Gold vs Silver Tequila: Difference and Comparison

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage for cocktails and shots, and interestingly, it is also Mexico’s National Drink.

Tequila is believed to have originated roughly around 2000 years ago; at that time, it was used for religious ceremonies. Blue Agave plan is used as the base ingredient of tequila, the drink is then processed and fermented, and at the end, it is classified based on taste, ageing and ingredients used up.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gold tequila, also known as “joven” or “oro,” is a type of tequila that is either unaged or aged for a short period, with caramel coloring or flavoring added to create a golden hue and a smoother taste.
  2. Silver tequila, also known as “blanco” or “plata,” is a clear, unaged tequila that provides a pure agave flavor and is used in mixed drinks or enjoyed as a sipping tequila.
  3. Choosing between gold and silver tequila depends on personal preferences for flavor and smoothness and the intended use in cocktails or sipping.

Gold vs Silver Tequila

Gold tequila is aged in oak barrels for two months to three years, giving it a gold or amber color and a more complex flavor profile. It is used in cocktails or sipped on its own. Silver tequila is aged in oak barrels and bottled shortly after distillation, giving it a clear, transparent appearance and agave-forward flavor.

Gold vs Silver tequila

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Silver Tequila is also called white tequila.


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGold TequilaSilver Tequila
Process of MakingIt is distilled and aged in barrels for a whileIt is bottled without ageing
ColourIt is brown in colourIt is clear as water
Finished ProductColouring and Flavours added before bottlingBottled in its purest form
UsesIt is best taken in shotsIt is best used for cocktails
TasteIt is smooth in tasteIt has a more natural harsh taste
PriceTequila gold is more costlySilver tequila is comparatively cheap and more pocket friendly


What is Gold Tequila?

Gold tequila is commonly known as Joven tequila. Gold tequila is made by using blue agave plants.

It is a mix of less than 100% pure agave and then distilled into alcohol. The gold colour in the tequila is acquired from two different sources: the barrels where the tequila was aged or colouring additives.

Sugar and caramel colouring is added to the batch before fermentation, which gives gold tequila a smooth taste and makes it an optimal choice for the shots. Gold tequila is filled with additives when distillation completes; due to this, it has a soft and bearable taste.

Gold Tequila is consumed as shots. Gold tequila’s ageing process is long and elaborate, and costly.

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What is Silver Tequila?

Silver tequila is also known as White or Blanco tequila because of its clear and transparent colour. Silver tequila is easily confused with vodka for its looks and scent.

The concentration of silver tequila is either 100% agave or a close mix; blue agave spirit is presented in its purest form in silver tequila. It is bottled immediately after the distillation, meaning it is not aged or aged only for a small amount of time.

Silver tequilas have a harsh taste. Silver tequila is presented in pure form with no additives.

It is consumed as a cocktail. Since the manufacturing and packaging process is not so elaborate, it’s more pocket friendly.

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Main Differences Between Gold and Silver Tequila

  1. Gold tequila has a brown colour, almost caramel appearance, whereas Silver tequila has a clear, transparent look and appears like water.
  2. Gold Tequila is stored in the barrels for some time during the ageing process, whereas Silver tequila is packaged for anything less than two months after the making process is finished.
  3. Gold tequila is added with necessary colouring and additives, whereas Silver tequila is packaged in its purest form with no additives added.
  4. Gold tequila has a smooth and sweeter taste, acquired from ageing and flavouring processes, whereas Silver tequila has a more natural and harsh taste.
  5. Gold tequila has a lower concentration of agave, whereas Silver tequila has a 100% agave concentration.
  6. Gold tequila is consumed directly as shots because of its smooth taste, whereas Silver tequila is used for cocktails as its pure form is harsh to consume
  7. Gold tequila is costlier because it is a long process, whereas Silver tequila is cheaper than the former.
  8. Gold tequila is less prevalent in clubs, whereas Silver tequila is very popular.
Difference Between Gold and Silver Tequila


Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  1. I would have liked to see a bit more exploration of the cultural significance of tequila in Mexico, but overall informative.

    1. I agree, a deeper look into the cultural traditions and rituals surrounding tequila would be a valuable addition.

  2. The comparison table is very useful and informative. Now I know the strengths and best uses of gold and silver tequila.

    1. Yes, it really helps to understand which tequila type will be best for different purposes, whether it’s for sipping or mixing into cocktails.

  3. It’s intriguing how the aging process and additives can impact the flavor profile, but mixing additives into the gold tequila may not be to everyone’s taste.

    1. Yes, it’s interesting to consider how the addition of flavorings and colorings may affect the perceived quality of the tequila.

  4. Very interesting article, I had no idea that tequila had been around for so long. The difference between gold and silver tequila is fascinating.

    1. Absolutely, the deep history and how the aging process affects the flavor profiles are really intriguing to learn about.

  5. The cost comparison is interesting, showing how the aging process and additional flavorings impact the price point of the tequila.

    1. Absolutely, and it’s interesting to consider whether the additional costs associated with gold tequila are justified for its flavor profile.

    1. The comprehensive comparison makes it easy to understand the distinctions between the two and how these differences influence their uses.

  6. Great to learn about the differences between gold and silver tequila, it’s helpful when choosing which type to purchase.

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      Agreed, being able to make an informed choice when selecting tequila is important and this article helps with that.

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