Diferencia entre blazer y traje (con mesa)

Dressing well and following a suitable style helps you stand out from the crowd. It affects your personality and shows you as a confident person. For formal occasions, people usually choose to wear a blazer or a suit. But they sometimes intermingle these terms and consider them the same.

It is these small details that can make or break a look. Even some shop retailers do not know the difference between them. But some interviewers take special notice of these small changes.

When a person enters a room, he makes his first impression through his appearance, that is, his dress. If the person has taken this lightly and wore a suit or a jacket instead of a blazer, it might deduct his marks or even cost him his job.

So, the corporate sector does not compromise on the dressing part. That is because; these employers are further going to represent their company or their product.

If their employers do not know the difference between a blazer or a suit and when to wear it, then this might affect the reputation of the whole company.

Blazer vs Suit

The difference between blazer and suit is blazer is casual than a suit jacket and can be worn with pants of different fabrics. A blazer can be worn with pants of any color. The suit jacket is a formal jacket that is worn with a proper ensemble with pants. The suit is a matching jacket with pants.

Some other differences between a blazer and a suit can be shown in the comparison table below.


Comparison Table Between Blazer and Suit (in Tabular Form)

Parámetro de comparaciónBlazerSuit
Type of EventCasualFormal
Shoulder cutThe shoulders of a blazer follow the natural shape of the body.The shoulders of a suit jacket are well-defined.
FabricThe blazer and pants can be of different fabric.The suit jacket and the pants have to be of the same fabric.
DetailsA blazer can have some fancy pockets or patterns.A suit jacket does not have any fancy pockets or patterns.
FittingA blazer jacket has a looser fitting.A suit jacket has a slimmer fitting.
LayeringA blazer can be worn over multiple clothes.A suit is mostly worn over a shirt.


What is Blazer?

The term for blazer was first originated in around 1825. The members of the Lady Margaret Boat Clun and the Rowing Club used to wear blazers of red color and that is why they were called blazers initiated from “blaze”.

UNA blazer can be worn with pants of different fabrics and even different colors. A blazer creates its own identity. They commonly come in a navy blue color. But these days, they are being manufactured in every color

As time evolves, so does the designing of clothes. Blazers come in different patterns like monochrome, flowers, and also they can have fancy pockets.

Tailors have sufficient knowledge regarding the puntadas of the suit and a blazer. A blazer does not contain inner padding near the shoulders.

This makes the shape of the blazer rounded from the shoulders and hence, follows the natural shape of the shoulders. This thing is referred to as “camicia”.

A blazer is not stiff rather it is a comfortable piece of clothing. It can be over multiple layers of clothing. It has a loose-fitting and is not stuck to the body. It can be worn anywhere where you do not need to look formal but still have to dress up nicely.

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What is Suit?

The term first originated in England in the XIX century as jaquette. But then the design changed and resembled the modern type of suit today. It was square-shaped and reached till the thighs.

UNA traje jacket is worn with pants of the same fabric and sometimes even with a vest. They are strictly worn on formal occasions like business meetings or a wedding occasion.

A suit jacket shoulders are called “rollino” meaning they have a pad inserted to the shoulder area to make it well-defined. A sleeve is attached separately to the rest and it forms that stiff structure.

A suit does not have patterns of any fancy designs because it needs to look decent concerning business context and for wedding ceremonies. It also does not have a lot of packets.

The main colors used for a suit are navy blue, brown, and black mostly. A suit is a slim fit dress so it should be worn with a shirt underneath and nothing else.

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Main Differences Between Blazer and Suit

Some of the features that differentiate between blazer and suit are given below:

  1. Blazers are worn on causal events while a traje is worn on a formal occasion.
  2. The shoulders of a blazer follow the natural shape of the body while the shoulders of a traje jacket are well-defined.
  3. los blazer can be worn with pants of different fabric while the traje jacket and the pants have to be of the same fabric.
  4. UNA Blazer can have some fancy pockets or patterns whereas a traje jacket does not have any fancy pockets or patterns.
  5. UNA Blazer jacket has a looser fitting whereas a traje jacket has a slimmer fitting.
  6. UNA Blazer can be worn over multiple clothes while a traje is mostly worn over a shirt.



Dressing well becomes a part of your personality. It lends you credibility in your workplace and respect. It also gives people a sense that you are serious about your work.

So, self-grooming takes you a long way along your career and your social interactions. But knowing when to wear what is also equally important. No employee would want you do not know the correct dress code of your profession.

Knowing the proper difference between the blazer and a suit can save you from doing the mistake of wearing them interchangeably.



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