Difference Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

Monitors give different comfort than a laptop. Dell is Computer technology Multinational company which produce, repair and service computers. Dell releases series of monitors with various features. P stands for professional series, and S stands for low-end gaming monitors. Dell has a separate online store to sell its products.

Dell P Series vs Dell S Series

The main difference between the Dell P series and Dell S series is their functionality. The Dell P series are professional computers, and Dell S series are monitors for gaming with low end. Both the P series and S series have unique features. The vertical and horizontal slit make s good comfort and pro for the P series. S series gives a compact gaming experience in full HD resolution. A working man must go with the P series, and Gamers choose the S series.

Dell P vs S Series

P series monitors have ease management of desktop across multiple screens at a time. The 38 preset windows make to personalize screen up to 5. It has improved my multitasking abilities. Dell provides seamless transitions. That makes to go back to where you left when you unplugged. This indigenous feature never lets your data be unsaved. An assent management system helps to capture data and analyze it. It helps for IT business managers to set up quickly.

S series are for gamers. After thousands of products, Dell has an S series of computers that are low-end gaming monitors. Platinum silver color makes a breezy look to the monitor and gives a minimalist look. Streaming S series at an affordable price. It doesn’t have an ultra-fast refresh rate like gaming computers. It is available in 27 inch 4k and 32 inches curved 4k. The newly upgraded monitors look like Alienware premium monitors.

Comparison Table Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

Parameters of comparisionDell P seriesDell S Series
Panel typeP series has PVA, IPS panel typeS series TN, IPS panel type
ResolutionP series has the resolution of 1920×1880S series has a resolution of 1280×1284
SizeP series are in the size of 17-20 inchS series is in the size of 19,20 inch
Response timeP series average response time is 6-8(G2G)S series average response time is 5-25(G2G)
LED backlightingYesNo

What is the Dell P Series?

Dell P series is the key to comfort. It has options for Tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust. The blue light emission protects your eyes from high color accuracy. The Dell Slim Sound bar (SB521A) makes a smooth sound experience and expands the listening capability. The P series monitors have an ultra bezel on its three sides that make ease management of monitors. It makes a clean desk by hiding chords and backgrounds. The thin and base profiles clean up the desk automatically.

Choosing the correct size that fits you makes the desk. The In-Plant Switching (IPS) technology in the P series makes the desk consistently vibrant. Using 99% sRGB coverage gives excellent accuracy. It has RJ45 ethernet wi-fi connectivity makes your connection productive. The features like MAC Address pass-through 3, PXE Boot makes to manage multiple monitors at a time. By connecting USB-C, the workspace reduced up to 75%.

The jumpstart productivity gives a time easy work to switch your monitor. It has various input ports to connect to multiple devices. It makes the P series a professional monitor. Only selected P series models to have advanced features. Using USB-C, it is easy to make all the desks in one monitor. Auto restoration is one pro in the P series that upstart where you left. It goes with environment standards monitors.

What is Dell S Series?

Dell S series is for gamers. S stands for low-end monitors. It supports AMD-free sync technology to give 99% of the s RGB accuracy. It comes with 5W speakers built-in with a 60 Hz refresh rate tuning with Waves Max studio. It has In-plane switching technology with an anti-glare coating. The S series gives an ultra entertainment experience. It makes a real gamine experience with edge-to-edge gameplay and crisp resolution.

S series has built-in connectivity that makes you unplugged and connects to a Personal computer. The flicker-free screen gives a clear view in high resolution. S series is the better solution for eye comfort. You can rotate and adjust to your relief. The vertical and horizontal moving stick fitted with the monitor. It has many input ports like HDMI, Audio line input with connectivity ports. It consists of two cables called power and HDMI cables. S series consumes power about 0.2 to 0.4 watts.

It has a fast response rate make your work uninterrupted. The rapid pixel technology makes the screen a clear view without blur. The Timer, FPS Counter and Dark Stabilizer stabilize the profile customized as you need. The navigation with a new update with joystick gives a thrilling gaming experience. Picture by picture(PIB) and Picture In Picture(PIC) make to enhance your multitasking capability.

Main Differences Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

  1. The P series has PVA panel type, and the S series TN, IPS panel type
  2. The P series has 83% color volume, and the S series has 99% color volume.
  3. The P series average response time is 6-8(G2G), and the S series average response time is 5-25(G2G).
  4. The P series size is 17-20 inches, and the S series is size is 19,20 inches.
  5. The P series has LED backlighting, and the S series has No LED backlighting.


Dell is a computer producer introducing hundreds of models in the market. Choosing the correct desk which fits you in size and comfort may reduce the unwanted cost from features. Both the P series and S series have unique features, and all are available in Dell online store. Keep the things clean and engage by choosing the correct.


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