Difference Between PUBG and PUBG Lite

Lately, PUBG has gained a wide range of popularity among people. It is an online multiplayer game introduced by a South Korean company. The abbreviation of PUBG is termed as PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.


The main difference between PUBG and PUBG lite is that the number of players who are given access to get into a match and the time duration. Consequently, PUBG allows over a hundred players in a match with a duration of twenty to thirty minutes. Besides, PUBG lite can be played at a short duration with only sixty players. 


PUBG is the original version of South Korea’s product PUBG. It features the Battle Royale mode, where the last surviving one wins the game against his/her hundred opponents.  

Meanwhile, the PUBG Lite enables the users to get it on Play Stores at an affordable MB rate. Moreover, it is the technical name given to the feeble version of the real PUBG game.

Comparison Between PUBG and PUBG Lite

Parameters of Comparison PUBG PUBG Lite
Meaning PUBG is a multiplayer video game playable on PC as well as on Smartphones, based on the genre Battle Royale. The game implies Last-man- standing method or as a squad till the end. PUBG Lite is another version of PUBG multiplayer video, which is created for novice players with a limited set of players and weapons.  
Storage PUBG comes with 1.5 GB of free space and 2 GB of RAM for better playability. People who want to play PUBG, then this version is best to download. PUBG LITE has low storage requiring 600 MB of free space and 1GB of RAM to play smoothly. 
GameplayPUBG subsumes various modes- Classic, Arcade, EvoGround and Arena. And many game modes under the four divisions. PUBG LITE has the same version of the PUBG-Battle Royale genre with different modes such as – Varenna and Golden wood map. In Arcade mode, PUBG LITE has six matches. 
Number of players PUBG allows 100 players in the Battle Royale, and four teammates in a squad. PUBG LITE permits the extent of 60 players in the Battle Royale.
Download PUBG can be downloaded on Google Playstore as well as on App Store, But after its Ban in 2020,  people download it on illegal websites. PUBG LITE stopped working on 29th April 2020, making it difficult to download it on Google Playstore. 

What is PUBG?

It is the original version of the game developed by South Korean’s company Bluehole. The video game made its debut in 2017 by initially releasing it in Windows software. The requirements of the PUBG require 2GB of memory to play.

The PUBG game has three modes overall, such as Classic, EvaGround, and Arcade, with seven maps in total. It allows around 100 players to compete in a match with over 20 to 30 minutes duration. The gameplay goes with dropping the players off a plane with empty hands.

Furthermore, it has versions throughout Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, Europe, and KJP. On top of all this, it renders special features, including the purchase of weapons, costumes, attributes, and other rewards. 


What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG lite is developed by Krafton in 2019 with the hope of introducing a limited version of the entertainment. According to the references, it is also known as the trimmed-down version of the game PUBG.

Similarly, the gameplay of PUBG lite is the same as that of PUBG, but with slight differences. In contrast to the original version, it enables over 60 players with a time duration of around ten minutes.

pubg lite

Main Differences Between PUBG and PUBG Lite

  1. In general, PUBG player’s limit is up to 100, whereas PUBG LITE permits 60 players only in the Battle Royale. 
  2. PUBG LITE is generally created for low-end devices with fewer storage automobiles. PUBG can be played on many platforms with different modes of Console. 


PUBG is a popular multiplayer online video game that can be played on PC as well as Mobile, later developing another version named PUBG LITE with low-end devices. PUBG requires 1.5 GB of space and at least 2 GB of Ram.

On the other hand, PUBG LITE needs 600 GB and 1GB of RAM for better playability. Both the versions were banned by the Government of India in 2020, making it difficult to download in any way, but they can be downloaded on some illegal websites. 


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