Sony HDR SR11 vs Sony HDR SR12: Difference and Comparison

Sometimes people mention that Sony HDR SR11 and SR12 are twins. Both of them have almost similar physical characteristics. But they have many differences and accurate features.

Sony is a widespread brand of electronic gadgets. They sell almost millions of products yearly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sony HDR-SR11 has a maximum storage capacity of 60GB, while Sony HDR-SR12 has a maximum storage capacity of 120 GB.
  2. Sony HDR-SR11 has a lower effective resolution of 4.2 megapixels, while Sony HDR-SR12 has a higher effective resolution of 5.6 megapixels.
  3. Sony HDR-SR11 is less expensive than Sony HDR-SR12.

Sony HDR SR11 vs Sony HDR SR12

The Sony HDR-SR11 is a type of high-definition cam coder which has a built-in hard disk drive with a capacity of 60 GB and also a 8.3-megapixel CMOS sensor. The HDR-SR12 has a larger capacity of 120 GB, a larger CMOS sensor with a resolution of 10.2 megapixels and a built-in GPS receiver.

Sony HDR SR11 vs Sony HDR SR12

Sony SR11 comes with surprising features. They are available in online stores. The SR11 has a 1080p range for capturing images. CMOS is the optical sensor technology used in the SR11 model.

The maximum screen size available in the SR11 model is 3.7 inches. Both digital and SD card memory are available in the SR11 model.

The face detection technology will help to capture perfect faces via Sony SR11. The maximum video resolution in SR11 is 1920 x 1080 Full HD video resolution.

Sony SR12 has technical features and attractive designs. The optical sensor technology in SR12 comes with CCD and CMOS. The media type in SR12 is SD card, digital, and HDD.

It is available in blue and black colours. The maximum screen size in SR12 is 3.0 inches. The video capturing resolution varies with models. The super steady shot provides authentic and sharp images even in dark places.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSony HDR SR11Sony HDR SR12
Memory sizeSony SR11 have 60 gigabytes of hard driveSony SR12 has 120 gigabytes of a hard drive.
Lux ratingSony SR11 has a zero ratingSony SR12 has a five rating.
Price rangeSony SR11 begins from $1200Sony SR12 starts from $1400
Sensor sizeSony SR11 has small sensorsSony SR12 has large sensors.
Noise detectionSony SR11 detect more noiseSony SR12 detects less noise.

What is Sony HDR SR11?

The Sony SR11 has a mass battery type with approximately 60g of weight. The audio format in SR11 is Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator, which is 5.1 inches in length.

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It has a memory stick, memory slot card, and face detection features. The HYBRID (Movie recording on Memory Stick) is the ultimate option available on SR11.

The default image stabilization does by Super SteadyShot (Optical). The SR11 has a smooth slow recording of three seconds.

The Sony SR11 has a high-quality video recording by MPEG-4 AVC / H.264. The HD recording format in sony SR11 is AVCHD.
The Sony SR11 comes with image sensing technology called ClearVid CMOS Sensor with Exmor.

It also has an external mic for inputs. Along with automatic controls, Sony also provides manual controls. The manual control includes Assignable Dial on Focusing, Camera Brightness, AE Shift, and WB Shift.

The external mic also has a zoom mic for extra features.

The Sony SR11 also has SD video recording. The SD recording did by MPEG-2. The film roll index is available in the Sony SR11. It also has an optical or digital zoom of 12x. The LCD screen has a unique type.

Extra Fine LCD comes with a touch panel in SR11. In Sony SR11, the maximum still image resolution is 10.2 megapixels.

Sony also provides a super night shot which makes the SR11 unique from others. SR11 also has a USB cable, AV cable, and component cable.

What is Sony HDR SR12?

The Sony SR12 has a mass battery type of almost 570g of weight. The audio format in SR12 is Dolby Digital 5.1. The SR12 comes with Bravia synchronization.

The movie recording memory stick is HYBRID. It also has a slow-motion recording feature. The memory stick has a duo slot for a perfect capture of images.

The Super Steady Shot is available in SR12 for image stabilization. The mini HDMI terminal helps to connect to external devices.

The Sony SR12 has a profound flash for night shots. The Sony SR12 comes with 10.2 megapixels of maximum image resolution. The storage type in Sony SR12 is a 120GB hard disk drive.

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SR12 comes with an active interface shoe. A colour-slow shutter is available in Sony SR12. The dual image resolution in Sony SR12 is 7.6 megapixels.

A handy cam station is also available in SR12. The x.v colour technique is a ready feature in the SR12 model.

The Sony SR12 comes with a 2.0-speed USB terminal. The BIONZ is working as an image processor. The D-range of processor gives a unique feature to Sony SR12. In SR12, the filter diameter is 37mm.

The Vario-Sonnar is the Carl Zeiss lens for the filter diameter process. The AC adaptor in Sr12 is AC-L200. It also has a rechargeable battery pack.

The primary dimension of SR12 is 83 x 76 x 138mm. Like SR11, The SR12 also has an LCD screen with a touch panel.

sony hdr sr12

Main Differences between Sony HDR SR11 and Sony HDR SR12

  1. Sony SR11 has 60 gigabytes of hard drive, and Sony Sr12 has 120 gigabytes of hard drive.
  2. Sony SR11 has a zero lux rating, and Sony SR12 has a five lux rating.
  3. The price range of Sony SR11 begins from $1200, and Sony SR12 starts from $1400.
  4. Sony SR11 has small sensors, and Sony SR12 has large sensors.
  5. Sony SR11 identifies more noise, and Sony SR12 detects less noise.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  1. I found it fascinating that the price range of Sony SR11 begins from $1200, and Sony SR12 starts from $1400. Is the difference in price justified by the additional features in SR12?

  2. There are a lot of interesting differences between Sony HDR SR11 and Sony HDR SR12 cameras. But what really caught my attention is the fact that Sony HDR SR11 has a zero lux rating while Sony HDR SR12 has a five lux rating. That really sets them apart.

  3. The Sony HDR-SR11 and Sony HDR-SR12 seem to offer a variety of high-quality video recording capabilities. The differences in their features, such as the optical sensor technology and memory size, can cater to different user needs.

  4. The in-depth details about Sony HDR-SR11 and Sony HDR-SR12 demonstrate the level of technological innovation Sony has achieved with these models. The extensive features and differences provide valuable insights into the capabilities of each camera.

  5. It’s intriguing how Sony HDR-SR11 and Sony HDR-SR12 differ not only in storage capacity but also in sensor size and lux rating. The difference in technology between the two is quite evident.

  6. The Sony HDR-SR11 and Sony HDR-SR12 are both marvels of technology, each with its own unique set of features and specifications. It’s clear that Sony has tailored these models to meet the diverse requirements of videographers and camera enthusiasts alike.

  7. The technical features and differences between the Sony HDR SR11 and Sony HDR SR12 are truly remarkable. The contrast in storage capacity, effective resolution, and price range make them distinct in their own right.

  8. The individual specifications of Sony HDR-SR11 and Sony HDR-SR12 are truly impressive. The comprehensive comparison table highlights the specific differences, making it easier to understand their distinct attributes.


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