Sony Bravia V vs Sony Bravia W: Difference and Comparison

Bravia is a fully owned subsidiary of the company called Sony Cooperation. Bravia stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture and manufactures television products. There are various series under the Sony Bravia TV sets.

The two most popular series are Sony Bravia V and Sony Bravia W.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sony Bravia V series focuses on cost-effective, entry-level TVs, while the W series offers higher-end models with more advanced features.
  2. W series TVs provide better picture quality with improved color, contrast, and motion performance compared to V series TVs.
  3. The W series includes more connectivity options and smart features, such as voice control and enhanced streaming capabilities.

Sony Bravia V vs Sony Bravia W

The Sony Bravia V series TVs were designed with a focus on picture quality and sound performance, integrating features like Motionflow XR for smooth action scenes.The Sony Bravia W series offers a step up in features and performance, including better picture processors, brighter screens, and more advanced smart TV functions.

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Sony Bravia V has the Bravia engine in the TV sets. The TV sets are available with a screen resolution of 1080p. Sony Bravia V does not have any additional input capability. The unique feature of the model is channel labelling.

On the other hand, Sony Bravia W has the Bravia engine ex in the TV sets. The TV sets have a display resolution of 1920 x 1080. Sony Bravia W also has an additional 24p input capability. The unique feature of the model is Theatre Sync Technology.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSony Bravia VSony Bravia W
Viewing experienceComparatively, more number of features Better viewing experience
Number of features Less number of features It has a full horizontal speaker panel equipped with a silver grille
Image processing engineBravia engine Bravia engine EX
Sound systemComparatively, more features Has a good surround system at the front of the device
Upconverting abilityCannot upconvertCan upconvert 480i into HD

What is Sony Bravia V?

Sony Bravia V was launched as a mid-tier model with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The model has a flow dejudder processing. The TV sets are available with a screen resolution of 1080p.

The model also has light sensing and dynamic backlight in the background. Sony Bravia V has compliance with energy star 3.0. The RMS output power of the device is about 10 W.

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The model has thinner sides, and most of the action occurs at the bottom panel. The model’s edges are curved, and the bottom panel consists of a horizontal groove.

The groove contains a plastic plate or transparent glass placed centrally. The right end has four indicators. The main buttons of the model are positioned at the top side. These are buttons for navigation, off or on, and other features.

Sony Bravia V has a full horizontal speaker panel with a silver grille. These speakers do not reproduce the surround sound. The presence of additional speakers plays a role in surround sound reproduction.

The model also has a high picture motion rate. Therefore, the users can have a picture experience of smooth quality without any flicker or disturbance.

The maximum resolution provided by Sony Bravia v is 1366 × 768. The device has four HDMI inputs. The aspect ratio is 16: 9. An additional feature in Sony Bravia is Channel labelling.

The model is compatible with various Bravia links modules like Bravia DVD link, Bravia wireless link, and Bravia input link modules.

What is Sony Bravia W?

The Sony Bravia W has a Bravia Engine EX. The unique functionality of this feature is that it can effectively upconvert 480i. The model claims to improve the SD signals,, producing a clear, detailed, and defined final picture.

Sony Bravia W also has an additional 24p input capability.

The input capability of 24p is considered a standard capability used in cinemas and other video players. This enhances the viewing experience of the users. The model has two speakers. The speakers are rated at about 10 watts.

The frequency range of the speakers is better than most series. The surround system reproduced is high and does not require any separate sound system.

The model has a unique feature known as Theatre Sync Technology. The technology enables the device to use the CEC channel of the HDMI port and communicate with other Sony devices which are around.

The feature is helpful in simplifying various tasks, especially those devices which need a setup before viewing. The users do not need to go around the room, turn on all the instruments, and set them up.

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They can instead turn on the TV,, which would set up all the required devices.

Sony Bravia W has several connectivity options like HDMI and USB ports. It also has an additional chance of an Ethernet portal and not just Wi-Fi for the connectivity of the TV to a network.

The model is ideal for customers ready to splurge some extra bucks on TV sets and get their hands on additional features.

Main Differences Between Sony Bravia V and Sony Bravia W

  1. Sony Bravia V was launched in 2005 while Sony Bravia W was launched in 2007.
  2. Sony Bravia V is ideal for customers who are on a tight budget while Sony Bravia W is ideal for customers who are ready to splurge some extra bucks.
  3. Sony Bravia V has no input capability while Sony Bravia W has an input capability of 24p.
  4. The theater sync technology feature is not present in Sony Bravia V it is present in Sony Bravia W.
  5. Sony Bravia V does not reproduce surround sound while Sony Bravia W can reproduce surround sound with the help of algorithms of the sophisticated sound processing units.

Last Updated : 30 June, 2023

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