Braun 9 Series vs Panasonic Arc 5: Difference and Comparison

The art of shaving dates back to as old as the Stone Age! Back then, humans used clamshells and sharped obsidian to shave their faces.

Today, it has become a standard process in personal grooming, and obviously, we have come a long way from those clamshells; now, we have shaving blades, creams, trimmers, and much more. 

There are various shavers and trimmers on the market, from affordable to high-end, with various blades to get the perfect precision with every stroke.

The two most well-known makers of shavers and trimmers are Panasonic and Braun, with many models to choose from, and the ones under consideration here are Braun 9 series and Panasonic Arc 5.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Braun 9 series and Panasonic Arc 5 are popular electric shavers that differ in various aspects, including price, design, and features.
  2. While the Braun 9 series is known for its innovative cleaning station, the Panasonic Arc 5 boasts a powerful motor and an excellent cutting system.
  3. Ultimately, choosing between the two shavers depends on personal preferences and needs.

Braun 9 Series vs Panasonic Arc 5

The difference between Braun 9 Series and Panasonic Arc 5 is the number of contour flex heads; the 9 series has 10, while the Arc 5 has 8. This is important to get that close shave, so here, the Braun 9 Series wins over the Arc 5 and gives a closer shave even in the hard-to-reach areas.

Braun 9 Series vs Panasonic Arc 5 1

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBraun 9 SeriesPanasonic Arc 5
Extended use This remains cool even after longer use.This does heat after a certain time, which might cause discomfort or rashes.
It is more on the expensive end.It is budget-friendly and provides similar results. 
Undoubtedly more superior looking.It does have chrome plating on the outside on some models. However, it is not as appealing.
Speed Not as fast.A lot faster than its counterpart, as it has a powerful motor.

What is Braun 9 Series?

The Braun 9 Series includes five models, with all variants providing wet and dry shaves. They give a close and comfortable shave, with up to forty thousand cutting actions which cut every hair as close as 0.05mm.

They also value comfort as much as precision, providing ten thousand sonic vibrations, which let the shaver glide over the skin with ease and gentleness. 

It has five shaving elements, each different in structure and shape, to fulfil the different trimming needs. They are made of stainless steel; some even have titanium coating and a skin guard to protect the skin from nicks and cuts.

The flex head can move up to 10 directions to give the most flawless finish, even in difficult places like the jaw, neck and behind the ears.

The outer design has a pro LED display, which shows the mode and battery percent. They also have a Lithium power battery which gives 20 per cent longer battery life and charges fully in just sixty minutes.

The ergonomic design is also well thought out and fits perfectly in the palm for the close, precise shape.

The most productive feature undoubtedly is the “clean and charge” pro box 3, which can clean, charge, lubricate, and dries the shaver. So it is hassle-free and convenient as well. The only con is the price point; it surely is high-end.

braun 9 series

What is Panasonic Arc 5?

The Panasonic Arc 5 has four models under this series, where two come with shaving stations, and two are without them.

The box includes the electric shaver, cleaning/charging deck, travel bag, cleaning detergent, and instructions. The body is a rubber grip in the middle of the shaver for better grip, and chrome plating on various parts gives it a shine.

This, too, has five shaping elements, with three kinds of blade or foil: comb blade, quick lift, and outer finishing foil.

The foil and its pattern are truly unique and beautifully crafted; they are designed to give the best and closest shave, irrespective of the beard shape. It delivers faster cuts per minute with sonic vibrations to give the user a fast, effective, and gentle shaving experience. 

The active shaving sensors help detect the different hair lengths on the beard and guide the shaver accordingly to get the best shave. The finishing foil helps to get rid of those extra stubborn hairs, while the lift-tech foil helps to give a flat, even shave.

panasonic arc 5

Main Difference Between Braun 9 Series and Panasonic Arc 5

  1. The Panasonic  Arc 5 has a better motor than Braun 9 series, with 14,000 cuts per minute. Thus the shaving time is relatively less with Arc 5.
  2. The Braun 9 series has 10 shaving elements, while the Arc 5 has only 8.
  3. Coming to shaving comfort, both are good. However, the Arc 5 tends to overheat after extended use, which might lead to rashes or discomfort. But there are no similar problems concerning the 9 Series, even in extended usage.
  4. The comfort and grip of the shaver are also better with the Panasonic Arc 5, especially with the active shaving sensors, which help to monitor the growth.
  5. The closeness of shaving, however, comes with the Braun 5 series, and it can be used to shave more than just the beard.
  6. The Braun 9 series is a bit more expensive when compared to the Panasonic Arc 5.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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