Difference Between PubG and Call of Duty

PubG and Call of Duty both add mobile games that provide a person with a blend of enormous warfare that offers so many types of game-play modes.


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Somehow, both these games have managed to rule the mobile gaming industry over the years, and both are at the top list. However, there has always been a discussion regarding which one is better among these two games as they fall in the same category of mobile gaming.

PubG vs Call of Duty

The difference between Pubg and Call of Duty is that Pubg is considered a classic troop on the ground royal battle game with standard features that are easy for everyone to pick. In contrast, Call of Duty, on the other side, has advanced features and aspects which are pretty intricate and modern as compared to Pubg.

PubG vs Call of Duty

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Pubg is a traditional game-play, having accessible features for people to play. Pubg offers an amazing animation graphic quality making it fun to play with all the feelings a person needs while playing a mobile battles game.

Call of Duty is an advanced mobile game-play that consists of six preset classes where a person can set his player in a default team. The Call of Duty came also consist of customized call-outs for a person playing and his team-mates.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPubgCall of Duty
Basic requirementA person needs to have a phone with an Android 5.1 or above for using Pubg for game-play. A person needs to have a phone with an Android 5.1.1 or above for using Call of Duty for game-play.
ViewPubg game offers real visualizing graphics.Call of Duty is more of a fast-footed game.
MapsPubg provides five maps to the players.Call of Duty offers only two maps to the players.
Game-playPubg has conventional features of playing and accessing the game.

Call of Duty uses a procedure followed which is standard and advanced which is developed as compared to Pubg.

Date of invention19th of March in the year 2018.1st of October in the year 2019.

What is PubG?

Pubg is a gaming app on an Android mobile that allows a person to play in a traditional method with multiple features. In Pubg, the game-play is a very smooth functioning game even in a third-person mode.

So when a person looks at it from a gaming perspective, then PubG is the best option to be chosen to play. The full of PubG is an unknown player battleground.

This game can be played on both Android as well as iOS and laptops and computers too. The maps provided in Pubg are gigantic, enormous, and refreshing enough, making it easier for them to move across through enemies.

The Pubg gaming looks so real while playing that it gives the feels of a survival battle. It has a relaxed and more accessible game-play to choose from because of its easy variety of formats offered to a person while playing, even for new users.

It has a fantastic feature that helps gear up before going to the battlefield from the plane itself. Today, this game is played by billions a day, having a tremendous impact on the mobile game industry.

It was first invented, and the production of this game took place on 19th March 2018.


What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is also a mobile battle gaming app that can be played on other mobile and PC. The Call of Duty has defaulted class ranging of a number of six where a person gets to pick his team and set his team before the game as a default.

This game has many advanced gaming aspects, which makes it a Modern-day game to play. In this game, one player is the defender whose work acts as a shield for the team.

The other player can be deployed or medics and throw gun fire heavily. These classes are upgradable too.

There is a close range of submachine guns that are not usable everywhere, making this game challenging and more realistic while playing. The main drawback of this gaming is that it is not easy for a person to hit shots from a distance which is not the same in Pubg.

After playing Call of Duty, a person will realize that the functioning of this game isn’t that smooth when a person plays it in the third person mode. This game was first invented, and production of this game took place on 1st October 2019.

Call of Duty

Main Differences Between PubG and Call of Duty

  1. For using Pubg, a person needs to have a phone of at least 2 GB RAM with an Android 5.1 or above, whereas, for using Call of Duty, a person needs to have 2 GB RAM storage Android 5.1.1 or above.
  2. Pubg game offers authentic visualizing graphics, whereas the Call of Duty also has fantastic graphics, but it is more of a fleet-footed game.
  3. Pubg offers five maps to play for a player, whereas Call of Duty provides only two maps.
  4. Pubg has traditional features of playing and Accessing the game, whereas Call of Duty has procedure followed which is standard and advanced developed compared to Pubg.
  5. You cannot play short games in Pubg where you are on your break, unlike Call of Duty, where you can play short round games.
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