Sony Bravia W Series vs Z Series: Difference and Comparison

Technology is changing at a rapid rate, and it brings advancement in every electrical device, and television is one of them. Nowadays, smart TV is getting popular.

Bravia w series and z series are television series launched in the market by Sony. Each of these Tv sets has its specific features.

Z series is quite expensive than the w series as it offers more features. The refresh rate of the z series is 240 Hz, while the w series has a refresh rate of just 120 Hz.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sony Bravia Z series is a higher-end television series than the W series.
  2. The Z series has better picture quality, color accuracy, and contrast ratio than the W series.
  3. The W series is more affordable than the Z series but has fewer advanced features.

Sony Bravia W Series vs Z series 

The difference between Sony Bravia W and z series is that the Sony Bravia W series is a Tv set series launched in the market with HD resolution and is available in 40, 46, and 52 inches models. It has four HDMI inputs and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. On the contrary, the z series of Sony is comparatively more advanced than the w series and has a fantastic sound system with two 12-watt subwoofers and one 9-watt speaker.

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Sony Bravia w series provides HD resolution and other connected features with link compatibility and sync option. It has smartphone connectivity with a Wi-Fi option and USB ports.

The w series has two speakers of 10 watts with a Linux operating system, internet browser, Teletext, and sleep timer. Sony Bravia Z series has 1920 x 1080 resolution with four HDMI inputs and is compatible with multiple devices.

It is designed with advanced technology and has a 4K HDR bit-mapping that creates excellent and natural picture quality with three inbuilt technologies. The slate design of the TV set provides an ultimate enormous experience.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSony Bravia W SeriesSony Bravia Z Series
YearThe w series was launched in the year 2009.The z series was launched in the year 2016.
PricingThis TV series is comparatively less expensive than the z series.The refresh rate of the w series is 120 Hz.
Refresh RateThe refresh rate of z series is 240 Hz.The z series have three speakers, in which two are 9 watts and one subwoofer is 12 watts.
Sound SystemZ series TV sets are quite good in reproducing or presenting high-speed images as compared to the w series.The w series of wo speakers rated at 10 watts.
Speed ImagesThe w series TV models represent comparatively low-speed images.Z series TV sets are pretty good atat reproducing or presenting high-speed images compared to the w series.

What is Sony Bravia W Series?

Sony Bravia w series provide an ultimate experience to the viewers in full HD resolution and is available in three models of 43, 32, and 50 inches, respectively. The X reality pro feature is quite enormous as it provides refined images.

The w series allows users to stream their favourite videos with YouTube, as this brand has a button on the remote. The USB port helps the users to connect the smartphone to the TV and play multiple media files on the large screen.

For a convenient and hassle-free user experience, a set-top box button is available on the remote control itself.

The dynamic drive speaker mesmerises and has a clear, balanced sound with an inbuilt subwoofer. The w series TV sets are presented in a narrow frame and have an uncluttered look.

What is Sony Bravia Z Series?

The Sony Bravia Z series has various advanced features on a full HD screen and four HDMI inputs. It has backlight master drive technology that presents 4K HDR quality and makes the media files look much better than before.

The z series produces better sound reproduction and effective frequency with its three-speaker set-up, in which two are 9 watts while the remaining one is 12 watts.

The 240 Hz refresh rate is ideal for those interested in action movies and sports-like videos. Along with good features, this TV series has a stunning design and all the cables remain concealed.

The user interface is designed to facilitate the user to play their favourite media files from Android TV, Google Play, and Google Cast. The user can also listen to the live broadcast and videos using the voice search option.

Main Differences Between Sony Bravia W Series and Z Series

  1. The Sony brand launched the Bravia W series and z series in 2009 and 2016, respectively. Both TV sets have full HD resolution screens and are available in various models with a high dynamic range.
  2. Sony Bravia Z series is the advanced version of the Bravia series, operates on advanced technology, and has more features than the Bravia W series. Hence the prices of the Bravia Z series are comparatively higher than that of the w series.
  3. The television has a refresh rate that refreshes the images. Sony Bravia w series has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. On the contrary, the refresh rate of the Sony Bravia Z series is quite higher. It is 240 Hz, allowing users to watch their favourite sports videos, action movies, and other media files on a large screen.
  4. The sound system plays an important role in every TV set. Sony Bravia w series have two speakers rated at 10 watts. On the other side, the Sony Bravia Z series has three speakers, of which two are 9 watts, and one subwoofer is 12 watts.
  5. The high-speed images provide the ultimate experience to the user. The Sony Bravo Z series is better at reproducing images faster than the Bravo W series.

Last Updated : 21 July, 2023

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