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Difference Between Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox 360 Elite

 Xbox is a gaming unit that comes in various versions and one of those is the 360 model. Within this model type, there are many different versions to choose from. The Xbox 360 comes in versions such as standard, pro, elite, etc.


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To choose from them would be to understand the differences and the pros and cons of each as they all have their share of it.

Xbox 360 Pro vs Xbox 360 Elite

The difference between Xbox 360 pro and Xbox 360 elite is that Xbox 360 pro is much less costly to purchase than Xbox 360 elite. This is a huge determining factor in the sales of the two Xbox versions as their properties are more or less the same with a small difference in the product and its complementary parts.

Xbox 360 Pro vs Xbox 360 Elite

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Xbox 360 pro is the highest in sales due to the comparatively low price in the market. It has many other features that come along with the original Xbox 360 model and is a common one for all versions irrespective of the type and price.

The natural preference for Xbox 360 pro is the user-friendly nature and the ease of use for a user who is new to the Xbox series.

Xbox 360 elite is a bit pricier owing to a few additional hardware that comes along with it. This cost factor gives the purchasers an edge and can make them reluctant to purchase it.

The added-in hardware is an advantage as it might cost more to purchase it from the outside as a single piece. People tend to be careful with Xbox 360 elite while using due to the price and it makes them not much effective while in use.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXbox 360 ProXbox 360 Elite  
PriceLess expensiveCostlier
Included CablesHD cable aloneHD cable as well as HDMI cable
Basic ColorWhiteBlack
StorageVery lessHigh

What is Xbox 360 pro?

 Xbox 360 pro is the most sold product in the Xbox series. They get attention from users or even people who could be probable purchasers due to the affordable price in the market.

Their storage capacity is one among the lowest when put beside all other versions of the 360 series. This is a huge drawback if the user is an ardent user of the gaming system for they can’t store all the games they want in it.

The only games that could be used in the Xbox 360 pro would be the already downloaded default games in the system.

To add games or movies, music, or any other thing in the 360 pro version, the user might have to purchase a data storage device additionally.

The hard drive of the Xbox 360 pro is either a 20 GB or 60 GB one. This is a very low storage capacity for a standard gaming unit. Therefore the only things that could be perfectly compatible with the version are the pre-downloaded games.

Xbox 360 pro comes with an HD cable that is a 1080p and is of the standard type. The motherboard of the Xbox 360 pro is a classic Falcon motherboard with a wavelength of 65nm CPU.

This is a common motherboard used for game units. The classic color of the Xbox 360 pro is white and it has remained the same since its manufacturing has started.

Xbox 360 pro comes with a wireless VR system that can be called a headset and an ethernet cable. This helps in playing the games in a simulator mode.

Xbox 360 pro comes with only two default games that usually take up most of the space in the hard drive.

What is Xbox 360 Elite?

Xbox 360 Elite is an advanced version of the classic Xbox 360. This advancement in the features has aided in the sale price of Xbox 360 Elite to be higher than most of Xbox 360.

It doesn’t have as many purchasers as other versions owing to its costly nature and people tend to buy the pocket-friendly one. It has a higher storage capacity and is the highest in the 360 series.

The hard drive can be as high as 120GB. This helps the users to download all that they want be it music, movies, or games. With a higher storage capacity, users won’t have to delete existing files to add new ones.

Xbox 360 Elite has much additional hardware that comes free with the purchase. This is quite useful as the users need not purchase them separately. Outer purchase is usually costlier and can also not be compatible with the Xbox 360 Elite.

The cables that come along with Xbox 360 Elite are an HD cable and also a complimentary HDMI cable both of which are 1080p. The HDMI cable is effective if the user needs to connect to the TV easily.

The motherboard of the Xbox 360 Elite is a bit later version and is more advanced. It has a Zephyr motherboard and a classic CPU with a wavelength of 65nm.

The color of the original version as produced by the manufacturers is black and has not yet been changed. There is a simulator VR headset and also an ethernet cable that is used to play simulation games.

Just like all Xbox versions, Xbox 360 Elite also has just two basic games.

Main Differences Between Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox 360 Elite

  1. While Xbox 360 Pro is less expensive and user-friendly the Xbox 360 Elite is comparatively expensive and people tend to be careful while using it.
  2. The hardware additions that come with Xbox 360 Elite are both an HD cable and an HDMI cable while in Xbox 360 Pro the only added cable is an HD.
  3. The motherboard of an Xbox 360 Pro is that of Falcon motherboard manufacturers and that of Xbox 360 Elite is Zephyr motherboard.
  4. The classic color released by Xbox 360 Elite is black while that of Xbox 360 Pro is white.
  5. The usual storage capacity of Xbox 360 Pro is 20-60 GB whereas the Xbox 360 Elite has a storage capacity of 120 GB.
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