Difference Between IMPS and NEFT

NEFT and IMPS are two types of RTGS systems based on the nature of fund transfer. NEFT and IMPS is an electronic funds transfer system that facilitates person-to-person and bank-to-bank money transfer transactions between different bank accounts in India. IMPS and NEFT are exceptionally similar, yet they are different too. IMPS vs NEFT The main …

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Difference Between CRR and SLR

Every country’s central bank is responsible for keeping an eye on inflation and enforcing certain controls on money circulation in the industry. The CRR and SLR are key economic strategies for managing inflation and money flow in the country. Through these, the RBI manages bank lending capacity.  CRR vs SLR  The main difference between CRR and …

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Difference Between OLAP and OLTP

OLAP and OLTP are online processing systems. However, there are prominent differences between them. OLAP and OLTP vary in their data, transaction, time, queries, and normalisation. OLAP refers to an Online Analytical Processing system. In contrast, OLTP refers to the Online Transaction Processing system. There are several other differentiating factors between the two. OLAP vs …

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