Difference Between Cellphone and Smartphone (With Table)

The cell is the smallest unit that lives on its own and makes up all living organisms. Significant to this, the cellphone is a smaller unit as compared to a smartphone. The previous generation who used cellphones when they first came out has started to use smartphones now. This is the impact of technological advancement.

Cellphone vs Smartphone

The main difference between a cellphone and a smartphone is that cell phones are used to make calls and receive messages through radio frequency links. Whereas, smartphones are used not only to make calls and receive messages but also to access the internet facilities, take good quality pictures and stay connected via social media.

Cellphones or cellular phones are small, handy, and portable. They do not have wires like the telephone and work through radio frequency links. They were invented in 1940. The first-ever cellphone came into existence on 3rd April 1973 which was manufactured by Motorola. This was called the early zeroth generation service.

On the other hand, smartphones are portable devices that have all the functions of a computer with a touchscreen surface, internet access, and operating system. Due to this technological advancement, they are called “smartphones.” The first smartphone was the HTC Dream or the T-mobile G1. It had features like a sliding keyboard, a multi-touch screen, and a three-megapixel camera.

Comparison Table Between Cellphone and Smartphone

Parameters of ComparisonCellphoneSmartphone
ValueLess expensive than the smartphone.More expensive than the cellphone.
InterfaceSimple and uncomplicated.Heavy and complicated.
Operating SystemNo operating system.Has an operating system
KeyboardPhysical Keyboard.Virtual Keyboard.
DemandLess DemandHigh Demand
Internet accessNo internet access.Has internet access.
Technological advancementNot technologically advanced. Hence, uses 2G.Technologically advanced. Hence, uses 3G or 4G.

What is Cellphone?

Cellphones are conveyable telephone that uses radiofrequency links to make and receive calls. The most expensive cellphone is the Goldvine Le Million which has only 3 limited-edition releases. It is covered with 18-carat white gold and 120-carat diamond. The case is made of sapphire glass.

Closely followed by Goldvine is the Diamond Crypto smartphone. As the name suggests, the cellphone is made to encrypt the messages and keep the data in it secure. It is made of solid platinum, rose gold, and 50 diamonds.

Today with the advancement of technology, even cellphone companies aspire to become better and manufacture sustainable devices. They have started manufacturing such devices which have different technical specifications like voice calling, video chatting, text messaging or SMS, internet access, email, video games, and photography.

A cell phone could have both- positive and negative impacts, depending on how a user uses it. To use it in a properly, we must be careful about our betterment in living a hassle-free life rather than making it an addiction.

What is Smartphone?

From time to time your smartphone has been updated with the most staggering features around the world. For bigger screens, we have Ipads and tablets in the form of a smartphone. For good camera quality without buying a real camera, we have a smartphone that provides amazing camera quality with more than 48 megapixels.

Even though Apple rules the world of smartphones, Samsung is not too far. The most expensive smartphone is the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Pure Gold. It is covered with 18-carat gold and embellished with diamond. Closely following it is the Galaxy S21 ultra which was released in 5 different variations from gold, diamond, pure leather to titanium.

In 2018, Steven Soderbergh used an iPhone for the movie “UNSANE”. It is incredible how features like cameras, socials, computers, and laptops, weather forecasts have been combined into a single hand-sized device.

Amongst the varying smartphone brands, Apple users are most loyal to their brand followed by Samsung. The most unloyal brand is Nokia and Motorola according to its consumers. Interestingly, iPhone was owned by Cisco until 2007, when Apple took over their trademarks.

However, it has its pros and cons. Even though it keeps us connected, its unlimited use has become a source of wastage of time. The wide usage has made people non-communicable as well as has led to a loss of privacy.

Main Differences Between Cellphone and Smartphone

  1. Cellphones are devices used to make calls, send messages, and play games. Whereas, smartphones are made for much more than making calls, sending messages and playing games. Smartphones are made for accessing the internet, using social media to connect with others, taking good quality pictures, listening to music on the go, etc.
  2. Cellphones are a primitive gadget while the smartphone is an advanced gadget.
  3. Cellphones have a physical keyboard while smartphones have a virtual touchscreen keyboard.
  4. Cellphone have lesser demand than the smartphone.
  5. Cellphones use 0G to 2G while smartphones use 3G or 4G.
  6. Cellphones have a simple and uncomplicated interface with no operating system. On the other hand, smartphones have a complex and complicated interface along with an operating system.


Today, the life of many children and adolescents are influenced by smartphones. The overuse of smartphones has led to adverse clinical, psychological, and mental issues.

The rate of depression and anxiety amongst children has multiplied. This phenomenon often involves the question that whether it would have been better when the only technology we had access to was the telephone or the cellphone?

Many would say that someday we have to grow as a planet and become technologically advanced while some would rather prefer having cellphones for basic communication with each other. Both the arguments are valid. Hence, one must choose wisely which device he would prefer amongst the two.


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