Difference Between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo is a widespread video gaming company. Nintendo develops both video games and video game consoles.

The Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite are the two best-selling products of Nintendo. Nintendo is also known as Nintendo Karuta.

DSi and DS Lite are two different gaming consoles with little difference.

Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo DS Lite

The main difference between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite is that the Nintendo DSi can run the Nintendo DSi software, which is nothing but an operating system to run the games. On the other hand, the Nintendo DS Lite cannot run the Nintendo DSi software. The Nintendo DS Lite works on different OS.

Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo DS Litevs Condenser

Nintendo DSi is nothing but a gaming console with dual screens. It is developed by Nintendo. It was launched in 2008 and become a worldwide seller in 2009. 

The Nintendo DSi was launched to compete against Sony’s PlayStation portable. In those days, Sony has a decent market.

The development of DSi began in 2006 and was reviled in Tokyo in 2008. Nintendo removed the Game Boy Advance (GBA) in Nintendo DSi to enhance the.

But the removal of GPA won’t affect the durability of the device. 

Nintendo DS Lite is also a gaming device with dual screens. It is also developed by Nintendo. 

It belongs to the handheld game type. The Nintendo DS Lite was launched in 2006, and it was the first product for Nintendo.

The Nintendo DS Lite is the predecessor of the Nintendo DSi. The Nintendo DS Lite was released in Japan.

Around 93.86 million units of Nintendo DS Lite were sold. In China, the Nintendo DS Lite is called iQue DS Lite.

It also belongs to the seventh generation of Nintendo. 

Comparison Table Between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite

Parameters of comparisonNintendo DSiNintendo DS Lite
CPU speedFaster in Nintendo DSiSlower in Nintendo DS Lite
Screen SizeBigger in Nintendo DSiSmaller in Nintendo DS Lite
Brightness levelsNintendo DSi has five levelsNintendo DS Lite has four levels
CamerasNintendo DSi has a dual cameraNintendo DS Lite has only one camera
Clock speedsNintendo DSi clock speed is 133 MHzNintendo DS Lite clock speed is 67 MHz

What is Nintendo DSi?

Nintendo DSi is known for its stunning exterior. It has two digital cameras.

It can support both internal and external storage. Nintendo has an online shopping store called Nintendo DSi shop.

The Nintendo DSi can connect to this store. It offers personalization to increase the quantity of customers.

Since each family member prefers personalized devices, Nintendo become a popular seller. It also supports physical media and standard DS titles.

Around 40 million DSI are sold by Nintendo. Customers give a positive reviews about Nintendo DSi.

The limited resolution of two digital cameras will disappoint many customers. It belongs to the type called handled game console.

The handheld game console is nothing but a device with a built-in screen, display, and speakers for video gaming. The Nintendo DSi is the seventh-generation model of Nintendo.

The operating system of the Nintendo DSi is Nintendo DSi system software. The only connectivity in Nintendo DSi is wi-fi.

Nintendo DSi offers the fastest CPU to provide a better experience. When compared to a handheld screen the resolution of a camera is higher.

But the camera resolution is less when compared to mobile phones. This is why Nintendo Provides the Nintendo DSi at a reasonable cost.

It also has a faster response time.

What is Nintendo DS Lite?

Nintendo DS Lite is one of the popular products of Nintendo. The size of the Nintendo is one advantage of the device to sell more units.

The height of the Nintendo DS Lite is 2.91 inches with 21.5 inches wide. The resolution of the LCD screen is 256×192-pixel.

The display of the Nintendo DS Lite can show 262,144 colors. An analog sensor is used on the touch screen.

The maximum brightness of the screen is about 200 cd/m2. The Nintendo DS Lite has slower CPU performance.

The CPU has processors.

The Nintendo DS Lite is made up lithium battery. The power of the battery is 1000 mAh.

You can use the device for up to 15 to 19 hours on a single charge. The Nintendo DS Lite also has an option called sleep mode for power saving.

It needs three hours to fully charge the battery. The availability of the PiktoChat feature will help the users to interact with the 16 million local users.

It is an advantage to connect to your friends while playing.

The Nintendo DS Lite also has a real-time clock and touch screen calibration. The media used here is called game boy media cartridge.

But in April 2011, Nintendo stops manufacturing the Nintendo DS Lite. Nintendo 3DS is the successor of Nintendo DS Lite.

Main Differences Between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite

  1. Nintendo DSi has an SD card slot, whereas Nintendo DS Lite has no SD slots.
  2. Nintendo DSi cannot play the Gameboy Advance games, whereas Nintendo DS Lite cannot play the Gameboy Advance games.
  3. When compared to Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite is slimmer.
  4. The battery life of the Nintendo DSi is 19 hours, whereas the battery life of the Nintendo DS Lite is 14 hours.
  5. The size of the display screen in Nintendo DSi is 4.2 inches, whereas the size of the display screen in Nintendo DS Lite is 3 inches.


Nintendo is one of the popular brands which sell video games. It is a Japanese company.

It is a public type company. The Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite are two different handheld games introduced by Nintendo in 2008 and 2006 respectively.

Both the consoles are sold millions of units. Both the products are the turning point for the Nintendo company.

They earned profit and popular the brand of its quality and portability. The company also provides an online shop called Nintendo online shopping for each gaming console.

You can select your choice by comparing the devices.


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