Difference Between Pubg and Free Fire

Pubg and Free fire both are mobile games that are played for entertainment. Both the games are available on mobiles, laptops, pc and play stations.

Pubg and free fire both are multiplayer games that can be played with friends connecting through the internet, and both the games are based on shooting.

Pubg vs Free Fire

The main difference between Pubg and Free Fire is that Pubg has more graphics when compared to Free Fire. Pubg is downloaded by 100 million users, where Free Fire is downloaded by 500 million users, and they are downloaded through the play store and app store. Pubg is a big game comparing Free Fire.

Pubg and Free Fire

Players’ unknown battleground is commonly known as Pubg, and it is a survival shooting game played by millions of players. Pubg has high graphics which is available in mobiles, pc and play station.

It requires a stable internet connection to play the game smoothly, and the mobile should have 2GB of memory to play the game.

The Free Fire is also a survival game that Is played by more than 500 million players. This game is most frequently played on mobile phones.

There are different characters to play in Free Fire, and the first two characters are free to choose Eva and Adam, and every character comes with different abilities.

Comparison Table Between Pubg and Free Fire

Parameters of ComparisonPubgFree Fire
GraphicsPubg has higher graphicsFree Fire has lower graphics
Guns categoryThere are totally nine categories of gunsThere are totally four categories of guns
Storage requirementsPubg needs more than 2GB ramFree Fire  needs 2GB ram
Players landingOne hundred players will land during starting of the gameplay.Fifty players will land during starting of the gameplay.
Gameplay timing30 minutes of gameplay12-15 minutes of gameplay

What is Pubg?

Players’ unknown battleground is also known as Pubg, which is a multiplayer online game that can only be played online with a group of friends.

It was developed by Pubg corporation and was published by them. The directors of the game are Brendan Green and Jang Tae-Seok. It can be played on mobiles and pc.

Pubg was released on December 20 in the year 2017. The game starts in spawn island, where the players get ready to battle.

The players will be dropped from a plane at different places, and they battle to survive. Different types of guns and vehicles are available on the island, and they are used to survive.

There are different types of modes to be played in Pubg. Most of the players play the classic mode in pubg, and only a squad of four members are allowed to play, and they battle with others.

Different types of vehicles are available to escape from enemies and to travel from in place to another inside the map.

In Pubg, we can speak through a microphone to our teammates, and we can instruct them to play. While driving a car or two-wheelers, a teammate can fire the opponent, and another teammate can drive the car.

The Pubg development team has brought a different new types of modes and vehicles, and weapons to make the game interesting. 

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is an online multiplayer game played by 500 million players across the world. It was developed by Garena, and it was published by them.

Free fire is available for android and iOS platforms, and it was released on August 23 in the year 2017. Free fire is a multiplayer game.

The game received lots of awards. In 2019 it was awarded the best popular vote game by the google play store. In 2019, 80 million people were daily playing Free Fire.

Free Fire is a third-person perspective game. This game is mostly played on low graphics devices, and if you love to lay royal battle games, you should definitely try this game.

This game starts with 50 players, and they are dropped on an island, and many weapons are scattered on the island, and the players are in search of weapons to defeat other players.

After dropping from the plane, the players will hunt for other players till they survive till the last man standing.

There are several characters in this game, and at the starting of the two characters are unlocked for free, and the others are unlocked using diamonds.

Each and every character has a different ability. Free Fire has different types of modes to play in it. The safe area in the map decreases in size, and the last team or person standing wins.

Main Differences Between Pubg and Free Fire

  1. The graphics in Pubg is more realistic than the graphics used in Free Fire.
  2. The total numbers of players landing in Pubg are 100, and the total number of players landing in Free Fire is 50.
  3. The total duration of classic gameplay in Pubg is 30 minutes, and in Free Fire, it is 12-15minutes.
  4. The number of players playing Pubg worldwide is about 50 million, and players playing Free Fire is about 100 million.
  5. There is a total of 9 categories of guns in Pubg, and there are four categories of guns in Free Fire.


Pubg and Free Fire both are played for entertainment purposes. Different types of tournaments are conducted with this game, and many players are emerging till now.

Lots and Lots of people are earning through YouTube channel by putting live by playing this game. These two games are mainly focused on survival.

Pubg and Free fire both were released during the year 2019. There are different types of guns, medkits scattered in the game. Several vehicles are available in both games, which are used to travel and to escape from enemies.

Pubg and Free Fire both are available in the play store and app store for android and IOS devices. In India, pubg is renamed as battleground mobile.


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