Microsoft Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Difference and Comparison

The gaming industry is one of the most elaborate entertainment sectors.

However, it is more than just gaming; it builds bonds and friendships that last a lifetime, helps people get through difficult times, and is always entertaining.

Among the most well-known manufacturers is Sony with their Playstation consoles and Microsoft With their Xbox series.

The Xbox X and S series are two very coveted gaming consoles worldwide, and rightly so. They are fast, interactive, and highly futuristic in the feels.

Xbox X is known for its black matte finish and minimalist style; the Xbox S is also aesthetically pleasing and has similar specs and user interface.

Key Takeaways

  1. Xbox One S and Xbox One X are gaming consoles that differ in performance and price.
  2. Xbox One X has more powerful hardware, allowing it to play games at 4K resolution and HDR, while Xbox One S is limited to 1080p.
  3. Xbox One X is more expensive than Xbox One S, and if you have a 4K TV and want to play games at the highest quality, it is the better choice.

Microsoft Xbox One S vs Xbox One X

The Microsoft Xbox One S and Xbox One X are two models of the Xbox One gaming console, with the One X offering more powerful hardware for enhanced graphics and smoother gameplay compared to the One S.

Microsoft Xbox One S vs Xbox One X

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Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Xbox One XXbox One S
ColourThis monolithic machine is matte black.It is matte white in appearance.
Price pointHigh-end and best suited for serious gaming.More affordable and budget-friendly.
FeaturesIt has a 4K UHD gaming video capability.It has 1440p gaming video capability.
Best suitedFor those who are more than just looking for a hobby, it is more of an investment.The casual gamers.

What is Xbox One X?

The Xbox One X is an absolute marvel concerning this innovation’s technological and engineering sides.

It is a monolithic block, designed inside-out, meaning that the manufacturers combined the best software and hardware technology to create this.

The cooling system is also state of the art, with parallel cooling architecture and a split motherboard, vapour chamber, whisper-quiet fan, and heat sink so the machine can run for hours without heating up.

It has a console, wireless controller, and ultra High-speed HDMI cable.  It comes with 16GB memory and internal storage of 1 TB, which is expandable.

The processor has a CPU of 8X cores @ 3.8 GHz with a GPU of 12 TFLOPS. The memory, too, is expendable, giving a bandwidth of up to 10 GB @ 560 GB/s.

The 120 FPS and 4K UHD Blu-Ray video capabilities are alluring and a gamer’s paradise.

The High Dynamic Range is expandable up to 8K, and the sound capabilities are also amazing with Dolby Atoms TrueHD and Digital 5.1 features.

The price point is high, as it is one of the most coveted gaming consoles ever; however, it surely is a treasured possession. 

xbox one

What is Xbox One S?

This is also one of the best machines by Microsoft, and that too on a budget.

It has similar specs to One X with a few differences here and there; for instance, the GPU has 4 TFLOPS instead of 12, and the internal storage of 512 GB is expendable.

It has 10GB, 8 GB, and 2GB RAM variants and an Infrared blaster for TV controls while streaming apps like Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, etc.

The gaming resolution is 1440p, even though it supports a 4K resolution for streaming and Blu-Ray.

This is white and comes with the standard console, wireless controller, and HDMI cable. It is an all-digital console with no optical drive, which means it cannot play physical editions of games.

There is Backward compatibility with the previous console versions like the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox and digital cloud storage.

This site is bigger than the Xbox X, and the style differs. The price point is the real catch, as it is more affordable with similar specs.

xbox one s

Main Differences Between Microsoft Xbox One X and Xbox One S

  1. The Xbox One X has an internal storage of 1 TB, while the One S has 512 GB of internal storage, both expendable.
  2. The Xbox X is expensive compared to the One S. The One S is geared towards casual gamers, while the One X is best suited for more serious gamers.
  3. The Xbox One X has 4K UHD gaming resolution while the Xbox One S has only 1440p.
  4. The One X is Matte Black in colour, while the One S is white in appearance.
  5. The Xbox One X has a faster loading time than the One S.
  6. The RAM variants for One X are 16GB, 10 GB, and 6GB, while the One S has 10GB, 8 GB, and 2GB variants.
  7. The media support on One X is more inclusive as it covers both physical media and digital distribution and has optical drive support. But the One S has no optical drive, so it is entirely an all-digital console.
Difference Between Microsoft Xbox One S and Xbox One X

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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