NTSC vs PAL Xbox 360: Difference and Comparison

Games and gaming have been the main source of entertainment for many around the world. Gaming has even been taken up as a profession nowadays, and annual competitions have been held worldwide.

Every gamer and non-gamer is familiar with the Xbox. There have been many who have wished to have one for themselves. The hot topics in Xbox are NTSC Xbox 360 and PAL Xbox 360.

Though they are both Xbox, they are different versions of the game and therefore have their differences from one another.

Key Takeaways

  1. NTSC and PAL are different video standards used in different parts of the world.
  2. NTSC Xbox 360 is compatible with North America and some parts of Asia, while PAL Xbox 360 is compatible with Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.
  3. NTSC Xbox 360 has a higher frame rate and resolution, while PAL Xbox 360 has better color representation.

NTSC vs PAL Xbox 360

NTSC Xbox 360 only works with NTSC TV sets. 110 V voltage is consumed by NTSC Xbox 360. Its frame rate is 29.97 frames per second. The resolution it provides is 720 x 480 pixels. PAL Xbox 360 only works with PAL TV sets. The voltage it consumed is 220 V. Its frame rate is 25 frames per second. The resolution it provides is 720 x 576 pixels.


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NTSC vs PAL Xbox 360

 NTSC Xbox 360 is a version of the Xbox 360 series. It has all the gaming facilities like every other Xbox play station. They are only compatible with NTSC TVs and have a resolution of 29.97 FPS if it is non-IVTC NTSC TVs.

PAL Xbox 360 is a later version of Xbox  360. It came after the NTSC version. They have region-locked games as an additional feature, i.e., they have games that are available only in specific regions and cannot be played or accessed in other regions.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNTSC Xbox 360PAL Xbox 360
CompatibilityOnly compatible with NTSC TVsOnly compatible with PAL TVs
Voltage consumed110 V220 V
GamesMost NTSC games do not work on PALA few games of PAL Xbox are region locked, so they will not work on NTSC Xbox
Frame Rates29.97 FPS for non-IVTC25 FPS
Resolution720 x 480 pixels720 x 576 pixels

What is NTSC Xbox 360?

NTSC is a version of the Xbox 360 series. It is compatible only with NTSC TVs, which is National Televisions Standard Council. These TVs are made only in North America, Japan, the Philippines and S. Korea.

These are the standard pre-defined ordinary television sets or analogue TVs. This has a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels and a frame rate of 29.97 FPS(frames per second) for non-IVTC NTSC TVs. They consume 110 V, and the countries mentioned above have a standard voltage of 110 V.

The other regions have higher voltages, so they are not compatible with the standard TVs of these regions. They have a few games that only work with NTSC Xbox 360 and are not compatible with any other series of Xbox 360.

ntsc xbox 360

What is PAL Xbox 360?

PAL Xbox 360 is the later version of the Xbox 360 series. It was released after the NTSC version. These are only compatible with PAL TVs, i.e., the TVs in the regions excluding the ones that produce and use NTSC.

This means that PAL Xbox 360 is not compatible with NTSC TVs. They also have region-locked games. The region-locked games are not free for play other than in the region mentioned in the description.

The number of games in PAL is more than in the NTSC version of the Xbox series. They have a higher resolution of 720 x 576 pixels and a frame rate of 25 frames per second.

They also consume higher voltage when compared to NTSC. They consume 220 V, and thus it is important to check the voltage output and adjust them accordingly before getting a PAL Xbox 360.

pal xbox 360

Main Differences Between  NTSC Xbox 360 and PAL Xbox 360

  1. One of the major differences between NTSC  and PAL is compatibility. NTSC Xbox 360 is only compatible with NTSC TV, whereas PAL Xbox 360 is only compatible with PAL-connected TV.
  2. NTSC requires 110V, whereas PAL requires a much higher voltage of 220V. But this also depends on the current supply and the connections between the two.
  3. A few games present in PAL are region locked. This means these games would not be available in specific regions compatible with NTSC. So these games would not work with NTSC. A few games of NTSC are also not compatible with the PAL console.
  4. The frame rates for the two are also different, but this difference is very small. While NTSC has a frame rate of 29.95 FPS, PAL has a frame rate of 25 FPS.
  5. They have different resolutions as well. NTSC has 720 x 480 pixels, whereas PAL has 720 x 576 pixels.
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