Difference Between Tablet and Smartphone

Now we can carry it in our hand or pocket without any difficulty. Tablets and smartphones are compact computers that are made to perform specific tasks and make our life easy.


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Tablet vs Smartphone

Tablet is portable and we can use it by taking in our hand, putting on the table, etc. but we can not put it in our pocket, but Smartphone is more portable, we can easily carry it in our pocket, etc.

Tablet vs Smartphone

Tablet is like a mini laptop without keyboards. It can perform many functions that a computer can do.

In contrast, smartphones are like a mixture of mini telephone and computer, it has many features that help us like computers and also help us to make voice or video calls to any part of this world.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTabletSmartphone
Meaning It is a mini version of a laptop but without keyboards.It is a mixture of telephone and computer as a portable machine.
WhenIt was first introduced in 1989.It was released in 1994 by IBM.
Compatibility It is easy to carry in hand.It is easy to carry in pocket or hand.
Input MethodIt has a touchscreen to give input to the system.It can have a touchscreen as well as a keypad to give input to the system.
UseIt is mainly used for tasks that can be easily performed by a laptop.It is mainly used for the task done by a telephone and some tasks of computers.

What is Tablet?

Tablet is a portable form of computer and laptop, it is mainly released to make a computer that anyone carries and use easily. Its size is somewhere between a laptop and a smartphone.

It does not have any extra peripheral devices. The input can be given directly to a device that acts as a touch screen.

It has many advantages due to the larger screen size. The users of tablets mainly use them as a content consumption device.

As it has a larger screen and it is mostly used for entertainment purposes, it drains a lot of battery in a short time that can be counted as a major disadvantage of tablets.


What is Smartphone?

A smartphone is a portable telephone with some extra features of a computer and other electronic devices like a Radio, Camera, etc. It is easy to carry, even in a pocket. We can use it anytime at any place.

With the advancement in technology, it is now equipped with a complete touch screen, but in the past, it used to have QWERTY keypads. Now it can perform most of the functions a computer does that make it a special device.

Most of the smartphone’s screen size is around 5 inches that make it a very handy device. It mostly works on android OS, but some of the devices also support Microsoft‘s windows, apple iOS.

It also has many ill effects, for example, it can disturb the sleep cycle of someone, and it can also affect someone psychologically, which can result in anxiety, and minors can use it in the wrong manners.


Main Differences Between Tablet and Smartphone

  1. The main difference between Tablet and Smartphone is that Tablet is comparatively larger as compared to Smartphone. But, Smartphone is smaller and handier.
  2. Tablet is a mini version of a laptop. On the other hand, Smartphone is a general-purpose phone equipped with some extra features.
Difference Between Tablet and Smartphone


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