Difference Between Nintendo Ds and Dsi

Nintendo Ds came in and attracted gamers, and now there is another option for all the passionate gamers since the Nintendo Dsi has also been launched.

Nintendo Ds vs Dsi 

The main difference between Nintendo Ds and Dsi is their battery life. Though Dsi is more like an updated new version of Ds, they have differences in their weight and accompanied hardware components. They also differ in incompatibility and features. Though these differences are not major but slight. The choice is the user’s based on their convenience.

Nintendo Ds vs Dsi

Nintendo Ds is a handheld console where “Ds’ stands for developer’s system. It comes with 2 LED screens, a microphone, and excellent connectivity. Its clamshell design holds the screens together.

Nintendo Dsi is a modern and an updated version. It comes with a replaced cartridge with a more efficient memory card. The SD memory card improves the storage capacity to a greater extent.

Comparison Table Between Nintendo Ds and Nintendo Dsi

Parameters of Comparison
Nintendo DsNintendo Dsi
Period of Release It was released in the year of 2006 before the release of Dsi.         It was released in 2008, in Japan and its global release was in 2009.
Number of CamerasIt has only a single camera.It has two digital cameras.
Battery lifeNintendo Dsi has a battery that lasts for about a minimum time period of 9 hours to a maximum of 14 hours.     Ds has a higher battery life of about a maximum of 19 hours, with its minimum being 15 hours.
WeightIt weighs around 218 grams, and it is heavier in weight.It weighs 214 grams, and it is lighter in weight.
StylusThe stylus slot is 87.5 mm, and it is much shorter.The stylus slot is larger, around 92 mm.

What is Nintendo Ds?

Nintendo released their Ds console between 2004 and 2005. This handheld game console consists of two screens that provide for the great comfort of the gamer.

The Nintendo consoles have an inbuilt wifi connection. This was technically called the third pillar among the Nintendo models.

The promotion was carried out in a successful and excellent manner that the slogan became popular in many parts around the globe.

It was awarded the prestigious gadget of the week award due to its popularity in a short span of time. The video game console comes in 9 vibrant colors.

nintendo ds

What is Nintendo Dsi?

Nintendo Dsi is the successor of Nintendo Ds that has enhanced and updated features. Just like its parent, it also comes with a console with a dual-screen that is easy to handle and operate.

A lot of customers were looking for a slimmer video console, and thus this came with a much slimmer and lightweight body. It is quite similar to the design of Ds lite.

 The main aim was to develop a video console with a lot of customization options so that it would encourage a lot of buyers, even from the same household, to buy one for themselves.

nintendo ds lite

Main Differences Between Nintendo Ds and Dsi

  1. Nintendo Ds is heavier, whereas Dsi is lighter in weight.
  2. Nintendo Ds has a smaller slot for the stylus, but the Dsi has a roomier slot.
Difference Between Nintendo Ds and Dsi


Though Nintendo Dsi is quite similar when compared with Ds. There is a minute difference in their dimensions. The major difference will be its battery life and connectivity.

However, Nintendo Dsi is slimmer than Ds. They also have considerable variations in their weight. Both these models gained popularity globally, just like the game consoles produced by Nintendo.


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