Chime Bank vs Capital One 360: Difference and Comparison

Many of us went to a brick-and-mortar bank to give a paper check to a distributor—but this was no longer necessary. You may now bank without leaving your home with the help of online banks. More than merely a convenience, online banks provide.

As they don’t have to pay for their physical branches, banks online pay greater rates and lower costs. Research is a significant element of online bank selection, and Business Insider is not the only site that searches the top online banks.

Key Takeaways

  1. Chime Bank is fully online, while Capital One 360 has both online and brick-and-mortar branches.
  2. Capital One 360 offers a wider range of banking products, including credit cards and loans, compared to Chime Bank.
  3. Chime Bank offers early access to direct deposit funds, while Capital One 360 offers higher interest rates on savings accounts.

Chime Bank vs Capital One 360

The difference between Chime Bank and Capital One 360 is that the Capital One 360 account pays one of the industry’s highest rates. Some other famous names can find a better rate, but this is undoubtedly one of the finest. Chime is an American financial technology firm providing mobile banking services that are free of charge and that are the property of Bancorp Bank or Central NB.

Chime Bank vs Capital One 360

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Chime is an American financial technology firm providing mobile banking services that are free of charge and that are the property of Bancorp Bank or Central NB. Account customers have Visa Debit cards issued and access to a online banking system or the Android or iOS mobile app.

Capital One 360 Financial Corporation is an American bank holding firm that has a headquarters in McLean, Virginia, with activities mostly in the United States, focusing on credit cards, auto-leanings, banking, and savings bank accounts. It has established a reputation for being a bank focused on technology and is included among the biggest banks in the United States.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChime BankCapital One 360
AboutChime is an American financial technology firm providing mobile banking services that are free of charge.Capital One 360 Financial Corporation is an American bank holding firm.
Interest ratesHigh rate of interest.Low rate of interest
SavingChime has automatic account savings.You need to link savings to the account check.
ChargeMonthly service charges are applicable.No monthly service charges
Reimbursement Reimbursements for ATM feesNo reimbursements for ATM fees

What is Chime Bank?

Chime provides a mechanism for automatic savings. You pay the amount to the closest dollar every time you use your Chime debit card. No monthly maintenance costs for chime accounts. The account is fully free to spend and save. No overdraft fee or maintenance cost is applicable every month. The minimum amount to maintain the account is not needed.

A Pay Friends function is available in the Chime app. You may immediately send money to others. To transfer money, you must provide a person’s name, telephone number, or e-mail. The desired individual must have a Chime account or a Chime Spending account must be approved. The additional cash is transmitted to your Chime Savings account automatically. You may immediately deposit 10 percent of your cheque into your savings account using a direct deposit.

You don’t check your credit score or Chex Systems while opening your Chime account. You might still be accepted for a Chime account if you have low credit or no credit. The Chime account application will not impact your credit score. Chime provides only one account for spending and one for savings. Chime’s savings account does not provide a competitive interest rate. The bulk of Chime’s revenues come from interchange collection.

Chime does not have any physical branch, charges or overdraft fees monthly. Chime will have eight million account holders by February 2020. Chime provides numerous free banking options, including non-minimum-balance checking accounts, automatic savings, and early paycheck access. As early as the overdraft limit has been achieved, purchases will drop. However, no typical adverse balance penalties will be imposed. In September 2019, Chime introduced Spot Me. In June 2020, Chime released the Credit Builder to assist users in establishing their credit history.

What is Capital One 360?

Capital One is free of charge for 360 accounts. Children pay interest on any money in the Capital One 360 saving account. There are no fees for the checking account for adolescents. If your account balance is low, parents might get SMS alerts—the interest earned on this checking account. No minimum amount is needed for opening or maintaining the account. No fees exist on any 360 accounts for Capital One. No minimum amount is needed to open your accounts or remain in your accounts.

Capital One is free of charge for 360 accounts. Children pay interest on any money in the Capital One 360 saving account. You do not have to retain any fees or amounts in the account. Whatever the balance is, you will gain the same interest. Checks for children can be uploaded using their mobile app. Adults must sign up for a savings account and use a pin to transfer.

For its money market accounting, Capital One 360 provides significant interest rates. There is no charge for the money market account, and no amount is required to be kept in the account. When Capital One 360 saving accounts are created, they need to connect to a checking account. The account can be linked with a Capital One 360 checking account or another bank checking account.

The savings account must nonetheless be connected to the checking account. There are 755 branches, 30 cafés, and 2,000 ATMs in the bank. It ranks 97th at 500,9th in Fortune’s 100 Best Work For Companies and operates in the United States, Canada, and the UK. In the 1990s, the firm was pioneering credit card mass marketing. In 2016, behind American Express, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup, it was the 5th largest card issuer by sale volume.

Main Differences Between Chime Bank and Capital One 360

  1. Chime Bank is a private company, whereas capital one 360 is a public company.
  2. Chime Bank was founded in 2013, whereas capital one 360 was founded in 1994.
  3. Chime Bank headquarters are in San Francisco, California, whereas capital one 360 headquarters are in Virginia.
  4. Chime Bank founders are Chris Britt and Ryan King, whereas capital one 360 founders are Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris.
  5. Chime Bank’s website is, whereas the capital one 360 website is

Last Updated : 05 July, 2023

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