Difference Between Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Xbox and PlayStation are two popular video gaming brands that have made a very solid mark in the industry. Both are used religiously by serious gamers across the world. However, there has always been a clash amongst users as to which brand is better. In such cases, knowing the difference between the services they provide may be helpful.

Xbox Live vs PlayStation Network

The main difference between Xbox Live and PlayStation Network is that the basic plans of Xbox Live do not include services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even online play. On the other hand, the PlayStation Network’s basic plan includes all these services and much more. So, you must pay for online play in the case of Xbox Live, but with the PlayStation Network, you can do that for free.

XBox live vs Playstation Network

Xbox Live is an online service launched by Microsoft for gaming and content distribution across video game systems. These systems include Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The service offers users a chance to play with other gamers online and even download demos and trailers. However, the subscription needs to be paid for.

PlayStation Network is an online gaming service launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the November of 2006. Earlier, this Network would only work for PlayStation consoles. However, recent upgrades have made it accessible to smartphones, Blu-ray players, and high-definition TVs as well. A gamer must make an account on the Network to be able to store games and other content.

Comparison Table Between Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Parameters of ComparisonXbox LivePlayStation Network
Basic PlanThe basic plan for Xbox Live does not include many services like Netflix, Hulu, and even online play.The basic plan for PlayStation Network does include services like Netflix, Hulu, and online play.
Online PlayA user must pay for online play.A user can play online for free.
ReliabilityXbox Live is more reliable as it has lesser lags and is more stable.PlayStation Network is not as reliable as Xbox Live.
SpeedXbox Live works faster than the latter which makes it more convenient to use.PlayStation Network does not work as fast as Xbox Live does. 
Overall QualityThe overall quality of Xbox Live is better than PlayStation Network.PlayStation Network is of decent quality but not as good as Xbox Live.
PriceXbox Live is cheaper than the latter.PlayStation Network is more expensive than Xbox Live.
DiscountsXbox Live does not provide as many discounts as PlayStation Network.PlayStation Network grants a lot of discounts and even free games.

What is Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is a gaming and digital media service that was launched in November 2002 and is run by Microsoft since then. It has been designed to run on Xbox systems such as Xbox 360 and Xbox One. On signing up for this service, a customer gets an account that can run on Xbox consoles. Here, the user can conveniently store games and other content.

The Xbox Live service is available in the form of two plans – Xbox Live free and Xbox Live gold. As the name suggests, Xbox Lives free is the basic plan which is available for free. However, users are not given the option of playing games online with this plan. On the contrary, Xbox Live gold allows players to play online with other people. Other services like Netflix and Hulu are also provided with Xbox Live gold.

Xbox Live also has a marketplace which is called Xbox Games Store. This is a unified storefront that provides the users with loads of content including Xbox Indie Games, Xbox 360 game demos, music videos, movie rentals, and even television shows.

The Xbox Live service is very secure due to all the measures that Microsoft implements. Regular security checks take place that make sure that only unmodified machines are using the service.

What is PlayStation Network?

PlayStation Network is digital media entertainment and gaming service that is launched and operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was found in the November of 2006. Earlier, the service was only made to be run on PlayStation video game consoles. However, over the years, new updates were made which allowed for it to be run on smartphones, tablets, and even HD televisions.

On signing up for the service, a user gets an account on which various games and other content can be stored. Up to March 2021,  around 109 million people were documented to be active with monthly plan subscriptions on the Network. Moreover, the PlayStation Network even has a store for its users to buy loads of content.

On buying a premium subscription on the PlayStation Network, the users are given access to various enhanced gaming and social features. Moreover, they can even get movie streaming options, rentals and free purchases, music streaming options, and even a cloud gaming service.

PlayStation Network is available for use in 73 different territories. A paid PlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus is also available in many different countries. This provides users with many premium gaming features. It even gives customers discounts in the PlayStation Store.

Main Differences Between Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

  1. Xbox Live asks users to pay for online play while the PlayStation Network provides it for free.
  2. Xbox Live is more reliable and faster than the PlayStation Network.
  3. The overall quality of Xbox Live is better than the PlayStation Network.
  4. Xbox Live is cheaper than the PlayStation Network.
  5. Xbox Live does not provide many discounts to users as compared to PlayStation Network.


Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are gaming services that have quite a strong fanbase across the world. Most gamers argue for one to be better than the other. Some even prefer to own both. However, it is important to know the difference between the two before making any sort of purchasing decision.

The most noticeable distinguishing feature among the two is their price. Xbox Live is way cheaper than the PlayStation Network. However, Xbox does not provide its users with as many features. On the other hand, even if the user does not have a paid subscription, online play, Netflix and even Hulu are available.


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