Indie vs Hipster: Difference and Comparison

As centuries passed and many types of entertainment and new forms of passion started, there was also an uprise of division between the people. A few set themselves apart because their taste in entertainment genres differed.


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Two mainstream groups which were different in their tastes yet often confused with one another are indie and hipsters. Both groups are unique and have their own sets of norms to be followed.

Key Takeaways

  1. Indie culture values artistic expression and originality, while hipster culture values irony and non-conformity.
  2. Indie culture is more associated with music and film, while hipster culture is associated with fashion and lifestyle trends.
  3. The indie culture emphasizes authenticity and sincerity, while hipster culture often prioritizes the appearance of authenticity over actual substance.

Indie vs. Hipster

Hipsters are people who innovate ideas and concepts to stand out from the crowd and build their reputation. Some are not social with people who do not match their tastes and interest. Indie is a short form of independence. They do socialize and create songs to win more followers.

Indie vs Hipster

Indie is the subgroup that captured many art forms, from dance and films to publications. They did not limit themselves to music. Indie was also seen as bands that were not under any big labels but produced songs to entertain their followers.

Hipsters are often trendsetters who find the need to stand out amongst a crowd. They do not follow trends but rather make them and abandon them. These people also follow indie bands but stop once they get a mass audience, only to return when they lose it.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIndieHipster
OriginShort for independent“hip” and “ster”
DefinitionThey are the group of people that capture many forms of art that are not limited to just music.It refers to those people who have excluded themselves from the main culture.
SocializingThey socialize with other groups and share their interestsThey not only avoid socializing but also criticize other forms that are not to their taste.
MusicThey are the bands that put out songs to gain followersThe followers are hipsters and stay with the band until they get a mass audience.
FashionThey have a retro vintage and vinyl styleThey do not have any particular style, as they only want to stand out and be unique.

What is Indie?

Indie stands for independent. This is so because they emerged as a cultural subgroup from an independent business that does not follow only music. Indie is open to many cultures and art forms as they often socialize with other subgroups.

Indies are mostly characterized by their idealism along with their anti-corporate attitude. The need for staying unique is not taken by the people who follow indie as they are naturally unique. These subgroups are also seen to be retro-styled and also like vinyl records or classic songs.


What is Hipster?

Hipster is slang that was first used in the 1940s. Back then, it referred to the teenage kids who found the need to dress and behave differently from the main crowd. They felt the need to be unique.

Hipsters are, to date, the ones who make new things that are unique and present them to the world. Once it starts trending, they start working on the next concept to maintain their uniqueness. So, they do not stick to the trend while it lasts.

They are often characterized by their anti-conformity behavior and are regarded for their innovativeness. They often dress to impress so their fashion stands out in a crowd.

Hipsters do not follow anything mainstream. So once it goes mainstream, they start searching for other smaller and less popular ones. This is the case for their hangout area as well.


Main Differences Between Indie and Hipster

  1. Indie is short for independent as they are independent as they do not carry any big labels. Hipster is from two words: ‘hip,’ which refers to the people who followed music during the Jazz Age, and ‘sister,’ a common suffix.
  2. Indie does not limit themselves to only music as they include many genres of art forms like art, design, films, etc. But hipsters, on the other hand, are the people who have excluded themselves from mainstream groups.
  3. Indies do not have any problem socializing and listening to other genres of music, while hipsters do not socialize with anyone other than their group. If approached, they even diss and criticize other genres.
  4. Many bands not under big labels or companies that release a song or two for people to enjoy are called indie. The followers of such bands are hipsters who stick around with the band and their songs until they gain a mass audience.
  5. The fashion of both these subcultural groups is also different. While indies go for vinyl, retro, and comfortable fashions, hipsters always try to stand out and make it a trend. They can even wear retro with a modernized touch.
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