PayPal Standard vs Express: Difference and Comparison

In a world where digitalization is a must, and people are still scared of online fraud, PayPal has made sending or receiving money a lot easier with full-proof security.


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PayPal has introduced express and standard checkout methods for people to utilize money in the comfort of their homes.

Key Takeaways

  1. PayPal Standard allows customers to pay using a PayPal account or credit card on the PayPal website, requiring redirection.
  2. PayPal Express provides a quicker checkout experience by integrating payment options directly into the merchant’s website.
  3. PayPal Standard is free for merchants, while Express requires a monthly fee and offers additional features, such as customization and guest checkout.

PayPal Standard vs PayPal Express

PayPal Standard is a basic and easy-to-set-up payment processing service that enables businesses to accept payments from customers using their PayPal accounts or credit cards. PayPal Express is a more advanced payment processing service that offers a seamless checkout experience for customers.

PayPal Standard vs PayPal

PayPal express checkout is solely made for people who sell online or purchase online.

This type of checkout lets consumers purchase goodies or services conveniently without worrying about inputting every little detail.

This way, consumers are ensured that their personal details and payment information is sent safely to the seller. This also makes online shopping a lot more fun and easy. 

PayPal standard, on the other hand, is the most famous way to accept credit cards online.

This method lets the seller and their partners give their consumers a meticulous experience on cell phone devices.

If PayPal standard payments have already been integrated by the original sellers, the checkout is offered on its own to the consumers without taking any further steps. 

Comparison Table

ParametersPayPal StandardPayPal Express
DefinitionPayPal standard is a button that is available on the cell phone apps or websites that accepts payments securely.PayPal express checkout is specifically designed for online selling merchants.
DelaysPayPal standard requires IPNs to indicate whether the purchase was done or not which delays the whole process.Due to the advanced API technology, PayPal express doesn’t require IPNs to indicate whether the purchase was done or not.
ReliabilityLess reliable.More reliable.
Direct PaymentsDoes not allow to make direct payments.As a guest, consumers can buy with their credit cards directly.
TransactionDoes not complete checkout at PayPal website instead gets approved there and gets directed to the previous site for the completion of purchase.Processed on PayPal site

What is PayPal Standard?

PayPal standard is considered an easier and more famous way for safely accepting credit cards online.

In this type of checkout, the sellers and their partners get to make their payment options on the PayPal site. They also get to make customized settings for further processes.

When a customer purchases from a website using their cell phones, they tap on the buy now option or checkout option in the cart to purchase the item they want.

The cellphone screen automatically presents an optimized site where they just need to log in to their PayPal account and complete the payment process.

Consumers can always choose to pay with a debit card or credit card. So they can use it alternatively if they want.

All they need to do is enter their information about the payment and shipping details. After entering all this, the consumers are introduced to a completely new page which is also known as the confirmation page, which indicates that the order has been placed. After this indicates that the order has been placed successfully, they get redirected to the actual merchant’s website from where they were purchasing the item.

What is PayPal Express?

PayPal Express, or PayPal checkout, is an option mainly created for online selling people. It lets the consumers choose and buy anything they want conveniently.

All this can be done without the need to enter their details. This process gives surety to the consumers that their personal and payment details are kept safe and sound.

PayPal express checkout also makes this whole shopping experience a lot easier, quicker and more fun.

PayPal Express checkout is preferred by people nowadays because they get to save the time which they spend entering their billing and shipping information when buying anything online.

When enabled on the site, PayPal Express checkout lets consumers enter the site simply by using their username and password.

After logging in, they get to choose their item and choose the methods of paying for it, which has already been connected to their PayPal account and VOLA! Order is placed.

Then PayPal itself transmits all the required information to the merchants or the business so that the process can move further ahead and the consumers are left at ease without worrying about the further process.

This way of checkout can easily hike up the sales margin because of its easy application, which allows people to buy directly from the actual website without getting directed to tons of different pages.

 Main Differences Between PayPal Standard and Express

  1. On PayPal standard, while checking out, the page gets directed to another PayPal page for payment and then gets redirected to the actual website, whereas, on the express checkout, the payment is made on the actual website of the item itself without being redirected to other pages.
  2. PayPal standard doesn’t allow consumers to make direct payments, while Express always makes direct payments.
  3. PayPal standard process is quite long and time-consuming. On the other hand, PayPal Express is quick and a lot easier.
  4. PayPal standard checkout needs their consumers to enter their personal details and shipping information to complete the whole shopping process, while express checkout doesn’t need any other details other than a username and password.
  5. When it comes to reliability, PayPal Express is more reliable than PayPal’s standard checkout.

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