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Indragni Solutions respects your privacy. This page will explain how we handle your data and safeguard it from being used/misused. Do note that this document applies to our website askanydifference. It applies when you open the website on any device, be it a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. You are requested to go through the content on this page, and if you see any information that doesn’t suit you, do not access this website on any device.

We are updating this privacy policy page based on new regulations and market scenarios. Please go through this page frequently to keep yourself updated about the processing of your data on our website. We reserve the right to make any changes to the content on this page without notifying the readers of our website. By accessing the information provided on this website and consuming it, it is assumed by default that you have gone through our privacy policy and have agreed to it.

Personal Data on AskAnyDifference


As soon as you visit our website, we store your browser details so that the next time you visit the website, the speed at which the website opens can be increased by using the browser cache. Some standard JavaScript, CSS, Images, and HTML files are required every time you open a webpage on our website. To give you a better experience, we store these frequently required files in your browser cache. The lifetime of this cache is usually set to 1 day.

Embedded content from other websites

We also embed content from other websites in our web pages. This embedded content includes videos, images, articles, and iframe. We only have a little control over such content because it is loaded as it is from third-party websites. Examples of such content are embedding YouTube videos, Tweets, or Instagram posts.

Such embedded piece of content has their own set of web code, which may further add cookies, add more data to your web browser cache, or may track your web browsing behavior over an extended period.

Further, if you have an account with such services (like social media accounts), these 3rd party websites may serve you content based on your web browsing history. We don’t have any control over it.


We use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors and other helpful information about people who visit our website. This data is anonymous to us, which means we cannot identify you as a person by looking at the data collected by Google Analytics. The data is presented to us as aggregate data; for example, ten users are currently reading page X on the website.

How long we retain your data

If you have left a comment on our website, then the comment and the metadata are retained forever. We require this to display your content, name, and other metadata you have entered while leaving a comment on our website.

Your Rights Over Your Data

Any data we have about you can be obtained by contacting us. This is usually delivered as an exported file. You also have the right to request the deletion of any personal data we may hold about you. Please note that we may not be able to delete the data stored as an aggregate; only the personal and specific data about you can be deleted.


We use many partners to serve ads to our readers. This includes Google, Amazon, and to name a few. All the ad partners use cookies to track you and serve interest-based ads. For example, Google uses DART cookies to serve interest-based ads to visitors who visit our website and other websites on the internet.

To control the data collected by these 3rd party ad partners, please visit their websites to manage the amount of data they collected. Usually, just managing your data in Google is enough, which can be managed on the URL:

Children’s Information

The internet alone cannot identify a visitor’s age visiting any website. So we also need to determine the age of a person visiting our website. However, we always advise that parents monitor their kids’ internet browsing. You may use third-party software to do so. Many security software has features only to allow child-safe browsing. We highly recommend using such software.

If you doubt that your child may have provided any information to use, then we advise you to contact us from the contact page and let us know. We shall process your request for the deletion of such data on priority.

Your Acceptance of Our Privacy Policy

Having read this page and visited our website, it is understood that you agree to this privacy policy. In case you do not agree to the clauses of this privacy policy page, please do not browse the website for more content. We strive to serve our readers with the best content and browsing experience. Thanks for your continued support.