Difference Between Dell G5 and MSI GF65

Dell and MSI are both technological giants in today’s digital landscape. They manufacture products ranging from monitors, laptops, processors, and even parts for other brands such as screens and speakers.


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Laptops are essential machines in the modern world, taking care of both professional work and entertainment such as games. The Dell G5 and MSI GF65 are gaming laptops, arguably some of the best ones available.

Dell G5 vs MSI GF65

The difference between Dell G5 and MSI GF65 is that Dell G5 was last updated in 2020 whereas the MSI GF65 was released in 2021. The MSI laptop is the more powerful one but it does not beat the Dell G5 in every category. The MSI GF65 takes the lead in graphical prowess whereas the Dell G5 works better for an overall long-lasting laptop experience.

Dell G5 vs MSI GF65

The Dell G5 is a 15.6-inch Gaming laptop whose latest model comes with an AMD Hexa Core RYZEN chip. It has been reported to get pretty hot while gaming but that is normal with Gaming devices.

It ships with a 6 GB AMD 5600 MX Graphics Card for graphics-heavy tasks. The reviews for this product are really positive.

MSI is a Chinese laptop manufacturer most famous for its gaming laptops such as the MSI GF65 series. It comes with an AMD or an Intel Hexa core processor depending on the model.

There is a 2-year warranty on the product along with dedicated service centres throughout the world.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell G5MSI GF65
ProcessorRyzen 5 Hexa Core / Intel i7/ i5 10th GenRyzen 5/ Ryzen 7 / i5 / i7
Release Date It was released in July 2020.It was released in January 2021.
Battery CapacityIt has a 4-cell 60 Whr batteryIt has a 3-cell 51 Whr Battery.
Refresh RateIt has a 120 Hz static refresh rate.It has a 144 Hz Dynamic Refresh rate.
Graphics CardIt is equipped with the AMD Radeon 5600 MX Graphics card.It comes with the latest Nvidia Graphics cards like GT 1650, 1660, GTX 2070.

What is Dell G5?

Dell G5 is a high productivity gaming laptop series launched by American computer and digital services company Dell. Its first model was introduced in April 2018 and since then Dell has created 4 more models.

The latest model of the Dell G5 laptop comes with a Ryzen 5 5500H Hexa core processor with a 15.6 inch LCD screen whose resolution is 1920 x 1080 and it covers 45% of the NTSC colour gamut.

It has 1 USB 3.2 port, and 2 USB 2.0 Type-A ports. It also has 1 type C port.

In terms of graphical capabilities, the Dell G5 is equipped with a 6 GB AMD Radeon 5600 MX Graphics Card which is plenty good for video editing and gaming.

The buyers have an option to choose between 8 or 16 GB of 3200 MHz RAM coupled with a 512 GB Solid State Drive for storage.

Overall, the Dell G5 makes for an excellent choice for gamers and creative professionals who want to do graphic-intensive tasks such as photography and cinematography.

One downside of this device would be that is very heavy, coming in at 2.5 Kgs. Dell has excellent after-sales service so it’s a reliable product to purchase.

What is MSI GF65?

MSI GF 65 is a thin and light gaming laptop launched by Chinese device manufacture Micro-Star International (MSI).

It was first revealed in January 2021 and comes in several different specifications according to the desired model.

The latest MSI GF65 is equipped with an Intel i5 10th Generation processor with 6 cores clocked @2.5GHz. It has a 15.6 inch IPS LCD screen which covers 45% of the NTSC spectrum. 

It has 2 USB type-A ports and 2 USB type C ports in terms of outlets along with a charging port for its 51 WH battery.

It also houses a GDDR6 6 GB NVIDIA RTX 3060 for gaming and video work.

It packs 8 or 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and has the new and updated Wi-Fi 6 card with a super-fast 512 GB NvMe PCle SSD which makes its booting time go down to 2-3 seconds.

The MSI GF65 brings an innovative solution to the normal bulkiness of gaming laptops and packs all that power in a thin and relatively lightweight body which makes it a suitable choice for people who want to travel with it. Some people have had qualms with MSI’s service but they do have service centres in all major places.

Main Differences Between Dell G5 and MSI GF65

  1. The Dell G5 has a 120 Hz screen refresh rate whereas the MSI GF65 has a 144 Hz refresh rate, more preferable for gaming.
  2. MSI GF65 has a better graphics card (RTX 3060) vs the Dell G5 (AMD Radeon).
  3. The clock speed of Dell G5 is 3 GHz up to 4GHz turbo boost whereas the MSI GF65 has a clock speed of 3.5 GHz with a turbo boost up to 4.5 GHz.
  4. The Dell G5 is a heavy device at 2.5 Kg whereas the MSI GF65 is a even more powerful machine at an even lighter weight at 1.86 Kg.
  5. The Dell G5 has a longer battery life because of its 60 WHr 4-cell battery as compared to the MSI GF65 which has a 3-cell 51 WHr battery.


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