Xbox Live Silver vs Xbox Live Gold: Difference and Comparison

Million of players are playing video games daily. The Xbox is an app created by Microsoft.

Help you to connect to the Xbox community with various features like remote control and second screen functionality. In Xbox, you can share the content of your game and watch your favourite clips.

Key Takeaways

  1. Xbox Live Silver is a free service, while Xbox Live Gold requires a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  2. Xbox Live Gold provides access to online multiplayer gaming, free monthly games, and exclusive discounts, features not available with Xbox Live Silver.
  3. Xbox Live Silver allows users to download game updates and access basic online services, such as messaging and browsing the Xbox marketplace.

Xbox Live Silver vs Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Silver is a free service that allows users to create profiles and use basic features, but does not include online multiplayer gaming, free games, or premium content. Xbox Live Gold is a paid subscription service that offers access to online multiplayer gaming, free games, exclusive discounts, and premium content.

Xbox Live Silver vs Xbox Live Gold

Xbox silver is a free membership available to all Xbox 360 owners. This is a basic membership with very limited access.

It is a market or home to game demos. The silver members can easily access Netflix, previews, and chat sessions.

Multiplayer gaming means online gaming is not available with an Xbox Live silver membership. It takes minutes to access the silver membership.

Once you access it, you can use it by login in whenever you need. Xbox Gold Live is a subscription service you need to subscribe to every month or annually.

The Xbox gold Live has unlimited access to the features. The Gold membership allows you to access online multiplayer games.

You can play with your friends. The combined service of Xbox one and Xbox 360 is the Xbox gold live membership.

You can also play with strangers online and can chat with them. The Xbox Gold members have free game access every month.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonXbox Live SilverXbox Live Gold
EligibilityXbox Live silver is available free of costXbox Live Gold need a subscription
Multiplayer optionXbox Live Silver has no online multiplayer optionXbox Live Gold has an online multiplayer feature.
Game PurchasingXbox Live Silver can not allow you to purchase games.You can purchase games with a gold membership.
Early AccessXbox Live Silver won’t allow for early accessXbox Live Gold has a feature of early access.
Membership DiscountsXbox Live Silver has no discountsXbox Live Gold has many discounts.

What is Xbox Live Silver?

Make sure that the Xbox is turned on. If there is any disc in the disc tray, then remove it and choose the My Xbox tab in the menus.

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Select the Join Xbox live option. After reading the terms and conditions, click the accept button. Using the virtual keyboard, you can enter Gamertag, which is your identity.

If you have Windows Live ID, you can use it. Else, you need to create a new account.

When creating a new account, you must enter your details, like date of birth, language, address, and email ID. After all, this, press A for registration.

Silver membership has limited features. Some of the features are premiere entertainment applications, a preview of upcoming games, access to beta versions, and create a friend list.

Downloads games from the Xbox marketplace. Chat with your friends by sending voice and text messages, accessing the game community, and using the multiplayer feature in free-to-play games.

And party chat with some other users, etc. Microsoft morphed the Silver membership to the free Xbox live.

The Xbox Silver Live is free of cost with limited features. By 2019, Xbox Silver has 65 million users.

Looking for a group is a feature available in Xbox silver live. By using this feature, you can connect to other players.

Microsoft provides an integrated security feature for a better experience.

xbox live

What is Xbox Live Gold?

The Xbox Live Gold is a subscription service provided by Microsoft Corporation. By subscribing to the gold membership, you can access unlimited features provided by the Xbox community.

The online multiplayer option is only available with an Xbox gold membership if you try to access the online multiplayer option without the subscription.

It indicates you to subscribe to the gold membership. If you are playing split-screen games in a single room, then gold membership is not required.

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The gold membership is not needed to watch online streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. Microsoft has changed the subscription method, and the Xbox Live Gold is completely useful.

For gamers by Games with Gold, Microsoft offers various free games every month. Depending on the game, the period of availability changes on the website.

You can also download free games through the internet. You need to redeem to get the free games.

It is your smartness to get the free games. People who have been using the Xbox for a long time have thousands of free games in their libraries.

You can download and play the free games as long as you have an active subscription. The gold membership includes both Xbox one and 360.

Microsoft promises the users they can use the gold to access all games on Xbox One. The Gold membership is the perfect subscription for gamers.

xbox live gold

Main Differences Between Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold

  1. Xbox Live silver is available free of cost, whereas Xbox Live Gold needs a subscription.
  2. Unlike Xbox Live Silver, Xbox Live Gold has an online multiplayer feature.
  3. Xbox Live Silver can not allow you to purchase games, but you can purchase games with a gold membership.
  4. Xbox Live Silver won’t allow for early access, whereas Xbox Live Gold has a feature of early access.
  5. Xbox Live Silver has no discounts, premium access, and deals, but Xbox Live Gold has these features.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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