Difference Between Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox is Microsoft’s video gaming brand that manufactures gaming consoles, develops games, and provides streaming services.

The company that was formed in 2001 in the US has two well-known products known as Xbox One and Xbox 360. Both are high-tech video game consoles with cutting-edge graphics that are released in the market for gaming enthusiasts.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360

The main difference between Xbox One and Xbox 360 is that Xbox One is the latest video game console that bombarded the market in 2013. On the other hand, Xbox 360 is the predecessor of Xbox One and was launched in 2005. Moreover, Xbox One provides more memory space than the Xbox 360.

Xbox One vs Xbox 360

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s third gaming video game console, which was released in 2013 in Western countries, and it bombarded Asian countries in 2014. It is Xbox’s first gaming system to be released in China.

It consists of 8 controls. Since Kinect is also present in this series, we do not need to pay extra for the Kinect sensor.

The Xbox 360 is also a video gaming console that came on the market in 2005. It is the second series of Xbox. Moreover, this gaming console is of the 7th generation and has advanced graphics.

It has both wireless and wired controls. It is comparable to other well-known companies’ gaming consoles, such as Sony’s.

Comparison Table Between Xbox One and Xbox 360

Parameters of ComparisonXbox OneXbox 360
Invented InXbox One came into the market in 2013.Xbox 360 came eight years ago Xbox One console in 2005.
Physical SizeXbox One is huge than Xbox 360.Xbox 360 is a compact gaming console.
Kinect Availability Xbox One comes with the service of the Kinect sensors.Xbox 360 does not consist of Kinect motion sensors.
RAM Xbox One provides RAM up to 8 GB.Xbox 360 provides RAM up to 512 MB.
ProcessorXbox One has a stronger processor (AMD Jaguar 1.8GHz 8-core).Xbox 360 runs on a 3.2GHz PowerPC Tri-Core.

What is Xbox One?

Xbox One is a boon for gamers in technological advancement, which is different from the PlayStations. Microsoft launched a gaming console in 2013 as its Xbox series.

It is a high-tech gaming product in the millennium that is competing with other well-known firms.

It runs on an AMD Jaguar 1.8GHz 8-core processor, which is also found in notebooks and tablets. It is the first gaming system released by China, Asia’s largest company.

Moreover, it consists of a Kinect motion sensor that works on voice command (a product of Microsoft launched in 2010).

It is the third generation of the brand Xbox. Since it is a huge device (33.3 cm wide) when compared to other Xbox gaming consoles, it has solved the problem of other devices overheating and has less noise.

It has no USB port on the front panel, unlike Xbox 360 in design. So, it was 3 USB ports at the back panel. It has up to 8 controllers is WiFi supported device. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular games.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and has a life cycle of a decade as compared to other generations. The accessories included are media remote, stereo headset adapter, official stereo headset, play, and charge kit.

What is Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is the second generation of Xbox video gaming consoles that got launched into the market in 2005. It is the successor to the original Xbox console, yet it is priced similarly to the first-generation Xbox device.

It consists of two ports on the front panel and three ports on the back panel. Since it is a compact device (27 cm wider), it heats quickly (one of the drawbacks of Xbox 360) and generates noise.

It is operated on 3-core PowerPC Xenon with a 3.2 GHz speed processor and provides RAM in megabytes. It has both wired and wireless controllers to play games. It provides storage of 4GB.

It does not provide the amenity of Kinect but, one can purchase Kinect sensors by paying extra money. Since it has a lesser number of cores as compared to its successor Xbox One, it is less efficient.

It is also an excellent choice for gamers who want to invest less money in tech games and has more series of games than Xbox original.

It is referred to as the 7th generation gaming system, with a few visuals and graphics than Xbox One, and it also offers cloud storage for some games, and some games do not support cloud storage.

Main Differences Between Xbox One and Xbox 360

  1. Xbox One was released officially in 2013 but in China in 2014. However, Xbox 360 was brought into the market in 2005 and was never released in the Chinese market.
  2. Xbox One has only three USB ports. On the other side, Xbox 360 has five USB ports.
  3. Xbox One is larger than Xbox 360 so, Xbox One does not face heating issues.
  4. Xbox One has a better processor than Xbox 360.
  5. Kinect sensors are available in Xbox One. However, Kinect sensors are not available in Xbox 360.
  6. Xbox One has more storage and RAM when compared with Xbox 360.
  7. Xbox One has a life of 10 years. However, Xbox 360 has a life of 6-7 years.


In 2001, Microsoft released the Xbox video game console series. It works with the most recent operating system. Xbox video game systems have been released in four iterations by Microsoft.

Xbox One is the third-generation video gaming console, and Xbox 360 is the second-generation video gaming console.

The Xbox One is widely regarded as a fantastic gaming console with cutting-edge visuals and engaging games. The Xbox 360 is a successor to the original Xbox console, offering more capabilities for the same price.

Moreover, Xbox 360 has better hardware and games than Xbox. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 are well-known products of the Xbox series.


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