Nintendo DSi vs Sony PSP GO: Difference and Comparison

Nintendo’s DSi and Sony’s PSP Go are only new versions of their respective system lineups. Despite being contemporaries, these two machines have very little in common.

The most notable difference between the two is their media type. While Nintendo chose to keep using game cartridges with the DSi, Sony decided to forgo the UMD in favour of soft downloads.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Nintendo DSi focuses on dual-screen gaming with touch capabilities, while the Sony PSP Go emphasizes single-screen gameplay with traditional controls.
  2. The PSP Go offers more powerful hardware and better graphics than the DSi, providing a more immersive gaming experience.
  3. The DSi boasts a larger library of family-friendly games, while the PSP Go caters to a more mature audience with its game selection.

Nintendo DSi vs Sony PSP GO

The Nintendo DSi is a successor to the Nintendo DS Lite, featuring two screens, touchscreen controls, and a built-in camera. It has a clamshell design with a 3.25-inch top screen and a 3.25-inch bottom touch screen. The Sony PSP Go is a redesign of the original PlayStation Portable (PSP), with a sliding screen that reveals the controls underneath. It has a 3.8-inch screen and 16GB of internal storage.

Nintendo DSi vs Sony PSP GO

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The Nintendo DSi is a revolutionary handheld portable game system that allows you to have fun anytime, anyplace. A dual 3.25-inch screen is included.

The Nintendo DSi Shop offers unique video games, timers, and calendars. Choose from 11 different lenses to tailor your images and take pictures with an interior or outwards facing camera.

Connect to the internet, share images, and play games with others wirelessly. Any regular SD Card can access your music in the AAC format. GameBoy Advance games are not compatible with the Nintendo DSi.

The most diminutive and most potent PSP system ever made.

The PSP Go allows users to download the best online games and movies directly to the 16GB of built-in storage, connect wireless headsets and use Skype to chat more easily with friends.

However, the PSP Go’s groundbreaking slide-out control design optimizes the new super-duper 3.8-inch LCD screen is the finest way to show off material. Get movable, go digital, and go versatile.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNintendo DSiSony PSP GO
Physical MediaThe Nintendo DSi uses physical media.The PSP Go does not use physical media.
Screens The Nintendo DSi consists of two screens.The PSP Go consists of only one screen.
Memory CardThe Nintendo DSi uses a memory card. The PSP Go uses memory sticks.
Touch Screen The PSP Go doesn’t have a touchscreen interface. The PSP Go doesn’t have a touch screen interface.
Camera The Nintendo DSi has two cameras. The PSP Go doesn’t have cameras.

What is Nintendo DSi?

The Nintendo DSi (short for Nintendo DSi or NDSi) is a Nintendo-made handheld console that was first unveiled on October 2, 2008, and launched in Japan on November 1, 2008, and internationally in early 2009.

It is the Nintendo DS’ third generation. Most of the games purchased in stores were explicitly designed for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

Despite this, it has a slew of exclusive functionality and a library of download and retail titles.

Below is a list of the features. It was the first portable device to lack hardware support with Game Boy Advance titles, which caused widespread dissatisfaction when it was first released.

The Nintendo DSi contains two backlit colour LCD panels with five brightness levels.

According to the manufacturer, the lower screen is touch-sensitive and can only be used with the Nintendo DSi stylus.

Two stereo speakers are next to the upper screen, and three LED indicators are in the upper section’s lower half.

The Recharge Indicator LED, which will glow orange while the Nintendo DSi is being charged, is in the centre. The Nintendo DSi is set when the light is no longer charging and the AC adapter is plugged in correctly.

nintendo dsi

What is Sony PSP GO?

Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a handheld game console released in 2004. It was designed to be the most powerful and recognizable portable gaming system.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was the first gaming console to employ an optical disc as its primary storage medium. Most video game fans were drawn to the console because of its sleek and trim appearance.

The visuals on the PSP were among the most advanced in the video game industry. This set it different from its competitors in the market.

Because it has video playback capabilities, the PSP can also be used as a portable streaming device. Also, the gadget was designed to be interoperable with any computer’s USB interface.

The PSP’s design was intended to make connecting to the internet as simple as possible.

Sony has released various new and improved replacements to the iconic PSP over the previous decade, such as the PlayStation Vita.

The PSPgo was introduced in October 2009 and remained on the market until April 2011, when Sony shifted its focus to the PlayStation Vita.

In 2014, Sony retired the entire PSP range and shipped the last PSP console to the United States. Sony could never compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy, which had a head start in the market for handheld game consoles.

sony psp go

Main Differences Between Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP GO

  1. Physical media is used on the Nintendo DSi but not on the PSP Go does not use any physical media.
  2. The PSP Go only has one screen, but the Nintendo DSi has two screens.
  3. SD memory cards are used in the Nintendo DSi, while Memory Stick cards are used in the PSP Go.
  4. The PSP Go lacks a touch screen interface, although the Nintendo DSi does have a touch screen.
  5. The Nintendo DSi consists of two cameras, whereas PSP Go doesn’t have any cameras.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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