Difference Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

Monitors give different comfort than a laptop. Dell is Computer technology Multinational company which produce, repair and service computers.


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Dell P Series vs Dell S Series

The difference between the Dell P series and Dell S series is their functionality. The Dell P series are professional computers, and Dell S series are monitors for gaming with low end. Both the P series and S series have unique features. The vertical and horizontal slit make s good comfort and pro for the P series. S series gives a compact gaming experience in full HD resolution. A working man must go with the P series, and Gamers choose the S series.

Dell P Series vs Dell S Series

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P series monitors have ease management of desktop across multiple screens at a time. The 38 preset windows make to personalize screen up to 5. It has improved my multitasking abilities.

S series are for gamers. After thousands of products, Dell has an S series of computers that are low-end gaming monitors. Platinum silver color makes a breezy look to the monitor and gives a minimalist look.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonDell P seriesDell S Series
Panel typeP series has PVA, IPS panel typeS series TN, IPS panel type
ResolutionP series has the resolution of 1920×1880S series has a resolution of 1280×1284
SizeP series are in the size of 17-20 inchS series is in the size of 19,20 inch
Response timeP series average response time is 6-8(G2G)S series average response time is 5-25(G2G)
LED backlightingYesNo

What is the Dell P Series?

Dell P series is the key to comfort. It has options for Tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust. The blue light emission protects your eyes from high color accuracy.

Choosing the correct size that fits you makes the desk. The In-Plant Switching (IPS) technology in the P series makes the desk consistently vibrant.

The jumpstart productivity gives a time easy work to switch your monitor. It has various input ports to connect to multiple devices. It makes the P series a professional monitor.

What is Dell S Series?

Dell S series is for gamers. S stands for low-end monitors. It supports AMD-free sync technology to give 99% of the s RGB accuracy.

S series has built-in connectivity that makes you unplugged and connects to a Personal computer. The flicker-free screen gives a clear view in high resolution.

It has a fast response rate make your work uninterrupted. The rapid pixel technology makes the screen a clear view without blur.

Main Differences Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

  1. The P series size is 17-20 inches, and the S series is size is 19,20 inches.
  2. The P series has LED backlighting, and the S series has No LED backlighting.
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