Difference Between Thinkpad and Ideapad

One of the world’s major personal technology selling companies is Lenovo. It produces unique and innovative PCs and is the largest Pc seller in the world.


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Also, it produces smartphones and is the fourth largest smartphone company. Despite the fact that Lenovo came into existence in 2004, the brand has a long history.

In 1984, in a guardhouse in China ‘Legend Holdings’ was started with US $25000. In Hong Kong, the company was incorporated in 1988.

In 2004, ‘Legend Holdings’ transformed its name to ‘Lenovo’. The Thinkpad and the Ideapad are two laptop series made by Lenovo.

They are regarded as the best selling models. These may sound the same but they are quite different.

Thinkpad vs Ideapad

The difference between Thinkpad and Ideapad is that ThinkPad is basically a business-based laptop designed for business users whereas IdeaPad is a consumer-based laptop designed for everyday consumers. The Thinkpad came into existence in 2005 whereas the Ideapad came into existence in 2008.

Thinkpad vs Ideapad


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonThinkpadIdeapad
Launched inLaunched in 1992Launched in 2008
Designed forThe ThinkPad laptops were basically designed for the business users.The IdeaPad laptops were designed for all consumers for use on an everyday basis.
Use in spaceThis can be used in international space stations.This cannot be used in International space stations.
DesignIt is less attractive in design as compared to Ideapad.It is more attractive in design as compared to Thinkpad.
PerformanceMore powerful in performanceLess powerful in performance as compared to Thinkpad.
DisplayBetter as compared to IdeapadNot as good as Thinkpad


What is Thinkpad?

The Lenovo Thinkpad is regarded as the best laptop for businessmen and it is one of the bestselling models for all everyone looking for laptops for work. Not only for business users but the Thinkpad is also used by the education sector.

It is used all over the world by schools and universities. Originally, Thinkpad was formed by IBM in 1992 and it was the best selling model even in the 90s.

Tom Hardy, Richard Sapper, and Kazuhiko Yamazaki designed the first Thinkpad in a collaboration with each other. Tom Hardy was the IBM design head, Richard Sapper was an Italian designer and Kazuhiko was the design head for Yamato Design Center.

The manufacturing rights for ThinkPad was purchased by Lenovo in 2005.

ThinkPad laptops are business based laptops that are very durable and powerful for all businesses and professionals. They are quite impressive in performance and design.

Thinkpad Performance:

The main focus of the Thinkpad is its performance. IT has a high-grade Ram with Intel processors and an excellent battery life.

Basically, It is one of the best laptops when talking about high performance.

Thinkpad Design:

The ThinkPad is mainly designed for business work and so it does not focus much on the designing. It has a basic yet efficient design.

Thinkpad Display:

Thinkpad laptops are famous for their excellent display. Most Thinkpads have a 14-inch size.

They come in the range of 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches. Some high-end models have a 4K screen.

Thinkpad processors:

The Thinkpad uses different processors in its device. Intel processors are used by the higher quality and more expensive models.

For example, the Intel Core i5 processor is used by the X1 carbon, and in order to make it more powerful it might come up with an i7 processor.

Popular Thinkpad series:

  1. X series
  2. E series
  3. L series
  4. T series
  5. P series
  6. Yoga series

What is Ideapad?

While the Thinkpad is a business-based laptop series, The Ideapad focuses more on the average consumers. Ideapad too is a good series in its type.

There are many features and designs that make it preferable for consumers. Some of them are- frameless screens, Dolby speaker systems, touch controls, and so on.

Ideapad performance:

The Ideapad is not as powerful in performance as the Thinkpad. It has a comparatively less RAM.

This is still not an issue for the majority of the people except when using large files.

Ideapad Design:

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between Thinkpad and Ideapad is by looking at them. The Ideapad is better in terms of design as compared to Thinkpad.

It is an attractive looking, slim, and lightweight laptop that can be easily carried around.

Ideapad Display and Audio:

The Display of the Ideapad is not as good as the Thinkpad. It has a lower contrast ratio and is not much bright.

Most Ideapads use Dolby speaker systems which is very good.

Ideapad Processors:

The two processors used by Ideapad are Intel and AMD processors.

The S series of the Ideapad has been there for a long time. The S series is the best example of a lightweight laptop.

It has a good battery life with an impressive design. Basically, the S series is more consumer-based and it is not as powerful as the Thinkpad.

Popular Ideapad series:

  1. C series
  2. L series

Main Differences Between Thinkpad and Ideapad

  1. The ThinkPad laptops are preferred for business uses such as schools, business organizations, and so on. On the other hand, Ideapad is more consumer-based and can be used by average consumers on an everyday basis.
  2. Thinkpad was launched in 1992 whereas Ideapad was launched in 2008.
  3. Trackpoints are present in Thinkpads and absent in Ideapad.
  4. Thinkpads are not as attractive as Ideapads in designing as IdeaPad are lighter and more attractive.
  5. Thinkpads are more powerful in performance as compared to Ideapad.
  6. The Lenovo Thinkpad display is better than the Ideapad. Ideapad has a lower contrast ratio and is not as bright as the Thinkpads.
  7. The Thinkpad can be used in international space stations while Ideapad cannot be used.
Difference Between Thinkpad and Ideapad
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