Landlord vs Owner: Difference and Comparison

English can be a tricky language. The words have several implications and denote varied meanings when placed in different contexts. And due to this reason, many words become the root of our confusion.

Landlord and owner are both noun words that indicate someone who has possessions. The nature of the possessions held by someone decides the correct usage of the two words.

Key Takeaways

  1. A landlord rents out property to tenants, while an owner possesses legal title.
  2. Landlords manage and maintain rental properties, while owners may not have direct involvement.
  3. Owners can become landlords by leasing their property, while landlords can become owners by purchasing a property.

Landlord vs Owner

A landlord is a person or entity who owns a property and rents it out to another person or entity, known as a tenant, in exchange for rent payments. An owner is a person or entity that has legal title to a property and can imply the right to use, occupy, sell, or transfer the property.

Landlord vs Owner

If we break the word landlord, we will get its meaning. The Lord of the land is the landlord. A landlord rents his property to others for monetary gain.

Landlords might take the help of a property manager, or they might manage the renting process independently.

An owner is someone who has a right or ownership over anything. It can be an object or thing and might also be apartments or lands. Someone who has a right over intellectual property, such as a poem or a song, is also called the owner.

All landlords are owners.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLandlordOwner
Meaning A landlord is someone who owns any kind of property.An owner is someone who holds right over an object, physical property or intellectual property.
Context This term only gets associated with the ownership of land or apartment properties.This word is not only limited to the land property, it indicates ownership over anything.
FunctionLandlord rents apartments and flats.The owner may or may not rent things.
Intellectual propertyLandlords do not own intellectual property.Owners can have ownership over intellectual properties.
DefinitionThe landlord is lord of the land.An owner is someone who owns something.

What is Landlord?

A landlord is someone who owns a house or apartment, land, or real estate, which he rents or leases to other people or even to business. By renting property, landlords gain monetary profit.

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The landlord indicates to the male owner, and the feminine term of this word is the landlady.

The idea of a landlord can be found in the feudal system of the manor system. In this system, a land estate is owned by a “Lord of the Manor”. These people mainly belonged to the low rank of nobility.

But in a few cases, the land used to belong to the royal domain.

Sometimes landlords hire property management to manage the renting process and fulfil other responsibilities related to it. This property manager keeps track of the details of the renting to the tenants.

The manager’s responsibility is to advertise the property and display it to potential tenants. A landlord does it all on his own in the absence of a manager.


What is Owner?

The word owner comes from the word ownership. As we understood till now, the term owner can get associated with any ownership. The owning element can be physical as well as intellectual.

Anyone with personal property can get called the owner of that property, but anyone with intellectual property will also get called the owner of it.

Someone who owns a patent, copyright, trademark, or legally bound design will be associated with the word owner. Owner is an umbrella term for a person with varied possessions. It is not only limited to land property.

For instance, even if you own a chair, a sofa, or a mete book, you are the owner.

This owner word was used also to get used for human possession when slavery was a valid social practice. White people used to get called owners of the slaves. Someone having full control and right over other things is an owner.

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Owner is a gender-neutral word, meaning it does not have a separate feminine term.

house owner

Main Differences Between Landlord and Owner

  1. A landlord is someone who owns any property, it can be land or an apartment, whereas an owner is someone who holds rights over an object or physical property as well as any intellectual property.
  2. The word landlord gets used only in connection with properties such as land, but the word owner is a broader term that includes property and objects.
  3. All landlords are owners, but all owners are not landlords.
  4. In plain words, a landlord is the lord of the land, and the owner is anyone who owns something.
  5. The term landlord has nothing to do with intellectual property. But the term owner, on the other hand, is capable of indicating someone who possesses intellectual property.
  6. Landlords are mainly known to rent properties for monetary gain, but all owners can not do that as the owner can own a vast amount of things.
  7. The landlord is the masculine term of the word, and the feminine term of the word landlord is the landlady. However, the owner does not have a feminine word for it. The same word gets used for both men and women.
Difference Between Landlord and Owner

Last Updated : 13 June, 2023

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