Free Apple Gift Card Codes: Ultimate Guide for 2024

What are Apple Gift Card Codes?

Apple Gift Card codes represent a currency for purchasing Apple digital products and services. You can use these codes to acquire various items like apps, games, music, movies, and more. Just like Android users utilize Google Play gift cards and redeem codes, Apple Gift Card codes cater to Apple users. Available in both physical and digital formats, these codes are redeemable at Apple Stores, iTunes Store, and other online services.

List of Complimentary Apple Gift Card Codes or Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

Here’s a table with a collection of free Apple gift card codes for you to use. Remember that these codes are not directly affiliated with Apple Inc. and have been collected from various legal sources to share as a giveaway. However, always validate the legitimacy of these codes before making any purchases.

Free Apple Gift Card CodesValue

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Disclaimer: The codes provided here are for informational purposes and should not be treated as an endorsement or guarantee of genuine Apple products. We make no claims of association with or endorsement by Apple Inc.

Freshly Added Apple Gift Card Codes

Just yesterday, new Apple Gift Card codes were released to the public. Here’s a summary of the latest codes and their corresponding values:


These freshly added codes can be used to buy apps on the App Store, make in-app purchases, or get Apple products. Remember, each code is unique and can only be used once. Grab your desired code and make the most out of your Apple experience!

A Selection of Complimentary Apple Gift Card Codes

Sometimes, saving money on purchases is the key to enjoying your favorite products and services. With that in mind, here are some free Apple gift card codes that can help you get more value from your shopping experiences:

  • H5N0K7J9F6D8L1RV
  • R4K7Z8D5J1L6H0N3
  • K1J4L5D9P7N0H2Z7
  • L3N6K8R1J2H5F0D8
  • H1N8K7J5D3PL0Z6R
  • K4L8N1H5J2IZ0D6F
  • Z9H5K0N3L2VJ6D1R
  • L6K2N7R1H0ZJ5D9F
  • J8D5K1F0L3MH7R6N
  • K7N3H5L0J1ND9Z2R
  • H2N5J1K7D8BL0R4F
  • L5K9N7J1H0ED2Z6R
  • D1K7F8J6H0L5N9R
  • R7K9N1L5H6UJ2F0D
  • H8N6K3J7D2IL0Z1R
  • K2L9N7H3J6PR0F1D
  • D8K7J1H0N3EL6R9F
  • L7N0K4J5H8RD1Z6R
  • H4N2K1J7L8UD6F0R
  • K6L1N8H0CJ7Z2D5F

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How to Redeem Apple Gift Cards?

Redeeming Physical Apple Gift Cards

  1. Press and hold the Apple icon on your home screen.
  2. Select Redeem.
  3. Uncover the code by scratching off the label on the card’s backside.
  4. Tap Use Camera on the next screen.
  5. Scan the 16-digit code on the card’s backside.
  6. Authenticate with Face ID or your Password.
  7. The amount will be added to your Apple Store wallet.

Redeeming Digital Apple Gift Cards

There are two methods for redeeming digital gift cards:

Method 1: Redeem via the received link

  1. Tap the “Redeem Now” link in your email or inbox message.
  2. Sign in to the Apple or iTunes Store with your Apple ID.
  3. The amount will be credited to your account.

Method 2: Redeem by entering the code manually

  1. Press and hold the Apple icon on your home screen.
  2. Select Redeem.
  3. Tap Enter Manually on the next screen.
  4. Uncover the code by scratching off the label on the card’s backside (if applicable).
  5. Enter the 16-digit code.
  6. Authenticate with Face ID or your Password.
  7. The amount will be added to your Apple Store wallet.

Alternatively, tap on the Logo at the top right upper corner and select the Redeem option to redeem Apple Gift Cards.

Note: Make the most of your experience by utilizing promo codes for other popular services, such as Pokemon Go and DoorDash, available on various websites.

Why You Need Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift cards provide easy and quick access to a wide range of Apple products and services, either online or in-store. These versatile cards allow for purchases from iPhones to iTunes music and movies.

Apple gift cards offer a personal touch by allowing customization based on individual interests, making it an excellent gift option for friends and family who love Apple products.

Additionally, many companies utilize Apple gift cards as rewards or incentives for their employees and customers. This is a creative way to motivate and appreciate their hard work and loyalty.

In summary, Apple gift cards grant convenience, flexibility, and usefulness for various reasons, making them an efficient tool to fulfill your Apple product needs.

What are the Types of Apple Gift Cards?

Apple Gift Cards are available in two formats: physical and digital.

  • Physical Apple Gift Cards: You can find and purchase these at your local Apple Stores, authorized resellers, and select retail stores.
  • Digital Apple Gift Cards: These can be bought online and emailed to the recipient, who can redeem the card code on their Apple device.

How can you obtain Apple Gift Cards?

