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Difference Between Lenovo ThinkBook and Lenovo Yoga

The usage of technology had gone straight up these days. Everyone, including working people and students, needs a laptop for working, studying, writing examinations, researching, etc.


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The sales of laptops had been increased steeply. The popular brand of laptop, Lenovo has two models Thinkbook and Yoga have many similar features and they also share many parameters.

Lenovo ThinkBook vs Lenovo Yoga

The difference between Lenovo ThinkBook and Lenovo Yoga is the way each model has been designed. The Lenovo Yoga model is a convertible laptop which means the window of the laptop can be folded and used as a tablet or notebook while the Lenovo ThinkBook is restricted only to being used as a laptop and does not have this convertible feature.

Lenovo ThinkBook vs Lenovo Yoga

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Lenovo ThinkBook is a product line-up launched by Lenovo in 2019. This model was targeted at small business people for their working purposes and designed to be a notebook so that business people can carry it around easily.

ThinkBook is well-built with an efficient Intel core processor, M.2 SSD storage, physical touchpad buttons, etc.

Lenovo Yoga is another product life-up launched by Lenovo in 2012. This product was focused on consumer or household purposes.

The specialty of this model is the feature of being convertible. It can be used both as a laptop or can be turned into a tablet or notebook that will be easy to carry around. There are numerous models of this Yoga series.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLenovo ThinkBookLenovo Yoga
LaunchedLenovo ThinkBook was launched by Lenovo in May 2019.Lenovo Yoga model was launched by Lenovo in 2012.
Specialty Lenovo ThinkBook is only designed to be a laptop.Yoga is designed as a convertible & can be used both as a laptop and tablet.
ColorsIt is available only in mineral grey.It is available in two colors that are blue and grey.
CostLenovo ThinkBook is more expensive in comparison to Lenovo Yoga. Lenovo Yoga is less expensive in comparison to ThinkBook.
SuitabilityIt was designed for commercial purposes.It was designed for households purposes.

What is Lenovo ThinkBook?

The world’s most famous brand of laptops, Lenovo has launched a model called ThinkBook in May 2019. This product line-up was focused on the use of the business people for commercial purposes.

It was designed and used as a laptop and does not hold the feature of convertibility. ThinkBook does not have a Trackpoint, a small analog stick for the purpose of pointing the device.

The first model of this was launched in 2019 and there were two models, 13s and 14s. Both of these models are available only in a color which is the mineral grey.

They are well-equipped with advanced systems and are well-designed with the former finish. ThinkBook has an Intel Core processor which is one of the most efficient working processors.

Lenovo ThinkBook is equipped with a high-level security system, high-quality camera, and the sound system of ThinkBook is built with dual speakers and Dolby audio.

Even with all these outstanding features, they weigh less than 1.5 kg and can be carried around easily while traveling. The operating software of ThinkBook is Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 pro.

Hence, Lenovo Thinkbook is an advanced model launched by Lenovo and has been sold all over the world. They have a fair share in the market.

What is Lenovo Yoga?

The world’s most famous brand of laptops, Lenovo has launched a model called Yoga in 2012. This product line-up was focused on the use of consumers or for household purposes.

It was designed and used as both laptop and tablet. It has the feature of convertibility. Lenovo Yoga also does not have a Trackpoint. Instead, they have a Lenovo Yoga pen for the controls.

The Lenovo Yoga has been consistently upgraded and developed with new technologies and advanced features since 2012. There are numerous upgraded models of Yoga launched since 2013.

The Yoga model comes in two colors which are mineral grey and abyss blue. However, it is suggested to opt for grey since the abyss blue clearly shows the fingerprint smudges.

They are well-equipped with advanced features like convertibility, efficient operating software, and high-quality audio and video system.

Lenovo Yoga is quite affordable in comparison to the Lenovo ThinkBook and ThinkPad. The display of Yoga is quite long and it is equipped with a front-facing camera. The operating system of Lenovo Yoga is Windows and Linux.

Hence, Lenovo Yoga is one of the best models launched by Lenovo for household purposes and is quite affordable in comparison to the other models.

Main Differences Between Lenovo ThinkBook and Lenovo Yoga

  1. The distinguishing feature of Lenovo ThinkBook and Lenovo Yoga is the feature of convertibility. Yoga has the feature of convertibility while ThinkBook does not have this feature.
  2. Lenovo Yoga is quite cheaper and more affordable in comparison to Lenovo ThinkBook. Yoga has more colors when compared to ThinkBook.
  3. Lenovo ThinkBook has more advanced and outstanding features in comparison to the Lenovo Yoga model as it was launched in 2012.
  4. Lenovo Thinkbook is suitable for commercial purposes and business people while Lenovo Yoga is suitable for household purposes and consumers.
  5. Lenovo Thinkbook is launched in 2019 while Lenovo Yoga is launched in 2012.
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