windows OS includes support for Android apps, a new design, a new and better Start Menu, improved gaming performance, multitasking, and many other features. Update and the Insider Program are the two legitimate ways to get Microsoft Windows 11 right now. You may own a build of Microsoft Windows 11 ISO File 32 and 64 bit after joining the Insider program.

In India, what is the release date of Microsoft Windows 11?

The event was on June 24th, and it will be dedicated to the new generation of Microsoft Windows, which may provide light on the Microsoft Windows 11 ISO Download Release Date. The latest version of Microsoft Windows is just Microsoft Windows 10 and has a new user interface. If you think Microsoft will start testing Microsoft Windows 11 on 24 June, you are correct. On the Microsoft Windows 11 ISO Build, several tests have already been performed and will shortly be released. After this occasion, the website of Microsoft Windows 11 will soon be available for many additional features. We may expect the Win 11 SE edition direct download from Microsoft on June 24 with all of this turmoil.

System Requirements for Microsoft Windows 11

 the Microsoft New OS Microsoft Windows 11 Beta Version will be released worldwide on June 24. After that, consumers are eager to get their hands on free ISO files for their computers. However, you should first review the Microsoft Windows 11 System Requirements. The following are the minimum system  specification for Microsoft Windows 11:

Minimum requirements

  1. 64 GB Hard disk space or More.
  2. 4 GB RAM or more
  3. 1 GHz or a faster processor with dual or multi Core or System on Chip
  4. Monitor with 1280x720p HD resolution 9″ more
  5. System Firmware: UEFI
  6. Trusted Platform Module (TPM): TPM 2:0
  1. 2.0 GHz dual-core processor
  2.  Faster 8 GB RAM
  3. 1680 x 1050 screen resolution
  4. Approximately 64 GB of available hard disk space.

Virtualization-based security (VBS) enabled on the motherboard is an extra need to guarantee that the computer system can make use of virtualization capabilities.

Features of Microsoft Windows 11

The Insider Preview version of Microsoft’s next-gen operating system WIN 11, has been released for testing. However, the final official version of Microsoft Windows 11 may be released in November 2021 over the holiday season. These are some of the features of Microsoft Windows 11:

  1. The borders of Microsoft Windows 11 would be rounded. They’ve replaced the rounded edges.
  2. Since Microsoft Windows 10, 20215, there have been no sound changes. With Microsoft Windows 11, you might get the best sound.
  3. A few new widgets have been added.
  4. The Task Bar and Start menu have been replaced.
  5. Microsoft Windows 11 also has split screens and the option to create numerous groups.
  6. This time, we’ve added some new and stylish icons.
  7. New animations are also included in Microsoft Windows 11 SE.

There are also some modifications at the interface level. In comparison to Microsoft Windows 10, it is also expected that the next version would be easier. This contains features like fast shutdown, pinned applications, and recent files, among others. We’ve gone through the planned features in great depth here.

  1. New OOBE- This is where you can connect to a new network (WiFi), create a new PIN, and create a new Microsoft account.
  2. Search Window and Centered Start Menu- The new Microsoft Windows will have a centered Start Menu and Search Window, similar to the taskbar menu. You can also align them according to your preferences.
  3. More show/hide settings, such as Widgets, Task View, Desktop, and Search, are now available in Action and Taskbar Center. The icons will have slightly softened sides this time.
  4. This time, the Task View has been revamped by the designers.
  5. Snap Controls- With snap controls in the latest version, users may quickly multitask. Microsoft Windows may be snapped in a variety of ways.
  6. Weather updates, news at a glance, sports, and other widgets are included in the edition.
  7. New Icons, Wallpapers, and Noises- When the user selects the File Explorer option, various new icons, sounds, and wallpapers will appear.
  8. The designers have merged the Emoji and Clipboard panels this time. Emojis, kaomoji, GIFs, symbols, and the clipboard history may all be seen by pressing Window Key+ Period Button.
  9. Right-clicking on the screen will bring up the Terminal Window option. Unicode, numerous tabs, Microsoft Windows, UTF-8 characters, custom themes, styles, and other features are displayed.
  10. Users will notice a stronger connection between Xbox and Microsoft Store in this update. This version also has app options.

Microsoft Windows 11 Download 32-64 Bit Installation Process

Now we’ll walk you through the steps for installing Microsoft Windows 11 on your computer.

  1. Go to the website’s ISO file.
  2. Then, at the very least, acquire a USB device with 16 GB of capacity.
  3. Rufus may also be used to make the Pendrive bootable.
  4. Then, choose Microsoft Windows 11 ISO file and run the Rufus file you just downloaded.
  5. Leave the default settings alone.
  6. Then a flash of Microsoft Windows 11 will appear on your USB Drive.
  7. Now you must connect the disc to the computer where you wish to install Microsoft Windows 11.
  8. The next step is to restart your computer.
  9. Then select Boot Device Options from the drop-down menu.
  10. The installation procedure will begin as soon as you press the enter key.
  11. After that, you must select your preferred language, keyboard input method, and time.
  12. Install the file now.
  13. The ‘add product key’ bar will also be visible. You must choose the option “I don’t have a product key.”
  14. Select the Microsoft Windows 11 edition to install.

How to Upgrade Microsoft Windows 11 and Fix Errors

Upgrades and fault fixes with Microsoft Windows 11 are simple, and you may contact Microsoft through email if you have some particular issues or bugs. Users may now obtain Win 11 Full Version ISO Direct Download from a variety of trustworthy sites. Check the operating system requirements for your laptop/desktop, PC, and other devices before installing. There are complete specifications, including RAM, Processor, Wallpapers, and other features. Details will be supplied once Microsoft announces the official release date.


There hasn’t been a new update since Microsoft released Microsoft Windows 10 in 2015. However, since Microsoft has released Microsoft Windows 11, you may download Microsoft Windows 11 2021 here.

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