You can acquire Apple Gift Cards in various ways, including purchasing them in-store, online, or participating in rewarding activities. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Apple Stores and Website: Buy Apple Gift Cards directly from Apple Stores or through their website.
  • External Retailers: Purchase Apple Gift Cards from reputable retailers like AmazonPay, Best Buy, and Target. These stores may offer discounts and promotional deals on the gift cards.
  • Alternative Methods: If you’d like to explore other options, consider the following:

    • The Apple Card Monthly Installments feature allows you to make Apple purchases and receive 3% Daily Cashback on the total amount.
    • Trade-in your old Apple devices to receive credits towards new purchases.

Participating in surveys or games can also help you score Apple Gift Card codes for free. Keep it professional when you share your findings with your audience, and craft your content in a second-person perspective.

How to Obtain Apple Gift Cards at No Cost

Here are several ways you can acquire Apple gift cards for free:

  • Stay alert during Apple promotions and giveaways: Apple occasionally hosts events where they distribute free gift cards. To stay informed, follow Apple’s official social media accounts for the latest updates.
  • Utilize reward apps and websites: Various platforms grant Apple gift cards upon completing tasks, surveys, or polls. These quick and easy tasks involve watching videos or downloading apps. Some popular choices include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars.
  • Participate in surveys and offers from market research companies: Many research firms provide rewards, including gift cards, for taking their surveys and completing offers. Companies such as Vindale Research and Toluna specialize in achieving this.
  • Be an active member on technology forums: Engage in online platforms like blogs, Discord channels, Reddit groups, and Telegram or WhatsApp groups for a chance to come across free Apple gift card codes shared by other participants. This will expose you to potential gift card opportunities and expand your knowledge within the tech community.

Our Website Can Help You

Our platform is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining Apple Gift Cards. Our team of four diligently seeks them out and presents them to you. The website has several key features:

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  • Displayed schedule for code additions

These components are combined to give you a smooth and professional experience.

Apps That Offer Free Apple Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Card Codes

Swagbucks: Earn Through Various Tasks

Swagbucks is a widely known rewards platform that enables you to earn Apple Gift Card Codes and free gift cards for Google Play, AmazonPay, and others. Complete tasks such as watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and filling out surveys to earn SB. Redeem your points for Apple gift cards or other available options. Swagbucks provides a $5 sign-up bonus for new members, and the minimum payout limit is only $3.

Branded Surveys: Get Paid for Surveys

Branded Surveys is a reputable survey site where you can earn free Apple gift cards by completing surveys. Sign up, fill out basic information, and start taking surveys. Accumulate 1,000 points to request a $10 Apple card or use PayPal cash instead. Payments are processed and released within two business days.

MyPoints App: Multi-Task for Rewards

The MyPoints app rewards users for completing simple tasks like surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online through select retailers. Convert your earned points into gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, PayPal cash, or other available gift card options. MyPoints requires around 700 points for a $5 Apple gift card and operates only in the US and Canada.

Rakuten: Shop and Earn Cashback

Rakuten is a rewards platform that provides cashback when you make a purchase through their platform. Use cashback earnings to get PayPal cash or buy Apple gift cards. New Rakuten members receive a $30 bonus upon completing their first purchase of $30 or more.

Survey Junkie: Share Your Opinions

Survey Junkie is a platform dedicated to sharing opinions on products and services in exchange for iTunes gift card codes. Earn points by completing online surveys and redeem them for PayPal payments, Amazon, and Walmart gift cards. While this app doesn’t directly offer Apple gift cards, you can still redeem iTunes gift cards. Note that Survey Junkie is only available in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Ipsos i-Say: Offer Your Insights

Ipsos i-Say allows users to share their opinions and earn rewards redeemable for Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, and Apple Gift cards. The platform awards 150 points per survey and 50 points per poll. Even if you don’t finish a survey, you still receive five points for your time. Reach the minimum payout threshold of $10 to get an Apple gift card.

PrizeRebel: Redeem Points for Various Gift Cards

PrizeRebel offers tasks such as online surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. Use earned points to redeem Apple gift cards or other options like Roblox, PlayStation gift cards, Nintendo, and more. The minimum threshold for redemption is $10.

Toluna Influencers: Paid Surveys and Community Interaction

Toluna Influencers is a platform for earning Apple gift cards by completing paid surveys, product testing, focus groups, and other point-earning activities. Engage with fellow users in Toluna’s community to share tips and advice on maximizing earnings. Redeem your points for iTunes gift cards, available in select countries, or other rewards like Amazon and Walmart.

Upside: Save on Gas Expenses

Upside rewards you with cashback for purchasing gas at select gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. Use collected cashback to redeem Apple gift cards and save money on music, apps, books, and more.

iBotta: Get Cashback on Purchases

iBotta offers cashback for purchasing products from various online and offline retailers. Redeem your earnings for an Apple gift card by downloading the app, creating an account, browsing available offers, and scanning your shopping receipts. Enjoy a welcome bonus for new users and save on various shopping categories like groceries, clothing, electronics, etc.

Last Updated : 09 December, 2023

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