PayPal Business vs PayPal Friends vs Family: Difference and Comparison

Online transactions have become a part of our digital world. The cash has turned into digits on the screen, and the bill has turned into an e-paper. Several online platforms have made the transactional process easier and faster.

The most common platform is PayPal. PayPal has two sub-platforms – PayPal Business and PayPal Friends and Family.

Key Takeaways

  1. PayPal Business is designed for businesses to receive payments for goods and services, while PayPal Friends and Family is for sending money to friends and family.
  2. PayPal Business charges a fee for each transaction, while PayPal Friends and Family is free.
  3. PayPal Business offers additional features such as invoicing, customizable checkouts, and transaction reports unavailable on PayPal Friends and Family.

PayPal Business vs PayPal Friends and Family

Paypal Business is a payment platform that enables transactions between merchants and buyers. It is specially curated for commercial purposes. Paypal Friends and Family is an online payment system that enables money transactions between personal members of family and friends.

PayPal Business vs PayPal Friends and Family

PayPal business accounts can be accessed by many employees simultaneously. There are many features offered that help in the processing, like detailed invoice creation, information about every customer, and quick refund policies.

The transactions are secured and regulated by government regulations.

On the other hand, PayPal friends and family can only be accessed by an individual. Anyone with a credit card can use the platform for transactions and payments. There is no tax deduction in these transactions.

It is a secure platform with efficient features for personal use.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPayPal BusinessPayPal Friends and Family
Audience The users of PayPal business are merchants and sellersThe users of PayPal friends and family can be anyone with a credit card
Usage Used by a company, business, or group Used by individuals between a close network of people
PurposeCommercial Personal
AdvantagesAccess of over 200 employees to the merchant’s account, helps in the creation of invoices, provision of refunds, and organize the information about the customers and clients Secure, and no additional charges Gifts can be sent to different addresses and have an easy refund policy
DisadvantagesLarge chargeback fees, transactions may take over three business days to get credited and the account can be suspended anytimeLimitations on amount and number of transactions, the extra charge on international transfers

What is PayPal Business?

PayPal business is an online commercial credit and debit platform for payments in business. It helps in business expansion nationally as well as internationally. PayPal is secure and protects all transactions.

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It is beneficial for merchants and sellers.

PayPal business can be operated by a company or group under their official name. The business model of PayPal offers additional exclusive features.

Some major benefits include the allowance and access of over 200 employees to the merchant’s account. It allows the acceptance of several methods like credit, debit cards, or other mobile payment apps.

PayPal business has the fastest customer service that has effective follow-up and provides instant solutions. It helps in the creation of invoices, provision of refunds, and organising information about the customers and clients.

The money transfer to the bank is quick and secure. All the features can be managed on the go.

PayPal business provides the details of the transactions in a sequenced and transparent manner. It is useful for all business types, kinds, and sizes.

To set up a PayPal business account, there are no charges, but certain convenience and maintenance fees are there to operate further. There are even rules for account suspension upon violation of the terms and conditions of the account.

paypal business

What is PayPal Friends and Family?

PayPal friends and family, as the name suggests, are specially created for the transfer of money or gifts among friends, family, and relatives.

The transfer of money is between a close network of people, and the money is for personal use. It does not include any commercial or business-related transactions.

It offers several exclusive features for these personal transactions. Transactions can be done securely for domestic as well as international funds. There are certain charges which have to be paid extra in case of international transfer.

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Around 2.90% extra has to be paid on the amount, which is the transactional as well as convenience fee for converting the money into acceptable form during international transfer.

For domestic transfers, there is no extra charge payment with the PayPal account. Only while paying with a card does some fixed fee have to be paid.

There are certain limitations on the maximum amount and number of transactions that can be made in a day, and the limit varies for every country.

The transactions in PayPal friends and family are protected and secure. There is no deduction of tax on those transactions and complies with governmental financial regulations.

It should be only used for personal use and not for any commercial use since it violates the rules and regulations of PayPal.

paypal friends and family

Main Differences Between PayPal Business and PayPal Friends and Family

  1. PayPal business is used to buy an item or service from a seller, while PayPal friends and family are used to send money or gifts to family, friends, relatives, or close ones.
  2. PayPal business is used for commercial purposes, while PayPal friends and family are used for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  3. PayPal business operates between huge groups, while PayPal friends and family is operated by an individual between his/her close network.
  4. PayPal business charges the merchant during every transaction, while PayPal Friend and Family is free and only charges the individual during payment through a card.
  5. The transactions in the PayPal business can be reported to the IRS, while the transactions in the PayPal friends and family cannot be reported to the IRS.

Last Updated : 27 August, 2023

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