Difference Between PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 3

PlayStation 1 and 3 both work as a supporter of people participating in online gaming. They have multiple features and functions.


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They act as a fully functional Web Browser as well. They are used for storage purposes, playback, etc.

Many other functions of these help us in many ways.

PlayStation 1 is the first PlayStation developed and manufactured by Sony. It is a fifth-generation home video game console.

It was released on 3rd December 1994 in Japan and later in places like Europe, Australia, America. It was manufactured for 12 years between 1994 to 2006.

PlayStation 3 was the successor of PlayStation 2 and was developed and manufactured by Sony. It is a seventh-generation home video game console.

It was released on 11th November 2006 and later in other places. It was manufactured for 11 years between 2006 to 2017.

PlayStation 1 vs PlayStation 3

The difference between PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 3 is that one doesn’t use Blu-ray while the other does. PlayStation 1 is a very old version that was released 11 years before PlayStation 3. PlayStation 1 had 2MB RAM, and PlayStation 3 had 256 MB of RAM, which states the backwardness of PlayStation 1.

PlayStation 1 vs PlayStation 3

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The PlayStation 1 consists of a processor designed by LSI Logic Crop of 32 bit RISC cheap. The processor was extremely slow in comparison.

The speed of the processor is 33MHz. It played the role of a console that decompresses videos and images. PlayStation 1 used DualShock controller 1.

The PlayStation 3 consists of a more efficient processor, which has a speed of 3.2 GHz. With time it improved in every aspect.

The feature of memory also improved along with the feature of external memory. This supported a wireless controller ( DualShock 3 controller ) and a Wi-Fi connection.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPlayStation 1PlayStation 3
CPU In CPU, we get R3000 with 33.8688 MHz.In CPU, we get 3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PEE and 8 SPEs.
MemoryThe memory is of 2 MB RAM and 1 MB VRAM.The memory is of 256 MB of XDR DRAM (main memory) and 256 MB of GDDR3 (video memory for RSX).
DisplayThe resolution was from 256×224 up to 640×480 pixels maximum.The resolution was from 480i SD to 576i SD and up to 1080p HD.
PredecessorThis was the first of its family of PlayStation with no predecessor.PlayStation 2
SuccessorPlayStation 2PlayStation 4

What is PlayStation 1?

PlayStation 1 was designed by Sony Computer Entertainment, and Ken Kutaragi became an exclusive product of that time. It was famous among adolescents as well as adults.

At the time, more than 7,000 PlayStation games were introduced. The sales of this PlayStation, being more than 900 million units, became a powerhouse for Sony.

Sony, with many other third-party game developers, formed its first step in the gaming world. The PlayStation was released on 3rd December 1994.

The sales reached the roof by selling 100,000 units at the end of the first day itself. PlayStation was continued even after releasing of PlayStation 2 ( its successor).

Less than a year before the release of PlayStation 3, this was discontinued on 23rd March 2006. It consists of a PS One motherboard, an early SCPH-1000Cmotherboard, GPU SCPH-9000 (version), R3000 CPU, customed sound processor of PlayStation and Digital Signal Processor.

It can integrate into the CPU and present full-motion videos with the help of MDEC and many other features.

To add functionality or features in PlayStation 1, Sony released certain peripherals. PlayStation Memory card, GunCon, Link Cable, Mouse, PocketStation, Multitap, etc.

IT also consists of features like playing audio CDs or video CDs. The legacy of this was continued by PlayStation 2 and further by its other successors.

What is PlayStation 3?

The first model of PlayStation 3 was released in the year 2006. In 2009 slim version was released, and in 2012 super slim version was released of PlayStation 3.

There were many updates in this release of Sony. The PlayStation was of the 7th generation.

Over 80 million units were sold by Sony until its discontinuation in 2017.

It was the first PlayStation by Sony, which used Blu-ray Disk technology. There were many other newly introduced features.

Social gaming services, handheld console controllers, etc., were some of the new features. It was quite costly when compared.

The cost has an effect on the selling market of the product.

There were more than 2500 games on PlayStation gradually. It was launched with 14 titles in North America.

Later added many other games. It consists of higher RAM (256 MB) when we compare it with PlayStation 1.

This also had features like playing video or audio or pictures. 

This had, in addition, the feature of the online downloading option. The feature of net downloading also makes further a difference between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 1.

It was discontinued in 2015, but still few stores buy it for reselling purposes.

Main Differences Between PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 3

  1. PlayStation 1 is the first member of the family in a series of PlayStation by Sony, while PlayStation is 3rd release by Sony.
  2. PlayStation is the oldest version, while PlayStation is more updated when compared.
  3. PlayStation never had the feature of Blue-ray Disk, but in PlayStation 3, it was first introduced by Sony.
  4. PlayStation 1 had a very weak processor and small RAM, while PlayStation 3 when compared, was severely updated.
  5. PlayStation 1 was a bigger influence in the market when introduced than PlayStation 3.
  6. PlayStation 1 is the first gaming technology release of Sony, while PlayStation 3 was an updated version in the process of growing.
  7. PlayStation didn’t have any kind of wireless features while PlayStation 3 possessed it.
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