Difference Between Sony Playstation 3 and PS3 Slim

Sony has made a reduced variant of their Playstation 3 machine, much as they did with past ages. The significant contrast between the two forms is clearly that the flimsy rendition is, all things considered, thin, yet how thin is it?


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The PS3 thin is around 66% the size, tallness, and weight of the first PS3. Nonetheless, when contrasted with the different control centers, for example, the Xbox 360, the PS3 thin falls once again into a similar weight class as the others.

Sony Playstation 3 vs PS3 Slim

The difference between Playstation 3 and PS3 is that the PlayStation slim is better. It has an unrivaled cooling framework which guarantees less shot at overheating. It is additionally known that the slim burns through less energy. The slim is better at dispersing heat and has a much larger HDD, but the original fats had hardware-based backward compatibility with PS2 games.

Sony Playstation 3 vs PS3 Slim

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Playstation 3 is absolutely the best retro Playstation of all of the PlayStation series consoles due to its power, backward compatibility, ability to play movie files through USB, and homebrew abilities.

The minimalistic online features make the system a classic to own.

The slim models of the PS3 are presumably the best gaming-centered framework. They occupied about a large portion of the room of the bigger frameworks while as yet holding nice equipment (The super-slim models were economically made).

Albeit the thin models come up short on the PS2 in reverse similarity, they were simpler to haul around than their bigger partners yet comparably durable, making them useful for party going.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSony Playstation 3Sony PS3 Slim
CompatibilityThe Playstation 3 is substantial and cumbersome.The PS3 Slim is little and light.
Vertical StandThe ordinary adaptation of PS3 doesn’t need a vertical stand.The PS3 Slim requires a vertical stand.
EnergyThe first PS3 utilizes a ton of energy.The PS3 Slim uses less energy.
Hard DriveThe first PS3 accompanies a more modest hard drive.The PS3 Slim accompanies a bigger hard drive.
FinishThe first PS3 has a glossy completion.The PS3 Slim has a matte completion.

What is Sony Playstation 3?

The PS3 has a Blu-Ray Drive built in no matter what model you have and has support for basically every streaming app you would want. The only notable exception that comes to mind being Disney+.

It can also play videos and audio directly on the console and can sync between PSP.

If you’re getting a PS3 in 2021, it would highly be recommended to modding it. It’s extremely easy to do works on any firmware and doesn’t take much time. It’ll allow you to install mods for games, and emulators, letting you play basically any retro game you want, you can install Linux, etc.

There’s much more you can do too, which I’d recommend looking at.

The games on the PS3 are still amazing experiences, and there’s still no backward compatibility on the PS4 and the PS5. Your only option to play it on modern hardware is through PS Now, which is streaming, so it will never be ideal, and you can’t just buy individual games.

It’s either PS Now, Emulation (which is very hard to do and isn’t great), or an actual PS3. The PS3 can also play PS1 games too on any model, and if you get lucky and get the right model, PS2 games as well!

sony playstation 3 1

What is Sony PS3 Slim?

The slim models of the PS3 are probably the ideal gaming-focused system. They took up about half the space of the larger systems while still retaining decent hardware (The super-slim models were very cheaply made).

Although the slim models lack the PS2 backward compatibility, they were easier to carry around than their larger counterparts but just as sturdy, making them good for party going.

The slim PS3 models are in reverse viable with most PS1 plates. Only certain models of the bigger PS3s were viable with PS2 circles.

In case you’re somebody who preferences playing a ton of more seasoned games, it would profoundly be suggested to get yourself an original framework, as those explicitly had equipment based in reverse similarity.

The “on” and “eject” buttons in the slim PS3 are typical catches, another side that causes the fat to feel more premium. The PlayStation logo on the fat one is multicolor, while the one in the slim is single-shading.

The “PS3” text style on the thin is dark, very much like the remainder of the body, while the “PlayStation 3” textual style on the fat one is chrome-hued, which once more gives a more top-notch feel.

sony ps3 slim

Main Differences Between Sony Playstation 3 and PS3 Slim

  1. The PlayStation 3 is substantial and cumbersome, whereas the PS3 Slim is little and light.
  2. The ordinary adaptation of PS3 doesn’t need a vertical stand, whereas the PS3 Slim requires a vertical stand.
  3. The first PS3 utilizes a ton of energy, whereas the PS3 Slim uses less energy.
  4. The first PS3 accompanies a more modest hard drive, whereas the PS3 Slim accompanies a bigger hard drive.
  5. The first PS3 has a glossy completion, whereas the PS3 Slim has a matte completion.
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