Difference Between Pacman and Mrs Pacman

Pacman and Mrs. Pacman both are video games played for entertainment. They both are puzzle-based games and maze arcade games. Mrs. Pacman was introduced in 1982 by a general computer corporation and published by mid-way.


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Pacman was introduced in 1980 by Namco for entertainment. Both the games are available on pc and laptops, and other gaming devices.

Pacman vs Mrs Pacman

The difference between Pacman and Mrs. Pacman is that both are arcade games and played by many gamers around the world. The designers of Pacman are Toru witan, and the designer of Mrs. Pacman is Steve Golson. Pacman was released first, and Mrs. Pacman was released to make both the games more entertaining.

Pacman vs Mrs Pacman

Pacman is a maze arcade game, and at first, it was named Puck man, and later it was changed to Pacman. The game is played where the player should eat the dot while avoiding the ghost in different colors inside a maze.

The composer of the game is Toshiokai. The game is available both single-player and multiplayer.

Mrs. Pacman is also an arcade game that can be played as both multiplayer and single player. The composer of the game is Chris Rode. The Publishers of the game is Midway.

In this game, the players controlling the character should eat all the pellets in the enclosed area. It was released in 1982.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPacmanMrs Pacman
MapsIt has only one mapIt has four different maps
DifficultyIt is a little harderIt needs skills to play the game
Fruit numbersThis game has eight different types of fruitsThis game has seven different types of fruits
DevelopersThe developer is NamcoThe developers are mid-way and general computer corporation
Ghost name4th  ghost name is Clyde4th ghost name is Sue

What is Pacman?

Pacman Is an arcade entertainment game played by many players all around the world. This game is based on a maze arcade. It was developed by Namco in the year 1980.

The Japanese named it Puck-Man, and it was changed to Packman. The game was released by midway manufacturing. The game can be played in both multiplayer and single players.

The publishers of the game are Namco, and the game was designed by Torulwatani. The game was developed from the series Pac man at it, a mode of arcade gameplay.

It was released during the month of December. This game was so famous at the beginning that it was the most game played of the year.

The character in the game must eat all the dots without getting caught by the ghost, which is indifferent color in the game.

By eating the power pellets in the game, the character acquires a power where the ghost turns into another color, and the Pac man can eat the ghost and can gain bonus points.

The developers of the game started to develop it in the year 1979 with the nine-member crew. The game has cute and colorful characters as the young players are attracted to play the game.

The game is a little bit harder than imagined. The game Pacman was a worldwide success game and almost played by everyone.

pacman 1

What is Mrs Pacman?

Mrs. Pacman is an arcade game which is a maze game, and it can be played both in multiplayer and single-player. The developers of the game are Midway, and they are the publishers of the game.

The game was designed by Stevegolson. The game was released after Pacman in the year 1982 in the month of January.

Different types of names were given to this game, and finally, Mrs. Pacman was confirmed, and the game was named Mrs. Pacman.

This game was created to show that all genders are equal, and they name it Mrs. Pacman. The players have to eat the pellets to earn points.

Bonus fruits are seen in a maze. When the characters consume them, they get extra points. When the points increase, the speed of the game increases, this game needs skills to play.

This has four different mazes, and it appears in different color schemes. The first level of the game will be available in pink color.

Different types of colors are available for different types of levels, and every level has a different configuration. The colors of the walls are thick than the outline of the map.

The fruits jump from one place to another inside the maze. Cherries and bananas are the different types of fruit in-game. Mrs. Packman is the most interesting game to play.

mrs pacman

Main Differences Between Pacman and Mrs Pacman

  1.  Pacman has only one map, but Mrs. Pacman has four different types of map.
  2. The difficulty of Pacman is harder than Mrs. Pacman, and it needs more skills to play the game.
  3.    There is no pattern in Pacman, but Mrs. Pac man has different types of patterns.
  4.   Pacman has no beauty mask on him, and Mrs. packman has a beauty mask.
  5.   The packman character does not have eyes, but Mrs. Pacman has an eye and a bow in her head.
  6.  Pacman was released in 1980, and Mrs. Pac man was released in the year 1982.


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